Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Of The Best Tag Sales Ever!

Every Summer our Friend Wendy of MELROSE VINTAGE has one of the best Tag Sales ever to clear out props and other Treasures from the Shop.   I look forward to it as one of my Seasonal Fav Events to 'Score' some Primo Decor at Killer Prices.


Darned Budget got in the way this Summer of procuring everything I would have liked to of filled up my vehicle with and cart back Home or to my Showrooms... I would have liked to of 'Scored' all of the Old Parasols to use as Props for my own Showrooms.

I Love Old Parasols, such an Exotic Boho Vibe they give any room when suspended from the Ceilings.   And I prefer it if they're showing signs of their Age and are no longer Pristine.  Alas, I had to leave all Old Parasols behind since they weren't within Budget this time around.

But I did spy a Trio of Old Bird Botanical Prints in Bamboo Frames...

And they did come Home with me!   They will be Gracing the walls of my Art Studio in the Bedroom Makeover which is still in Progress... well, in Limbo really 'til the weather Cools off sufficiently to go full on in there!  *Winks*

I was rather Proud of myself for using such Restraint during this Tag Sale... I really COULD HAVE gone hog wild and not stayed within Budget... {so patting Self on the back for keeping to my Budget}.

There were just SO MANY Lovelies that I would have liked to have bought... including this...

And this...

And this Awesome staggered Millinery and Crystal hanging Chandie!!!  *Still Swooning and Wishing it had been within Budget!  Darned Budget!*

Don't you just HATE when one of the best Tag Sales ever is in Progress and you don't have a Stash of Cash Saved up for it sufficient to 'Score' everything you would like to?

Alas, one of the problemos is that during the Summer in Arizona, your own Sales can slump... and so you don't have as much Mad Money.  In fact, many Shops just close down for the Summer Months around here and open back up after Summer has passed and the Weather improves so that Shoppers want to be out and about.

My Sales in my Showrooms have been Strong for it being Summer, so I'm not Complaining, but they aren't as healthy as they usually are other times of the year either, so I have to set a more stringent Budget for my 'Pickin'... and it really cramps my Style!   *LOL*  Especially when I see Awesome Deals I want to take Advantage of and can't fully!

WANTED this Awesome Butterfly Collection... couldn't have it either.  * Petulantly Pouting*
But I did get this Awesome Vintage Floral Shadowbox marked down to only three dollars and fifty cents... that's practically FREE and a No-Brainer, right?  *Winks*   You would have had to check my pulse if I'd Passed on that.

And I did almost Pop on hapless beheaded Dolly since I Loved her Ensemble and Hues... but I figured I really didn't need one more unfinished Project waiting in the wings, did I?  *LOL*

Granted, its not as if Bohemian Valhalla isn't already chock full of Doll Body Parts or that Princess T and I don't actually LIKE them that way with our Addams Family Aesthetics  *LOL*... but looking at this one I was thinking 'Project' and so I left her behind since she'd be WAY down the Project List and probably sit like this for months... or perhaps even years actually.  Who am I kidding... she'd probably stay like this FOREVER Truth be told!!!  *Smiles*

Hard to Pass on Vintage Velvets tho'... but I have such a healthy Stash of them now that if I can't get them for a Song, I just don't bother anymore.   Prices were extremely reasonable... and many were Amazing Deals... but I had limits set in my Head of what I'd pay for anything I didn't really need or want with a Passion... had to... darned Budget and all.  *Le Sigh*

Same with Vintage Religious items, I have a Hoard of them... so I can more easily walk away when I have to.

Same with Art... got a lot... and it's gotta be Killer or CHEAP for me to Spring on any now.

But, some things I get Stupid about... like this Bo Peep Framed Vintage Treasure for only Three Bucks... because I had to THINK ABOUT IT... {Yeah, I know, for Three Bucks I felt I had to think about it... go figure!}... I decided to Pass!  *Gasp!*  Yep, clearly Stupidity Won out on that one!  *LOL*  But it happens, what can I say?!  *Smiles*

I'd almost rather a Treasure just be completely out of my Price range to Sanely Justify Walking Away, ya know!?  Rather than have to admit I just had a Moment of utter Stupid going on and shouldda-wouldda-couldda but didn't for no good reason at all!  *Smiles*

But hey, ya can't have it all... and I wasn't that 'Into' Bo Beep or I wouldda not hesitated really, I never do hesitate if it's an absolutely no-regrets or indecision Purchase. 
As a matter of fact, one of my Personal Mantras about Shopping... and especially whilst on a 'Pick', is that if I have to Think about it too long, or Hesitate... I Pass on it.   I've rarely really had True Buyer's Remorse when I stick to that Golden Rule.
And some things I was actually Relieved were already SOLD... like this Killer, yet Enormous Antique Mirror that I've Admired for a very long time at the Shop and have absolutely no wall or room large enuf to Display it!  *Whew*   Glad it was off the table for Sale since I would have desperately been wanting it otherwise!  *LOL*   Do you ever do that too, have Relief if an Expensive or too big Treasure has already been Sold so you can just Walk on by with no Yearnings?  *Smiles*

Wendy's Back Room Tag Sales are Epic tho' and there is just SO MUCH to fall in Lust with that you better come prepared to lay down some Cash 'cause you certainly ain't leavin' empty handed!   Ridiculously Low is what most items are Priced at so if you Hesitate, you're Lost... someone else will ultimately snag it that isn't hesitant or waffling about it!  *Winks*

There won't be any 'I'll come back later' options... oh yeah, you could come back later... because the Sale ran a few days, but chances are, Inventory will have rotated considerably moment to moment!
I was Fortunate to even be able to Photograph some of the Killer Treasures that had already been Sold but were so large they were waiting for Pick-Up later!

Actually that wasn't even the MOST Fortunate thing for me... because I had actually STUMBLED UPON one of the best Back Room Tag Sales ever this year!  *Gasp!!!*   Yep, it's True, I had neglected to check Facebook often enough to be reminded that it was coming up already... and just HAPPENED to be in the area that day and stop in... otherwise I would have missed it entirely this Summer!  *Double Gasp!*

And then there wouldda been some real wringing of hands and knashing of teeth lemme tell ya!  *Smiles*   But like I said before... some things just Rush up on ya leaving you totally unprepared or forgetting... and so you must stay diligent my Friends so as not to miss the best stuff ever!

And I'm quite Fortunate that my only Buyer Remorse for this Tag Sale was that Budget didn't permit 'Scoring' all those Lovely Old Parasols...  Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It never fails for me either; see LOTS of things I would like to have when the wallet is light but then when I have some to spend... nuthin'. I think you did pretty good though!

    1. Ah, if only money were no object, huh? *Smiles* Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit... at least if we can't buy it we can photograph it and use it for Blog Fodder! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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