Sunday, August 3, 2014

Heavy Doses Of Retro For Zen Reserves

Often I'm building up Zen Reserves when I have my rare days out, to Cope with the unpredictable and often stressful typical days of Caregiving.   It also helps to have some Retail Therapy thrown in for good measure.  *Winks*   Things can always turn on a dime around here, so having Zen Reserves comes in mighty handy to remain Centered and Calm.

After I had Enjoyed ART UNRAVELED Yesterday Morning I had to pass by our other BRASS ARMADILLO ANTIQUE MALL Location in Central Phoenix on my way Home.  So I stopped in for a visit and some heavy doses of Retro to add to the Zen Reserves of the day... and since we were having a Big Sale Weekend at both Locations.  Fell in Love with these Old Salvaged Beadboard Upcycled Frames and decided upon this one.  I liked that they're still grungy and in some of my Fav Retro Hues.   I have a 'Thing' for Old Salvaged Painted Wood... either in it's raw form ready for a Project or already Transformed into something else.  My Painted Salvaged Wood Frame Collection displays most of our Fav Family Portraits.

I never Tire of my Salvaged Wood Frames like I do most other types of Frames I've owned for a time and then gotten rid of, so I know they're always worth me Investing in for the long haul of displaying the Photos that we don't keep in Albums.   There were others equally Tempting to add to the Collection... but I Settled for just my Favorite one this time around and on Sale.

Though I wasn't crazy about the Frame I did like this Chalkboard Signage and Message... but I wasn't in the Mood to purchase something I'd feel the need to immediately re-frame.   If it had just been the Chalkboard Slate with the Message unframed, I would have bought it to go with the similar Wall Decor going up in the Art Studio Bedroom Makeover.

I've Sold off all of my Scales now... but I did like this Antique Black one very much... but it was pricey and what am I weighing anyway in the Kitchen?!?  *LOL*

And it was a good thing that I got my heavy doses of Retro for added Zen Reserves added to my Artsy Zen Reserves from the Convention... because I needed them almost right away when I finally got Home and stepped thru the door.   Yeah, everything IS always subject to change without notice around here... and especially if I've been away for a minute!  *Le Sigh*

The Man had called me a few times while I had been out having my "Me Day" of Bliss, and I sensed that he needed me Home but was reluctant to put an early kabosh on my Restorative Day by saying anything outright.   But you know... after a while you just know... when there is evidently Trouble In Paradise.   So, Yesterday I didn't stay out as long as I'd originally Intended to and came Home early to see what was Up?   I knew it wasn't the Kiddos 'cause they both had busy Agendas of their own for the entire day and wouldn't be Home most of the day anyway, which is why I could even go and indulge myself without an entourage.

But I also knew that due to the ongoing and seemingly never ending Construction Nightmare up and down our Street, they'd knocked out the Main Cable again and only our Bedroom TV was still having any reception.  And that was driving him a bit Crazy since TV is now his Life and the Cable Company had said they couldn't even send anyone out this time until Tuesday!   Now, he COULD just lie in bed relaxing and watching TV Peacefully since there was nary a Child in the House that day... but NOOOOOOOO... evidently he's been up to something and was complaining his foot hurt.

I look at said foot when I got Home and clearly he'd injured it... but swore he couldn't remember how... and since he doesn't have much feeling in his feet anyway that is a possibility of being the Truth.   It doesn't really matter after the fact anyway how it happened... just that now it meant first thing this Morning we'd be heading out to the VA Hospital ER on a Sabbath Morning, the day before School would begin, to attend to said injured foot now... and with a reluctant entourage in tow!  *Le Sigh*

Luckily one of Prince R's Friend's Families had Invited him over for the day... so one down to hafta reluctantly drag along under Protest.   And that would cut me a huge break since I wouldn't hafta be Mediating between Brother and Little Sister spats the entire time we'd be languishing in the Waiting Room while Grandpa received Medical Care.   Princess T is usually pretty good if she has nobody to Fight with... and her entire Collection of Monster High Dolls and their paraphernalia in a duffle bag coming along with her to keep her Entertained.  She had so many she looked like a Monster High Door To Door Saleswoman!!!  *LOL*

The other huge Blessing was that it was a Sunday... and there's a Huge Investigation of our Local VA Hospital going on with Suits from Corporate all over the place and few Veterans showing up for care... so we were practically the only ones there in the ER... and by the time we left ALMOST THREE HOURS LATER we WERE the only ones still there!!!  *Le Sigh*

Now, it's not that he had anything Life Threatening going on or that there were so many other Patients ahead of him or Emergencies swarming in... it's just that the Staff spent more time in Chit-Chat Mode with each other and ignoring Patients they'd stuck in the Triage Rooms, than actually Serving said Patients.  Well, until a Suit waltzed by... and then things would Switch momentarily anyway as everyone pretended to be attentive all of a sudden... or until The Man would start attempting to get dressed and leave if they weren't gonna bother tending to him or had forgotten about him completely.   But I didn't know that initially... because I was stuck in a Waiting Room with an increasingly 'I'm Getting Bored' Grandchild, who was Behaving Beautifully... but getting mighty hungry and tired of waiting so long for her Grandpa to come out.  The few others who had come in for Treatment had come and gone long ago... and yet we still languished.

And I will admit that I was getting an escalation of Concerns about just WHY The Man was taking so long?   And how bad WAS this mysterious injury?!?  We've gone into the ER many previous times with Him with what seemed to be something relatively Minor that turned out to be something really Major.  And that Fear of the Unknown will sometimes rear it's ugly head up when time drags on too long and nobody is telling me anything... no news isn't always good news I've found... so I was getting increasingly Worried as we waited... and waited... and waited...

Now, I'm not one to Complain about Waiting... I've had a Lifetime of doing it having grown up in the Military and been Married to a Career Veteran all these years too... it's always been a Hurry Up And Wait scenario.   But sometimes it's to the point of ridiculousness, really... when you're blatantly wasting somebody's time or making them suffer un-necessarily by delayed treatment when you don't even have any other Patients so there's absolutely no Justification for the lengthy delays!!!   If it were Mad Busy or Life Threatening Emergencies coming in after us I could have Rolled with it better, but it wasn't... we were the ONLY ones there for two of the three Hours for Christ's Sake!  No wonder over Forty Veterans have allegedly died Waiting... but it doesn't seem as tho' this Huge Investigation is really shaking things up to the point of Change either by my Observations this day.

And it's hard, because it becomes a Chore to have to convince a reluctant Veteran to even go there for Care when they Feel so Disrespected and Ignored.   The Man HATES having to go, but we cannot afford for him to go elsewhere.  Because the crappy Insurance they now give and we now have to pay for since Earned Free Benefits no longer exist and were rescinded, often don't want to or refuse to pay for so much of the expense of Outside the System Hospitals and ER's!   Yeah, they're not telling those stories on the News when they're suggesting the Veterans use Civilian Facilities in lieu of the VA Hospital Backlog and Reorganization are they?  That will be a shocking Surprise to the Vets and their Families when they start getting the bills demanding the unpaid portions Tricare won't cover.   Then hear all the BS Stories Tricare will make up and give when you Appeal and Contest having to pay what they should be covering and are sticking you with!  

I'm STILL dealing with that Nightmare from The Man's Catastrophic Accident Expenses a year later.  So I don't need any more Insurance Drama and crippling Medical Expenses I didn't expect because they should have been covered but now we're expected to Pony Up for unpaid Balances and Insurance Refusals for a myriad of excuses.  Many of which are absolutely absurd and you can't even Believe you're hearing such BS!!!  And if they've resolved not to pay I've found they just won't and so now you're dealing with Collections from who is still waiting on payment from somebody!  Now to be sure I utilize my Outstanding Medical Collection Calls as a form of Free Therapy, but it's the Principal and Financial Hardship of it all that I find to be Disgraceful about this very Broken System in place.   And Earned Benefits not being Honored for our Veterans who already Honored their part of the Contractual Agreement and Expected their Government to do the same and have the same Honor!!!

 Just one Example: I'm still paying off an Ambulance Bill where my Co-Pay was more than quadrupled because the Insurance used the Excuse that disposable Respiratory products had been used during The Man's transport when he was having Respiratory Arrest!!!!  WTF???  What, as opposed to re-using disposable products from random previous Patient to Veteran now having Respiratory Emergency and risking cross contamination Pray Tell?!?  Are you freakin' kidding me... no, no they're not, they're Serious and their claim is no joke and cost me over a hundred dollars more than I should have had to pay in just that one instance!!!  It's still being aggressively Appealed and Contested by Yours Truly... but who has the time really for numerous Appeals, Battles and added Stressors when you're Caregiving for three people who are continuously receiving Medical Treatment?   This is why I NEED Zen Reserves built up so as not to totally disrupt my Calm!    And so that you won't see me on the Six O'Clock News after I go Postal and make Headlines in a very undignified spectacle!!!  *LOL*

So anyway... this day he finally limps out of the ER almost three hours later carrying an Rx for Antibiotics because his mysteriously injured foot has apparently become infected.   Princess T and I at least expected him to have a Cast on or something for as long as it had taken to get that Simple Diagnosis!!!  *LOL*  Actually I HAD ALREADY GIVEN HIM THAT SIMPLE DIAGNOSIS before we even left the house this Morning and he was still giving me Grief about going and Resisting, "Hey, that looks like it's getting infected Honey... and since we don't know what you did to it, lets get that checked out right away before you risk an amputation or somethin'!!!"   See... apparently I couldda been a Doctor.  *Smiles*   And it took me about a minute and a half to come to that identical conclusion... not almost three hours... so I'm GOOD!!!   *Winks*

But, since we were Downtown anyway and by now everyone was starving because we'd completely missed Lunch... it gave us a handy excuse to go to one of our Fav Restaurants in the City for Dinner.   Because if you're given Lemons, make Lemonade I say!!!   See... the Zen Reserves really do work in having Meditative Quality to the Thought and Reaction Process to almost anything and everything! 

And because now Princess T's Good Behavior Run was winding down... quickly... and she was starting to get quite Dramatic... Tiredness and Hunger brings that out in a Child I've noticed in two Generations of Raising Children.   And once they begin to deteriorate and have their melt-downs, you need very big distractions to save your Sanity and not have a Menopausal Moment yourself.   So a great meal at a Fav Restaurant was just what Doctor Dawn Ordered!  *Winks*  Ironically, this day she was actually wearing her T-Shirt that says 'Drama Queen' across the front of it... she IS a walking Advertisement for the Title after all most of the time!  *Winks*

And because now that The Man has TBI {Traumatic Brain Injury}, being Exposed to any kind of Stress or Drama from others will cause him to follow suit in quick order and he was already fussing and quite upset about the VA's Treatment still being below par and he never wanted to go there again... etc...etc...etc...   So shoving a good meal in front of everyone, with Ice-Cream for Dessert, meant that with their mouths full I didn't have to listen to incessant Complaining and irritability about our necessary All Day Trip to the ER.  Like I wanted to spend my entire Sunday that way either, ya know?  But, I had the previous day's Zen and Calm to Sustain me thru this day... and that was Good... I was actually able to stay completely Serene thru it ALL!

And even thru driving back Home in an Intense Monsoon Storm of Epic Proportions!   With The Man and The Princess looking out their windows and giving me a running comentary of the carnage going on around us due to the inclement weather!  *LOL*   Yeah, an Hour of that kinda Commute back Home was FUN and Thrilling too dontcha think?!   So though I remained Serene it wasn't exactly a Serenity Sunday here at Bohemian Valhalla!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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