Sunday, August 3, 2014

Art Unraveled 2014

Well, Saturday was ART UNRAVELED 2014 and since I had missed last year, on account of The Man's Catastrophic Accident, this year I was determined to go after receiving the Invite from Friends who would be Vendors there.   I also had a Secret Mission Statement... you see, the Gals from LIPSTICK RANCH were going to be there... and two years ago, October 22, 2012 to be exact, I had gone to one of their Trunk Shows in downtown Historic Glendale and neglected to purchase an Amazing Creation that I have never gotten off of my Heart and Mind as "The One That Got Away"!  You know, one of those Regret-I Left-It-Behind Treasures that you Admired, Adored, Photographed and walked away from like a Fool!!!

Here she was that day long ago when I first laid eyes on her and captured her Image thru the Eye of my Lens... and had lusted over ever since, beating myself up for letting her Get Away!   So, dared I Hope she might still be available... or at least one like her... I was really, really Hoping so?!?  I wouldn't make the same Mistake twice, that's for sure!!!

So this is one of those stories with a Happy Ending... I'll just cut to the chase about it and clearly not leave you in Suspense!  I crept out of the house bright and early, before The Man or The G-Force even woke up... stealthy was I so that we wouldn't have Epic Drama over Gramma NOT opting to take an entourage of G-Kids in tow to an Event I wanted to Enjoy unencumbered and with Adult Friends.   Sometimes ya just gotta do that for your own Sanity!  *Winks*

As we stood in line waiting for the Event to Open we were given our Maps, so the Recon was easy... though I knew a lot of my Artistic Friends would be there I didn't know where anyone would specifically be located until I got said Map.  Now I could Chart out my Assault to get First Picks and Pristine Shots of at least a few Spaces before the huge crowds, mostly behind me, descended upon the Inventory!  *Smiles*  And I made a Beeline for the LIPSTICK RANCH tables first... because practically from across the room I could see her!   {In my Head Insert the Heavens opening, beams of Light Illuminating her and Angelic Hosts Singing a Chorus!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!}  Two years late in picking her up, but FINALLY she was Mine, all Mine!!!  My Gypsy Mojo must have been all over her working overtime to ensure other Admirers had been unable to lure her Home with them!  *Whew*

I walked up to the table and might as well have handed the LIPSTICK RANCH Gals all of my money, because the majority of my Haul for the day came from their Inventory!  *Smiles*  I kept coming back... again and again... with various Friends I'd run into at the Event... and find something different that I had missed before and decided I was NOT leaving behind and having Regrets about this Trip!  *Smiles*

Their Fabric Art Collage Kitsch Style is just SO My Style that I decided I wanted to buy some of the Make-It-Yourself Packs and Supplies for my own Altered Art Fabric Collages.   After all, this is an Artist's Conference and Supplies that are hard to Source could be found here in abundance and decent prices... all under one roof... Booyah!!!

So anyway, after I did some Serious Damage at their Table I made the rounds of other Friends Tables who were also Vendors.   And I'll apologize in advance that almost 100% of my Images are of the Inventory and Creations of those I know.  Since if I don't know the Artist or Vendor, and especially if I haven't bought anything from them, I usually refrain from asking if I can take Photos. Out of Courtesy and Respect of not putting anyone on the spot or in an awkward position if they were to prefer Images of their Creations not to be in the possession of some Random Stranger.  And just look at those Crowds behind us, every Vendor and Artist was so Swamped I wouldn't have wanted to distract them anyway with trifles like posing for Photographs!!!  Suffice to say there were many, many AMAZING Creations I would have liked to have Shared Images of... or been able to afford... it was an extremely Talented group of Artists Showing, Teaching Classes and Selling.   Wish I couldda taken some of the Workshops!!!

So... over to my Sweet Friend Pamela's Tables at STAMPIN D'AMOUR... she and her Mom Mary were swamped with Customers by the time I got over there... in fact, all of the Vendors Tables were knee deep in eager Shoppers within Minutes of the doors opening!!!   So I waited for a brief lull to get some pixs.

Pamela had been the one to insist I make it out there this year if I possibly could... and I'm so glad she persisted because it was indeed the Motherload of Art Supplies that I had been looking for and couldn't find elsewhere!   And that's why I Love these Art Conventions... Vendors from all across the Country show up... and many of my Favorite Artists whose Work I've Admired for years come to not only Sell their Creations and Supplies so you can Create your own, but Host Workshops to Teach you how!!!   It just doesn't get any better than that!

And even if you can't take any of the Workshops, or can only come for one of the days, it's well worth it... I accomplished more in two hours there Sourcing Product to use for my Art, than I could have in seeking it for Months anywhere else... if you can even find it anywhere else?!?

And of coarse another big draw is getting together again with Talented Artist Friends you may only get to see at these Gatherings... like my Adorable Steampunk Friend Pat and her Dapper Husband, of FREE SPIRIT CREATIONS out of Cottonwood, AZ... not only Uber Creative Seniors, but the Cutest Couple ever!!!    These are the Cool Gramma and Grandpa EVERY Kiddo wants to have because they ain't your Typical Seniors... they stand out and are truly Inspirational Free Thinkers.  

Pat also Creates the most Amazing Bears as well as Steampunk Art and Jewelry and many of her own Fibers... and this Couple look every bit the part of their Passions of Deviant Arts.   Check out both of Pat's Links, my Fav is where many Neverwas Artistic Imaginings come to Life!

This was one of Pat's Creations that particularly Appealed to me this year... Created from a Creepy Doll Head... of coarse!  *Winks*

My Adorable Friend Tricia of VINTAGE BLISS was also a Vendor and her Handsome Son Anthony was her Assistant this year.   I'm Amazed how many Shows this Spirited Gypsy Gal manages to pack in to her busy Schedule... just thinking about her itinerary makes me tired!  *LOL*

Since her Tables were right near the Entrance to the Big Room this year I was able to get some solid shots of the Inventory before it was descended upon!

It didn't stay this Pristine for long... the Customers were stacking up within moments of me taking my shots!

And because I was so focused on Photography the Gypsy Stamp I Intended to get was Sold Out before I could snag one... well, maybe next time I see Trish I can remember not to lollygag a second too long!   *LOL*

Another set of Tables and Vendor that I almost lost my Mind buying up Inventory at was LOST COAST DESIGNS, based out of Spokane, Washington, they Specialize in the Style of Rubber Stamp Supplies that are most definitely My Style!!!   I bought up just about every Style of Dia de los Muertos Stamps, Mendhi Stamps, Frida Kahlo Stamps and Bohemian Beauty Stamps they had in stock!   *LOL*

Yep, might as well have given them all the money I had left when I got to their Tables because every Stamp I had been desperately seeking and couldn't find was available from one Source and they had multiples so you didn't have to even go to the dirt to get the only one... Whew and a Happy Dance!!!  I wasn't taking any chances tho', I didn't walk away 'til I'd 'Scored' every single Stamp on my extensive Wish List!   And they were having a Special where you received Free Stamps with Bulk Purchases so I got Seventeen Dollars worth of my Haul FREE!!!!!! *Happy Dancing up a Storm!*

Now... since I'd begun the Event with my Epic Story of Amazement in procuring a long Coveted Piece of Art from two years ago... I was so Golden and on Cloud Nine that I could Resist all of the beyond Amazing Bling that was for Sale at the Show.   Jewelry Artists abounded and I saw some of the most Exquisite Bohemian Bling EVER... so it was a good thing I 'Scored' Pretty Nose first and was thus Content and not overly Tempted to get off track with Bling Purchasing!  *LOL* 

In fact, at this Event, if you didn't come away with an Epic Haul I'd be checking your Pulse to make sure you weren't dead my Friends!   *LOL*   All around me I heard folks lamenting that they were in a buying frenzy and couldn't help themselves but bring Home Motherlode Hauls.

And you were CERTAIN to come away Inspired to the Max... Inspiration was everywhere you turned!   And every Artist and Vendor was so Friendly and Helpful... so I found out a lot about their Art Forms and when or where they'd be Hosting other Workshops around the Valley in the Future.  I really Intend to try to take some because many of these Art Forms are just Calling to me like a Siren's Song to Learn more about!   And what Fun it all would be!   And many Artists also offered CD's {this Amazing Frida Tote actually held three K.C. Willis Workshop CD's} or were Published and offering their Books for Sale at the Event too.   Book Junkie that I am it was really hard to Resist buying Books that I have never seen in any Bookstore!

Can you only tell I'm still quite Fixated on the Fabric Collage Kitsch Medium?  *Winks*

And now that I've downloaded my Images I'm having second thoughts about why I didn't Purchase this Collage Pack with the Great Halloween Theme?  *Smiles*   My Friend Judy certainly procured some Great Halloween Fabric Art to get busy Creating with! 

And Thankfully Judy brought me back over to the Most Tempting Table once again because I'd completely missed the large bowl filled with Fabric Photo Transfers!    So I 'Scored' these Seven Beauties... the prices were really good on these so I built an Instant Stash since I don't own the equipment necessary to Create my own!  *Winks*   And I got some more Hand-Dyed Seam Binding from my Friend Karen of STARSHINE SALON... one can never have too much Hand-Dyed Fibers, especially Seam Binding!  *LOL*

So... as we're coming to a close on this Post I'm Showing Off the rest of my Haul... the mound of Stamps... which I will mount on Wood Blocks since I prefer using Wood Block Stamps.

A Domino Altered Art Pendant of the Blessed Mother from my Friend Pamela...

A Frida Kahlo Collage Kitsch Pack to Create one of my own with...

And one more of Pretty Nose with the appropriate Verse that I could Connect to, "It's a hard Life, but it's all mine."
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds like a day in heaven Dawn, and how fantastic your long coveted "pretty nose" was still available :-) l love the collage packs and fabric photos, perfect inspiration for a rainy afternoon.

    1. And it is indeed a rainy Afternoon Today! Fierce Monsoons have hit. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What a exciting time for you! Glad you were able to get away by yourself! We all need that at times!

  3. Dawn - So glad you were able to attend, what a FAB stash of treasures you scored! I wanted to shop, but I wasn't able to leave my tables for very long during the entire time! LOL!
    See ya Thursday! ;)



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