Monday, August 4, 2014

Are You Already Thinking Of Autumn Too?


Maybe for some it's premature, but as for me, well, I'm already thinking of Autumn my Friends!!!  Of the Creation of Velvet Pumpkins and how I'll Style for my Favorite Time of year.   I suppose in many ways the Desert Summers are like the Winters everywhere else, where you had to hibernate because of fierce weather and couldn't get so much done as you would like because things have to go dormant out of necessity.  Many other places look forward with great anticipation for Spring... I look forward with great anticipation for Autumn for many of the same reasons!

And because the Magic and Enchanting Season seems to get it's kick-off with the Autumn Holidays.  Seasons of Seasonal Decorating at it's Pinnacle really once the Holidays are upon us!   And you don't want to wait until the last minute to prepare for them, you want to do it all up right!  To revel in it and surround yourself with the Atmosphere and Essence of each Holiday that is so Special.  And it rushes up on us so quickly that you really do have to get a head start to be prepared!

Oh sure, every Season BEFORE the Holidays I Intend to whip myself into a Creative Frenzy and actually get all of the Projects done that I have Imagined and want to bring to Life!!!  Alas, most of the time it doesn't Manifest quite like I had Planned or Intended.  With the exception of a few rare Years when I was totally On Point and Created Seasonal Masterpieces I'd Envisioned and actually got around to!  *LOL*

Most Projects tend to lay about undone or in various stages of completion because I didn't get around to it, even those that aren't Seasonal.  But lets face it, the Seasonal ones really need to have a Priority and a Deadline in order to be utilized appropriately... non-Seasonal items can be Created anytime really so there's not the same sense of Urgency!

And perhaps because I don't feel quite the sense of Urgency that I should about Creating Seasonal Decor, our Home and my Studio tend to have Strange Vignettes Year-Round.  Things like the Pumpkin Stems I've so diligently Collected until now they're practically a Hoard.  With the sole Intent of Creating a Velvet Pumpkin Patch of Epic Proportions... one day... but that day hasn't actually arrived yet.   Sure, one or two Velvet Pumpkins get brought to Life, but I never quite gain the momentum I need in Velvet Pumpkin Assemblage... so its not as if I've got a Velvet Pumpkin Production Line going on anytime soon!  *Smiles*

Good Thing the Preserved Pumpkin Stems look visually pleasing sitting about in dishes... because if I put them away... as I did one year... I never can quite remember WHERE I put them away?!   And then the Insanity intensifies as I tear the whole house up looking for them because when I cannot find a Supply and feel the Urge to Create something with it, THEN that sense of Urgency I shouldda had all along sets in like a demonic force and I can't hardly Rest 'til I find the misplaced item(s)!  It suddenly becomes my Mission in Life!  Much to the chagrin of the rest of the Family who know that me on a Mission is absolute Manic Madness!  *Smiles*

And there's always those things that I almost Sold Off... but brought back into the fold... because I realized I just wouldn't get around to Creating one to replace it... so who am I Foolin'... might as well keep it and use it myself so as not to regret having Saved someone else the trouble of Creating one!  *LOL*

And I'm fortunate in some respects that I am such a Hoarder of Favorite Seasonal Decor and so have a healthy Stash of what I Love to Decorate with for the Holidays already.   So that when I don't Create something new in order to fulfill the Vision... well, I can always fall back upon the props from Yesteryear and just make them into Fresh Vignettes this year and nobody will be any the wiser that once again I didn't get around to it!  *Smiles*

And just maybe nobody actually Cares except me?  Whether I'm hauling out Seasonal Decor we used in a previous year(s) or Styling with something newly Created or Purchased?   And really it DOESN'T matter, the Joys of already thinking of Autumn surely outweigh anything I won't get done by the time the Holidays actually arrive.   Everything will get Decorated and Over-Styled because that's how I Roll during the Holidays!   And why I start thinking upon it so early.

And at least this Season the Art Studio Cottage is halfway done with it's Makeover and many of my Art Supplies are neatly Organized and easily Accessible so that if I do get the Urge to whip myself into a Creative Frenzy... everything is at my fingertips and can be found.

And what each Favorite Haunt has to offer this year in the way of Seasonal Holiday Decor is always met with great anticipation too.  I'm excited that many, like me, are already well into thinking of Autumn too and have begun to Create the Magic and Enchantment to woo us all into having an Autumn Vibe and prep for the upcoming Holidays, which will fast be upon us before we know it!

Some might say we're rushing to end Summer prematurely and not Enjoy it properly.  Well, for me you could be right, but remember, Summer for me has been bearing very high triple digit temps for months already, necessitating forced hibernation and not getting much of anything done out of necessity lest I spontaneously combust trying to!!!   Not that I usually have the energy to really work myself into spontaneous combustion when it's 116 degrees plus and I feel absolutely drained and sweaty just doing Nothing at all!  *LOL*

And yes, it's absolutely True that I just can't wait to Experience it all again this Year, for as long as possible... ane revel in the Atmosphere it Creates, which is like none other!   And when our Desert Cools off to the most Spectacular Weather come Autumn that Tourists and Seasonal Residents begin to flock here in droves from other parts of the Country and World to Escape their Season of forced hiberation elsewhere! 

Yes, I'm already thinking of Autumn... and beginning to drag things out of Storage for consideration of Styling with them this Season and making a Plan of what it all will look like?   And if I begin early enough, will I actually make the time this year to Create some Seasonal Masterpieces to add to the Collection?   I no longer get so delusional I actually Believe I'll make enough excess to Sell a bunch of it... but it could happen one day I suppose?!?  *LOL* 

And I also like to think about how others will be Styling for the Holidays?  That's part of the Fun too isn't it?  Seeing what our Friends Create as their Vision of Magic and Enchantment in their Homes and Retail Spaces for the Holidays!   Or here in the Land of Blog... and Share with us.

I see some of you are getting an early start too... those other Kindred Spirits that are already thinking of Autumn and getting Excited about all of the Possibilities and what they Plan to Create or do!?

And as I peruse my Photo Archives to see what I have done in previous years... and decide upon Themes, Styles, Vignettes and other Creative Projects I'd like to get around to before October is upon us... and which Events are coming up to Celebrate early and Inspire us... the anticipation is building.  And will climax when the Holiday actually arrives... but I like to linger as long as possible when it comes to Holidays, don't you?   Or are you one to want to hurry up and get it over with?  Everybody Celebrates in their own way and Method... there's no right or wrong way... and as long or short as you make it is totally up to you.

I'll go long though... I always do... because October through December is just such a Magical and Enchanting time for Creative Souls... where your Imagination can run Wild and come to Life in Special ways that don't always happen during other times of the year.   Because during other times of the year not everyone is participating necessarily the way they do during Holiday Seasons.  And perhaps that is why I Enjoy it so much... because everywhere you go it is Evident and you're surrounded by it and everyone's Vision of it!   And there's a kind of Unity of Purpose in that which I like very much.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where it's still well over 100 Degrees but I've got an Autumn Vibe going on inside my Head and Spirit already... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Yes to Autumn!! My favorite season too! Love your velvet pumpkins!

  2. Maybe THAT'S my problem! I don't think ahead :)
    (I do look forward to Autumn though.....)


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