Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Salvage Yard ~ Lets Get Junque Drunk Again!

I'm meeting you back at THE SALVAGE YARD so that we can get Junque Drunk again together.  I knew you'd show up too... because if you're truly a dedicated Junquer, you recognize that we're a breed all our own and we'd rather be doing this than just about anything else!  *Smiles*

I have foregone a meal to keep Junquing... and for a Foodie like me that's really saying somethin' about how much I Love The Thrill Of The Hunt!  *LOL*  Yes, it's definitely nothing you have to coerce me into doing with you... and most of the Junquers I know are as equally Passionate about it .   So if an Invitation is offered to get Junque Drunk together, hardly anyone ever says No unless they're on their way to the Emergency Room or on their Deathbed instead!  *Winks*

I know that for me it's only a Personal Crisis which will Trump an Invitation to go Junquing.   And it's gotta be an Epic Crisis at that or I'll still try to navigate my way around a minor Crisis and still fit a Junquing Adventure in some kinda way.   You know how it is, if you really want to do something bad enough, you usually find a way and be excuse-free!  *Smiles*

If you can easily find an excuse NOT to go, then you're probably not that 'into it'.   Those of us who are Passionate about it and Hard Wired with the Urge to do it... well, we almost NEED to and it's hard to explain exactly why?!?  It must certainly be a DNA thing to be a Hunter Gatherer and have the inexplicable NEED to Hunt, Gather, Salvage, Rescue, Joyfully dig through piles of Junque and Collect things?

Ask anyone who really digs it and the answers are pretty much the same as to why they find it to be a part of their Bliss and not at all like Work.   Though to be sure it can be quite the Workout and if you're in the Zone of Pickin' Paradise then you can totally lose track of Time and how long you've been at it!!!   Til your Body and the Clock tells you otherwise!!! *Smiles*

I know that the G-Kid Force have it in their DNA as well, because going Junquing with Gramma is practically the ONLY thing they can do with total Commitment and Contentment for hours on end and without losing Interest or claiming Boredom or being Tired and easily Distracted!!!   I'm quite Impressed actually at how long they can match me and hang tough on a Pick.  And I don't mind them tagging along since they're Great Pickin' Wingmen 'cause they've got the Eyes of a Rat when it comes to spotting something Shiny or a 'Score'!!!

I've got Great Pickin' Radar myself, but those Kiddos have found things that I must have missed with Eyes Wide Shut!  *LOL*  Perhaps it's the Eye level of the little one since she's nearer to the ground and right at table height?  *Smiles*   And the Young Prince has now grown much taller than me so he can reach and see things my short self can't!   I'm Hoping he grows to the height of the Menfolk on my Mom and Dad's side of the Family since almost all were well over six foot and thus had great vantage points from way up there!   *Smiles*

Plus he's developing those Man Muscles which also come in mighty handy on a Pick when you find those boat anchor type 'Scores' that estrogen is lacking at times in being able to schlepp as well as the dudes can!    Though, my guns are still pretty sturdy for a Senior from all my years of schlepping heavy stuff... so if you keep using it you don't always lose it.  *Winks*

I've decided that this Fall I will concentrate on doing Makeovers of every Cottage and Outbuilding on our Property so that I can better Organize and Utilize all of our spaciousness here at Bohemian Valhalla.  It is indeed a Blessing to have Acreage when you're afflicted with the NEED to Hunt, Gather, Pick New Inventory for your Retail Spaces, Style incessantly and be a Creative Being!

I have also decided that Organizing my Stashes better will allow me to actually SEE and KNOW what I have amassed... and how best to deplete it to Fund other Adventures we want to go on!?   Ideally I'd like to sort it ALL out into portions of the Property so that the Found Treasures that are up for grabs are set apart.  That way I could Invite other Junquin and Pickin Friends to just come over rather than dragging everything I wanna Flip to the Showrooms!

And I wouldn't be wasting my precious Time or theirs deciding what I wanna Let Go of and what I wanna Keep because it will already be divided and sorted into separate areas.   I know when I watch the Pickin' Shows one of the most frustrating thing for the Pickers... and often the Sellers, is when everything is mixed up and the Decision Making Process slowed way down, stonewalled or stalled out because the Keeper Stuff is mingled in with the Up For Grabs Stuff!

As a person who can get Attached to or wanna Keep some items for the Creative Process and Future Projects I recognize that not everything I've amassed will be For Sale right now... or perhaps even Ever.  Not everything has a Price... though I could be Persuaded I'm sure if a Crazy Price was thrown into the ring and Seriously Offered!?  *LOL*   So I need to sort that all out in my Head and Heart first as I go thru EVERYTHING and then make separate areas designated for each.   I Feel that is the best way to downsize properly, Organize what I'm still Pickin' for Re-Sale better and not lose my Mind or cause others in my Life to lose theirs!  *Smiles*

Because it is Obvious that I shall never stop doing this... I Love doing it too much... and now that I'm making some Economic Profit off of my Bliss... and meeting even more Friends who have Mutual Interests and Passions about it... well, there's really no reason for me to stop now is there?  *LOL*

Besides, I'm GOOD AT IT!!!   You always really know what you're Inherently Good at and is a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute to who you are at your Core.  It's almost as if each of us were Designed to be doing something specifically well and it's just our Calling... and when you Tap into that, well, the Bliss you Experience is Evidence that it's what you were Purposed to be doing and have a Natural Gift for.   It could be even more than one thing, but at it will always be at least one thing.   And it would be such a Waste to go thru Life without knowing what that is for you!

I've been Good at quite a few things, and Successful at many, but they didn't always bring me Contentment, Satisfaction and Bliss.   Just Gain... and at the end of the day Gain isn't always as Important as doing what you Love and what you find to be absolutely Blissful.  Now, if you can meld the two, Gain and Bliss, well that's Nirvana then isn't it?  *Winks*

And if Junquing just happens to be one of YOUR Blissful Gifts too, whatever level you're doing it on... then you know exactly what I'm talking about and can probably Connect to this Post?   And if so you'll most definitely be back... because we're not done getting Junque Drunk Together my Friends... oh no, there's even MORE that I captured thru the Eye of my Lens during this particular Junquing Adventure!   So... see ya next Post!   

But for now I'm exiting Stage Right... since I have a couple of Wee Princesses who are VOLUNTARILY Cleaning my House like a couple of Merry Little Maids!  *Booyah!!!*   So I'm at their beck and call right now for the refreshments and treats during their Breaks which is all the Payment they demand so the Price is right!   God I LOVE Grade School Aged Girls... they so Love to Clean, Organize and Tidy things up as if it's actually FUN!    And hey, who am I to tell them otherwise, right?!?!   *LOL*

And sure I'll be their Photographer as well... since the only thing Wee Princesses Love more than Cleaning, Tidying and Organizing... is Voguing for the Camera, Precious and Adorable Little Budding Divas that they are!!!   *Smiles*   And they're doing a swell job, the house has never looked better in ages and that's one less thing for Yours Truly to get done before our Caseworker for the Kiddos Permanent Custodial Arrangement arrives next week for her monthly Visit!   *Whew*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian... and her Wee Diva Cleaning Troupe!


  1. Wow, I wish I had more shops like this around, it seems like most of the secondhand shops only want to sell new and shiny things these days! :( I love those angel wings and skull! Too bad I can't teleport them here! I have so many future plans for house decor that will have to wait til I can find, make and afford the items!

    1. I Love this Venue my Friends have because everything is Affordable and close to Wholesale price point and the Picking is Curated. I find that many of the Thrifts now have overpriced their Inventory and since most of it {or maybe even all of it} was donated its not as if they couldn't still turn a profit by keeping pricing reasonable. We are indeed fortunate to have some great Events here in the Valley! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Bless those little "tidy up maids"!

    1. They certainly were a Blessing Today... they worked for Hours and considered it Playing... I let them arrange, re-arrange, Style and Tidy up to their Heart's content and they swept all of the floors and even took out the trash! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I understand exactly what you mean about the thrill of the hunt! You are one lucky Gramma that your littles enjoy it as much as you do. You are raising those kids right!

    1. Yes, we're raising the two Grandchildren who you often see in the Blog Posts and they've lived with us since Birth. We have 10 Grands and 2 Great-Grands total so we are amply Blessed. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. A great post....love going junking so much. I don't go as often as I did when I was younger but still go every now and then.
    Beautiful little girls...we also have 10 grands, 2 great-grands and one on the way. Love them all so much.
    xo bj

  5. I loved reading this post. You are a woman after my own heart. I love that you understand it is in the DNA! You just put the biggest smile on my face. Have a wonderful week. I will pray the Social Worker finds everything well. Blessings, Martha


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