Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Salvage Yard ~ Finally The Finale' Post!


FINALLY I've used up the visual overload of Images I captured thru the eye of my lens at THE SALVAGE YARD Event!  I had been in a Photo Taking Frenzy... but then, I always am, right?  *winks*

But don't you worry... the next Event will be here before you know it and I'll have loads more to Share and take you along to my Friends!

In fact, if you find yourselfs trekking thru the Arizona Desert someday you will simply have to stop by and see many of these Amazing Shops and Events yourselves... you will think you've stumbled upon a Desert Mirage!  *Smiles*   And our Fall and Winter Months are absolutely Glorious Weatherwise, so you won't spontaneously combust if you visit September thru March.  *LOL*

But... if you are a die hard Junquer to your very Core...  you might wanna brave April thru August when there will be less Competition for the Spoils!?  *Smiles*   In fact, if it's hotter than the surface of the Sun on a given day, I KNOW that if I arrive early in Desert Camel-Mode, I'm SURE to get the best Hauls ever since the Faint of Body and Sound of Mind probably won't be there Competing for it?!   *Bwahahahaha!!!*
When I'm in Full On Junquing Mode I can brave any Elements... Rain, Intense Shine and everything inbetween!

And here in the Arizona Desert we typically get the extremes of that spectrum... when it's Hot it's Intensely Hot... when it's Raining it's Monsoon Storm Intensity... when it's Windy it's gale force Wizard Of Oz Crazy... and when it's Desert Cold it'll chill you to your bone!!!

But Arizona is fast becoming a Junquers Mecca where Pilgrimages are being made regularly by many.  I'm meeting folks at these Events now from all across the U.S. and Abroad who have come expressely for The Thrill Of The Hunt and the Adrenalin Rush of Eye Candy and Styling Inspiration Overload! 

It's True that many Artistic Souls gravitate to certain parts of the Country or World... and the Arizona Desert seems to be one of them.   There are a wealth of Talented and Uniquely Inspired Artists in our State... many are a breed all their own that you won't just find anywhere else.

Maybe it's being out in the Arizona Heat that causes our brains to function differently after a while and be totally outside of the box and in an Enchanting World all our own  *Smiles*... but I like it that way... Conformity is NOT one of the words you'd describe most Arizona Artists or their Art by!  *LOL*

So if you too are an 'Out There' sort of Personality and your Styling Sensibilities aren't Typical and lean more towards the Experimental and Imaginative, you're sure to fit right in here with the rest of us!!!

And even if you are of the more Conservative persuasion, you'll still want to come for a tumble down some Extraordinary Rabbit Holes and Experience our Version of Wonderland!!!    Sometimes the Visits even rub off and you'll find yourself becoming more of an Alice in Wonderland Version of yourself!  *Winks*

And those kinds of Transformations aren't a bad thing... they'll probably take you back to Childhood Wonderment and Awe in how you View your World, seeing things with Fresh Eyes... where anything and everything is possible.   I like the Cheshire Cat Mantra of,  "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."    I like Travel by Serendipity in fact, it's much more Interesting and Exciting!   Arriving by Chance to something or somewhere unexpected has often been a blast and much more satisfying than a structured and well mapped out itinerary!

So I would Challenge you to bring someone along for The Ride... someone who doesn't have a Clue where you're taking them and what to expect... who when they Arrive will be blown away with the Surprise you have in store for them!!!

And maybe, if you've never been there before either... you won't even know what you have in store for yourself and the Anticipation of that can be Thrilling!!!

I have MANY, MANY Destinations like that on my 'Bucket List'... I shall probably have to Live to be One Hundred and Ten or better to Experience them all!  *Smiles*

The Land of Blog has presented me with Options I'd never before considered and am now wanting to Experience Firsthand one day!!!

And once the bug has bitten you to make Pilgrimages to your Favorites... you'll look forward to it with great Anticipation each and every time the Events are held!!!    I'm already thinking I NEED to go back and see if any more of those Blue and Gold Scrabble Tiles are left... I didn't even SEE those while scanning the bins and snapping my Images!!!  *Le Sigh*

And I've gotta pick up some of these if there are some left next visit... to make Vintage Industrial Style Carpetbags with Rustic Vintage and Antique Fabrics and maybe some Old Leather... Gypsy Magic Carpet Style of coarse!  *Winks*


Yep, now that the Art Studio is up and running I have all these Creative Possibilities keeping me awake at Night trying desperately to get out of my Imagination and into Production!  *Winks*

And I'm attempting to get The Man into his Workshop Cottage again to start Creating his Carpentry Masterpieces with Architectural and Industrial Salvage I've been Hoarding for such Projects as I know he can make come to Life!!!!

I think it will be Excellent Therapy for him to start Creating again... it's not as if the Brain Trauma caused him to Forget so many of the Wonderful Talents and Skills he possessed... and Excercise of the Brain is as beneficial as Exercise of the Body!

What have you been wanting to get into Production my Friends?   Whether it be a long overdue Project or an actual Artistic Creation... you should make a Plan to Schedule it in and make some Time for it.   I'm finding that when I do that, everything flows better in Life.

And it's not as if I don't fully Understand having a hectic and busy Schedule that sometimes borders on Insanity to try to squeeze one more thing into!   I do!!!   But lately I've been MAKING the Time... and even taking some Classes to Learn some new Art Forms I'm Interested in.  And it totally Feeds the Soul and Lifts the Spirits considerably... it's like a Mini Vacation in fact to make Time for Self and what you truly Enjoy.

I've got a couple of Posts lined up in fact to bring you along to my Classes and let you peek at what I Created!!!   As soon as I'm out of Event Attending Mode in my Postings... since these are the two busiest weeks of the Month for my Fav Events and Girl's Day Outings.

I thought these Industrial Gargantuan Wheels would look Awesome outside of The Man's Workshop Cottage... this Year when I get my Art Studio Makeover Complete... and my Storage Cottage Converted into my Garden Workshop and Organic slash Industrial Salvage Styled Space... I Plan to Convince him his Workshop Cottage needs a Makeover as well so that he will have it set back up for his Creative Processes!

I'll let him Envision what he'd like it to look like and then I'll do the Sourcing and Styling for him... I think that will be a nice Present and something he can Involve himself in that he might Enjoy because the End Result will be a place where he can Retreat to... his refurbished Made-Over Man Cave!

Because for me, it doesn't have to be MY Space to Enjoy Styling it and doing a Make-Over... because I just Love Styling and Making Over anything and everything... and Experimenting with different Styles and Aesthetics to see how it all turns out?!

And to see the Joy on the Faces of those the Space belongs to when their Dreamspace is now ready for them to Enjoy as their Personal Sanctuary and Haven!   The Fam often joke that my Nickname should have been The Stylist!  *Winks*   I think they could be right...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Dawn, you had a ball, didn't you? Awesome place and you can bet your sweet bippy, I will be there soon!! Enjoy your summer, you deserve it!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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