Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Crazy Train... All Aboard Again... HaHaHa Ay Ay Ay

 Source: My Friend Pamela
My Friend Pamela's Photoshop Enhancements to our Group Shot that Princess T captured after our Domino Pendant Class, when The Queen came for a visit, helped me look not quite so demented in it!  *LOL*  Clearly the Strain of Caregiving is taking it's toll, which is precisely why Princess T and I have been eager to Escape the Asylum at Home and take some Girl Time Classes which provide Respites!

Yes, lately around Bohemian Valhalla it's been all aboooaaarrd the Crazy Train Hahahaha Ay Ay Ay {Insert Ozzy O singing...}...  and while I regale you with some pretty pictures taken either in our Home, my Studio or during Girl's Day Out, I'll explain why it's been such utter Madness around here lately...

You see, due to the Young Prince's Mental Health status and The Man's Traumatic Brain Injury and having severe PTSD from too much time spent on the Battlefield during his lengthy Military Career, both are on Psychotropic Meds.   And when they're not resistant to taking their Meds there is a measure of Serenity and Peace here in Paradise and we can Focus upon Living The Dream.  *Winks*

Yes, when everyone is taking their Meds like they're supposed to, well, everyone's Tiaras and Crowns are on snugly and centered, so things aren't quite so Helter Skelter around the Kingdom.  If you're working upon expanding the Empire you're overseeing and making it a Happy Place for everyone under it's Rule and within it's Boundaries, this is very, very Important so that Chaos and a Dark Spirit doesn't reign and prevail!!!

Here's the Deal and the Lowdown when someone who is supposed to be taking said Meds becomes resistant and uncooperative about taking them consistently... or outright refuses... they tend to not get along and play well with others or be very Lovely, Tolerant or Stable... it becomes Mood City... and not in a Good way.  It makes Fleeing the Kingdom as often as one can, in order to keep your own Sanity and remain in the Fruit of the Spirit, a very Tempting Fantasy or Objective!

Nobody much wants to be around them or share space with them since their Darker Moods and unpredictability is a Nerve and Mood Wrecker for other Kingdom Residents and sets the Tone of each day and how it will usually play out.  Tears, Tantrums, Feuding and Fussing with each other prevails and this Queen becomes the Mediator and Mitigator of said incessant squabbles and trifles blown all out of proportion and magnified to ridiculous levels that defy Sanity!  *Le Sigh*  And if and when they 'Turn' on me... well, my Halo isn't on quite so Secure here in the Land of Menopause as it used to be... so Big Mistake!  *Winks*

Now, as Caregiver of the Clan it is my responsibility to attempt to administer Meds daily to those that require them and benefit from them.  But though in Theory that gives one the Illusion of having the Power and Authority to Enforce said Regimen... in Real Life, when dealing with Aging Adults and Young Adults deemed by Medical Professionals to be still competent enough to make many of their own decisions about such things, they can... and often do... refuse or become resistant to their Treatment Plans.

This is NOT my first Rodeo with this particular dilemma as a Caregiver... I have already raised two Special Needs Children with significant Mental Health Issues into Adulthood and gone down this Path before.  It can be ten miles of bad road and a very tough row to hoe even on a Good Day.   It is in fact one of the most basic of Caregiving Challenges and dilemmas so that things don't go totally Left and into The Twilight Zone, next Sign Post up ahead... and I don't profess to have all the answers to the difficult questions... apparently neither does the Medical Community at large so they're not a whole lotta Help!  Thus the often Quoted send-off, "Good Luck with that and we Hope it all works out..."  Yeah, Thanks a lot... for nothing!!!

 I have also Cared for two Aging Parents who exhibited similar Patterns and Behaviors concerning Treatment Plans for Age Related significant Medical and Mental Health Issues... and The Man has been on Treatment Plans for Decades of our Marriage.  I have loads of Experience... but at some levels I have to also balance a Respect for their Wishes... since I wouldn't want Medical Care or Treatment Plans I became opposed to or questioned, forced upon me involuntarily either.  You want to maintain your right to a choice and options.  Some Plans are successful, some not so much... it's not the end all, cure all to be sure even if followed Religiously.

Any Treatment Plan regarding Mental Health Diagnosis, Age related Dementias and Brain Trauma is not a Cure... they will not Get Better without Divine Intervention.  It will simply attempt to modify Behaviors and/or ease Mental Torment and Anguish, hopefully making it all more tolerable for the Patient and their Families... their Caregivers or those who are Relational with the individuals.  So, very often the Patient doesn't see much Point to The Plan if they're not gonna get better anyway?!   But my Personal Experience has been that a solid Regimen tends to be better for everyone involved than no Regimen or an inconsistently applied one.  So I thus become The Enforcer any way I can manage to be while still preserving the Dignity and being Respectful to the Loved One, since it is after all their Body and Mind, not mine.

It is a bit more than Ironic that during these turbulent weeks of The Man and The Young Prince having Medication Resistance and slyly finding all kinds of Creative ways to avoid their Meds, lie about taking them or pretend to take them... that I happened to Source an Old Suitcase full of Creepy Doll Heads... a Jar filled with Creepy Doll Hands... and this Lovely 1800's Signed Quilt!  *LOL*

So appropos huh?  Scoring a bunch of Dolls that lost their Heads at about the same time everyone around here seems to be losing theirs as well!!!   Off with their Heads the Red Queen screams!!!  So a bunch of Lost Heads are mingling about.   No Wonder I was looking quite Demented in my Group Pix!!!  *LMAO*

I also 'Scored' this Wonderful 1960 Whimsy Doll, which were always my Favs in Childhood tho' I never actually owned one of my own until I was a Grandmother already!   So this is my 2nd one and I was totally Jazzed to Discover and Rescue her from a pile of actual worthless junk!!!

I paid about two dollars for her since the junk was being Sold by the pound rather than by the piece! *Happy Dance!!!*   She has some heat damage on her body, not surprising given the conditions she was in and the fact that the early 1960's Dolls like this had Rubberized skin that intense heat exposure tends to melt and extreme cold tends to crack... so she's actually in pretty decent shape given her ordeal of being in a sweltering Warehouse in an intense Arizona Desert Summer of 116+ Temps and Lord knows where else!?!  Yes, I was in a sweltering Warehouse in July here, I can't afford a proper Sauna... hey, it works for me and I'm losing some weight!  It was also easier and more tolerable than being Home!!! *LOL*

In hindsight I should have Purchased the torn piece of 1800's Ephemera at The Sweet this Month since the verse was so appropos as well: "Live for some good, be it ever so little."   Yes, that is exactly what we're trying to do around here even tho' right now there is Trouble in Paradise!  *Winks*

And at least some days I do Convince everyone to take their Meds as they should with firm yet gentle coaxing, since having a fit about it does absolutely no Good at all and only serves to escalate an uncooperative and already tense situation... where now I'm the devil and vilified as Arch Enemy No. One!   Though I will take one for the team and be the Villain if it's absolutely necessary to get compliance, it isn't nearly as effective as trying a logical gentle coaxing approach first.  You know, in the unlikely case Logic and being Nice could prevail, even if it kills you to plaster on a forced Smile and a faux Calm Countenance when your last Nerve has been over-worked?!?  Note: Sometimes it does NOT!!!  Even if you've given an Oscar Worthy Performance of a Lifetime!  *LOL*
And Princess T... well, the Guys tend to put her in Beast Princess Mode almost every day that they're not being Lovely or particularly Nice... and that ain't Good lemme tell ya!  It's like the Guys have this Death Wish or something to bring her THERE... and often on Purpose!!!  *Yikes!*  I Pity the Fool as Mister T would say about Princess T being wound up like THAT!  *Smiles*

See, here's the Thing with our Dear Sweet Princess T... she can Turn on a Dime... she is her Mother's Child for a Fact after all that way!  *Smiles*  You're definitely dealing with a Wednesday Addams Child...

 Source: Bing Images

SHE'D BE THAT Nice Girl to be Miserable with if you Play her Wrong you see!  *Winks*  Because she can LIKE being Miserable and she does it SO Well, especially when Provoked or has a Perceived Injustice against her delicate sensibilities and now she's NOT having Fun anymore!!!  *LOL*

 Source: Bing Images
And you don't wanna be The One who puts her in this 'Playful Wednesday Addams Mode' with shiny sharp objects anywhere in the house!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Source: Bing Images
Many of her Dolls look like Mary even tho' she 'Loves' them... and tho' she certainly has a Generous side, she's not all that Forgiving... especially when her Big Brother and Cranky Grandpa have been Unlovely towards her... or towards me... because she's simply not having it and it's definitely "On" now and Bohemian Valhalla Throwdown is about to ensue if I don't Mitigate FAST and Play Referee to Restore Order and Peace in Paradise!  *Smiles*

Lately I've been trying to Restore Order and Keep the Peace between the trio much too much and it's quite draining!  I'd relinquish my Crown if there were another Sovereign Ruler to take my place... but there is not... *Pouting!*

I'd like to say I'm Noble about it all the time... I'd LIKE to say that... I can't say that tho'.  You see, I'm a Drama Free Mama... I HATE Drama... especially Un-Necessary Drama and Man-Drama, it's the Worst!  Drama, Negativity, Pessimism, an Oppressive Atmosphere or Environment, Tension and folks not getting along and unable to play well with others is Toxic and extremely Annoying to me... I don't like that Exposure to it... ANY of it for very long and so I will always try to banish it from the Empire!

To me there's never a good excuse for bad behavior... NEVER!!!   I don't care if you got Brain Damage or more degrees of Crazy than a thermometer as your Official Diagnosis... I will not Live in a Toxic Environment you Create... so Trust and Believe we'll go to War over it... and we have been.  So the Battle wages on... and sometimes I'm Winning the Battle but losing the War... and so then I retreat and take a Class... or two... in order to regroup and Strategize the Battle Plan for the next day... and bring Wednesday Addams Child with me to Ensure that she won't wanna Play Autopsy with them in my absence... 'cause that's how that Girl Rolls! *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert Asylum... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh My Dawn! I pray God will Bless You with peace and success as you deal with your charges! It is more than I can imagine having to deal with! You certainly deserve "get away time"! I send my love and a big hug too!!

    1. Thank you my Friend... now you know why my Class Field Trips are so looked forward to! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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