Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ Second Showing ~ The Bling Post

Today's Post is called Second Showing because I returned to SWEET SALVAGE on Saturday, this time with The Son's Girlfriend and the G-Kid Force, for our Fun Day Out while The Son and The Man went to their Gun Show and the Shooting Range for their own Fun Day Out.  *Smiles*

I won't call our outing a Girl's Day Out since The Young Prince opted to hang out with us rather than do the Testosterone laden Thing with his Uncle and Grandpa, he likes to go Shooting but he's just not that 'into' an entire day of looking at them and talkin' Firearms and other Weaponry.  *Smiles*


Besides, it's much more Fun to see where Gramma's Weird and Wonderful Hauls often come from... such as my newest Bling Baby that my Friend Cyndie of VINTAGE ENVY Created and naturally I had to have!  *Winks*

Funny Story though... she gave me a Peek Preview of 'Queen Of Everything' Bling Baby and I Assumed it was Created for Replacement Display Purposes only since I'd Convinced her to Sell me another one she's using for Display.   So I'm at the Show Admiring and Photographing Bling Baby and talking with her about it, completely unaware it was For Sale!  The topic just never came up and she Assumed I knew it was For Sale!  *LOL*
It's not until I come back around to the 'Alice In Wonderland' Movie Inspired Vignette that I realize it is For Sale because another Customer is flipping the tag around and rather than saying NFS it has a price on it!  *Gasp!*   There I am, my Heart pounding almost out of my chest because I'm thinking this Customer is now gonna snatch up MY Bling Baby becoz I forgot to ask Cyndie if she was Selling her?!  *LOL*   As she hesitates and moves her hand away from the Display and I strike up a distraction conversation...  I reach in and snatch it up so fast that it's Amazing someone my Age would still have such Lightning Fast reflexes!  *Bwahahaha!!!*   Bracelets also For Sale still dangling off Bling Baby's Starfish Arms and swinging to and fro!!!  *Smiles*

Other Bling Baby is standing there looking Stunned... like that was a Smooth Chris Angel Mind Freak Move Dawn and I can't Believe you just did that?!?!  *LOL*  I can be more Coy about procuring her because for now she's NFS and a Display Model that is 'Reserved' for me when she's going to be 'Retired' from her Display Duties!  *Smiles*  
Yes there eventually will be the Trio of Bling Babies here at Bohemian Valhalla holding all of my Bling Bracelet Collection.   And it was certainly a close call... Cyndie said she had just thought I didn't want the New Creation when I'd Photographed it, Complimented her on it and walked away!  *LOL*   Note to Self: Next time ALWAYS ask... and if you see an Artist's Tag, TURN IT AROUND just to make certain it's marked either a Display or For Sale, don't Assume anything!!!  *Winks*

Now... the Family were with me this day to also help measure The Sofa and to see if it would not only fit but still be there For Sale?   Alas, it had just Sold and been loaded up... but as it turned out it would have been too large to probably even fit thru the door to get it into this Old House, so potential disaster narrowly averted since we had forgotten to consider and measure width!  *Whew!*   And my Dear Friend Minnie had bought it, so at least I know it's going to another Great Gypsy Chic Styled Home where it will be properly Cherished and match her Awesome Style.
And speaking of Minnie's Awesome Style, The Son's Girlfriend Adored Minnie's New Fashion Line... and she's tiny enough that it all would look Gorgeous on her... so at least I now know what I can buy to Surprise her for her Birthday this Month!  *Winks*  Notice that The Young Prince covered all his Fashion Bases by wearing his Call Of Duty Black Ops Shirt just in case he opted for the Gun Show Day Out and be able to fit in with all the other Rambo Dudes!?  *LOL*
Yes, we had a Moment Of Silence for me missing out on The Sofa... but as the Bling so aptly reminds us The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!  *Smiles*  There would have been a host of reasons why swinging a purchase of The Sofa would have been really iffy at this time anyway... including School resumes shortly and that's always a major outlay for The G-Force!  Especially since The Young Prince is starting High School and the Fee List mailed to us almost made me feel Faint and a bit sick!  I Hope they have a deferred Payment Plan?!?  Those other two pieces of Bling had Apt Sayings for how I Feel about all that!  *Smiles*

And as well as not being a proper fit for our Home, I'd already gone over Budget at this particular Show 'Scoring' some Amazing Treasures the first day... so I didn't mind so much coming away from the Second Showing empty handed when what I'd come back for was gone.

We still had an Enchanting Time and The Son's Girlfriend Loved finally having a day off so she could join us on our Adventures and meet everyone and see everything.   How could you not be in your Element and Content being surrounded by a Treasure Trove like this!?!  And I must say we lingered in the Bling Section longer than every other area... because we ARE the Family of Magpies that J'Adore anything sparkly and shiny!  *Smiles*

The Son, a professed Minimalist, was a bit Nervous that Mom and the Crew might Convert his Beloved and make her one of us in the Realm of Excess and Maximalism?!?  She is coming over to our side and Feathering their Nest more Luxuriously than Spartan.   And it is a Home filled with Estrogen since he's the only Guy is a house filled with Pretty Gals who Love Pretty Things... so he's outnumbered four to one and outvoted... too bad, so sad, you LOSE Son!  *Winks*  He's very much like The Man tho' and knows that if Mama is Happy at Home... EVERYONE is Happy... so he's very Wisely Indulgent to his Lady!  I taught and trained him Well you see!  *Smiles*

And besides, it's not AS IF he can come away from a Gun Show empty handed either... and Guy's Toys, past-times and Treasures tend to be very Expensive as you know!!!   So she could have bought ANYTHING on our Day Out and been Golden!!!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   Yeah, it was Top Secret Covert Ops Guy Silence about what they spent on their Day Out when they got Home!  We just got the Down-Low on how Awesome it all was... in Guy Speak concerning Firearm Power and Awesomeness that made out little eyes just glaze over 'cause we really don't care Guys!!!   *LOL* We may be Hunter-Gatherers but a totally different Type of Hunt Thrills us!  *Smiles*

And I know I Promised two Posts a day and you were probably Wondering where at least even one Post was Saturday?  Well, Blogger was acting up and treacherous so my Post went down like the Titanic and couldn't be Rescued nor Resurrected before Midnight... so I decided to just sleep on it and try again in the Morning!  *Le Sigh*  Don't you just HATE when that happens?  And rather than have Blog Withdrawal or not have Posting be Zen, I'd rather walk away when it's being temperamental like that!   'Cause I'm a Drama-Free Mama and I will not allow anything to rob me of my Peace!!!

Which is why Outings like this are so Necessary for me to Keep my Peace when living with Dramatic Prone Types like The G-Kid Force and The Man!   They seem to feed off of and thrive on Drama... mostly between and with each other... because they appear to Need a Measure of it daily!!!   And Man Drama is the worst!!!  *Le Sigh*   Even the Drama Queen Princess T has to relinquish her Crown when it comes to Epic Drama of the Guys when they're on a roll of inflated Machisimo!  *Ha ha ha!*

It's like watching Wild Kingdom sometimes when the Guys are wound up about some trifle and staking out or protecting their turf and asserting dominance!   *LOL*   Keeping them separated during those Moments when Teen-Man-To-Be and Old-Man go head to head is Key!!!   *Le Sigh*  Especially given that with their individual disabilities and limitations that often skew logic and all reason, it can get pretty intense without a Mediator {ie: Me} mitigating the situation at hand playing out between them all!

So it was really Nice that The Man and The Son went out for a Father and Son Fun Day Outing together doing something they mutually Enjoy Bonding with.   And that the Young Prince came with us Gals so that he didn't inadvertently throw a monkey wrench in the Testosterone laden Plans they had Mapped out for the Day and perhaps he isn't ready to spend a whole day yet doing.  *Smiles*

Besides, us Gals are more Fun... we just ARE... just ask us and we'll tell you!  *Winks*  And we can Marathon have a Good Time like nobody's business... so The Young Prince knew he was in for quite the Ride!  *Smiles*   BTW: See that Vintage Persian Rug Table Runner?  MINE now!  I'll be doing a Make-Over of a tragic Antique Dresser that is a Hot Mess right now but has great Storage Space in the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom.  It is going to be spray painted with Black Chalkboard Paint, given replacement Antique Hardware and a Top and Side Treatment of Vintage Persian Rug Upholstery.  This Runner will be Upholstery Nailed onto the Top.

And this Gorgeous Persian Rug remnant that I Sourced at the Event and was way up near the rafters almost out of sight will be Upholstery Nailed onto one side... the other side is against a wall so I may or may not bother to Source another remnant right away since it doesn't even show so no hurries, no worries about that side.

After all, any Good Wonderland Rabbit Hole has it's share of Illusions and non-conformities, right?

And I'm thinking that if I have enuf Wall Space in the Art Studio Cottage Bedroom, a grouping of my Hoard of Antique Gesso Gilded Frames might be Fun too... we'll see how much Wall Space I really have to Play with?  I have way more Ideas than Wall Space anywhere on our Property!  *Smiles*

Princess T Loved this little Plaque... being the Shoe Hoarder that she is!  *Winks*  She's the budding Imelda Marcos of the Desert!   And she has the Luxury of Youth of her side because she'll Convince us to buy Shoes she Adores that are a size or two bigger than she needs right now becoz after all, "I'll grow into them Gramma, my feet are constantly getting bigger!"  *Winks*   We presently have a row of Fancy Sketcher Tennis Shoes we Thrifted in a bulk buy at a Bargain, in varying sizes that should last her 'til she's about Eleven!  *LOL*

Well... to be sure every Princess has their 'Thing', right?  Mine happen to be such things as Old Chairs and Gypsy Pillows... among other Things I've got an equally Impressive Hoard of!  *Winks*

For some reason this Awesome Antique Headboard wouldn't Photograph well, but I still hadda Share an Attempted Capture thru the Eye of my Lens for you... it was too Lovely not to make a Post Appearance even if the Image was 'meh' quality!

In fact, with all the extra Time I had to take unobstructed Shots of everything, I was rather disappointed in Self that I had so many frames that didn't turn out.   But Lucky for you I took so many that I could still Saturate your Senses and draw from those I felt were decent Blog Fodder!  *Smiles*  I learned that Photography Tip from my Brother, the Professional Photographer, to take way more frames of a Shot than you need because they all won't turn out Ideal, but then, you have Options of Selecting which to use and Showcase of your Photographic Work.

Silly me thought the Pros just had Perfect Imagery each and every Shot!   And didn't realize how many end up on the Editing Floor.

Along with all the Tempting Bling, there was one Old Doll that Captivated me and I would have liked to have Adopted.  Isn't she Adorable?  And I could Envision dying her Outfit Black and using her as a Halloween Prop this year.

But, I Resisted... even tho' she's almost a Twin to another Fav Creepy Doll I have at Home in my Collection.   I just didn't really NEED another Project, you know?  I can barely set aside sufficient Time lately for a Blog Post... or two... but be sure to come back... especially if you don't happen to make it to the last day of the Event, which will be Today in fact! 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. another interesting post! I like your idea of oriental rug upholstery on your chest !


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