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Sweet Salvage ~ More Movie Inspired Magic

We can draw Inspiration from anywhere, but oh how often we've drawn it from the Movies and all the Magic and Glamour Hollywood has provided over the years!

As an Incurable Collector I can only Imagine the Prop Houses and what they must hold that the Entertainment Industry has at their disposal for Styling Movie Stars and Movie Sets!!!

Haven't you ever Fantasized about 'Pickin' a Prop House that Serves the Entertainment Industry?  I have... and not just because the Found Treasures there would be so vast and authentic... but also because many of them are now Iconic from the Sets they were used on or the Stars that wore or used them!!!

To have and now use the same Furniture that was used in your Favorite Movies by Stars you have had Entertain you would just be a great Back End Story to tell.

Of coarse we can and often do just draw our Inspiration from those same Movies and Entertainers that Captivated us and Created the Magic on the Silver Screen or our TV Sets.  I thought this Idea of the open books mounted on the wall would be Cute, Interesting and Fun for a Child's Room focal point and wouldn't cost a lot to replicate.

And how Cozy would a corner Vignette like this be in a Guest Room?

Certain Styles we may have first seen in the Movies... perhaps from Eras long gone... or even those that are Futuristic can greatly Influence us.

Or perhaps even be Reminiscent or Nostalgic enough to Create the Desire to bring it back into our own Homes in the Present.

And of coarse there are the Fantasyscapes... where Imagination and Creativity take Center Stage and bring an Ethereal and Magical Atmosphere to our Designs and Decor.

Yes, I think that even touring a Movie Set and seeing how it is all pulled together and Presented would be Inspirational and filled with Ideas to implement at Home or in our Studios or Retail Spaces.

Sometimes I even forget what a certain Era looked like in most Homes... and even outside of most Homes...  until I'm watching a Movie or Show from that Time Period... and it has captured the Essence of that Time like a Time Capsule, to continue to draw upon far into the Future.

Loved this Romantic Corner Vignette my Friend Myko Created in her Space.  Those Columns are massive!!!

 I needed to stock up on my Zen throughout the Weekend because I knew that Today I had a meeting with the Kiddos CPS Caseworker in the Morning and then would spend most of the rest of the day at DES Re-Certifying them for the little bit of benefits we receive and can qualify for... even tho' by now I'm on an extended-extended Appeal to keep receiving them!!!  I am Hopeful that if we're Approved to Adopt we'll receive more Help that the Attorney Ad Litem has Promised we'd Qualify for!?!

Since the DES Office is no longer giving an Appointment Date and Time, you show up with your completed new Paperwork for Certification or Re-Certification and wait for a turn.  You have a tight Deadline to get it in so you don't have a lot of Options.  They call folks in no order whatsoever, it's so random and not first come first Served.  You could be the first checked in and the last to be seen... or just walk thru the door and get seen before folks that have languished there for hours... very frustrating and unfair.  I waited over three hours to see a Caseworker there before I was called in... others had walked in and seen one within minutes!  And no, complaining about it will get you nowhere... many of us did... they don't care and apparently it's the luck of the draw how long you either wait forever-and-a-day or have a Lucky day. 

So being all stocked up on my Zen kept me balanced, calmer and not so focused on how hungry I was getting and how not well I was feeling since my blood sugars started to get wonky by the time I could get outta there!  {Not allowed to eat or have drinks in the Waiting Room.}  Thank God I didn't have The Man or the Kiddos in tow... many unfortunate Souls had to bring their Kiddos, Elderly, Disabled or Babies with them and I felt so sorry for them... I'd of lost my Mind!  Actually, hearing other people's fussy Kiddos  for that many hours on end almost took me there anyway even tho' I didn't have mine in tow!  *LOL*

But... at least I got them Re-Certified for another few Months... and Hopefully for long enough that we can get this Family Court Permanent Custody thing wrapped up and out of the way so that I might never have to do it again?  Though that is looking doubtful since I will probably still have to utilize DES for their Health Care needs and Medications it seems.

We're still not certain, until a Judge decides, how much Help... OR NOT... we'll receive when we're finally considered Permanent Kinship Placement?!?   Only Time will tell... and it seems as tho' it will languish in Family Court for a long time they say, because it's considered a complex case.  *Le Sigh*   But, this is the Fourteenth Year we've been Kinship Guardians anyway... so whats several more Months of waiting and PERHAPS getting some Help for a change?   I'm trying to be Patient... it's not one of my Virtues.  *LOL*  We still have a Decade left before the youngest is grown... so any Help will be better than this No Help or fighting tooth and nail for meager Help thing!

At least I haven't had to deal with the VA in regards to The Man's needs for a while... that's been a Blessing... one more Government Agency prone to incompetence to have to deal with might send me over the edge some days!  *LOL*   Even if I'm all stocked up on my Zen Moments!!!  *Smiles*

So... I'm here doing my Blog Post after having gotten everything I had to do today for the Kiddos "requirements" out of the way.   *Whew!*  The whole gamut ran from Nine Forty-Five this Morning until Four pm so I'm quite Exhausted I tell ya!!!   The Land of Blog has been a Welcome Respite to immerse into after a particularly Stressful long day in the Real World.

And I was really Thankful I was able to have four Girl's Days Out this Month instead of just the one  I usually have... it has made a difference to have more breaks and some Good Times that weren't limited to a single Morning.

I know that other Caregivers can relate to how therapeutic it is to have more 'Me Time'... and tho' you're often told in a well-meaning way by others to take more Time for yourself... it's not so easy as just doing it... if it was, we'd BE doing it often lemme tell ya!  *LOL*   You have to ensure appropriate coverage in your absence or be gone only brief periods of time if you have none... and Volunteers are scarce and funds are usually limited on being able to Hire someone else with the skills or desire to fill the void in your absence.

I'm very proud of The Man for putting in the Work to be more self-sufficient so that he doesn't need as high a level of Caregiving as he initially did... and that he reached a level of it that I could provide in our Home.   I'm also very proud of the G-Kid Force for trying to be as Independant and Responsible as possible so that their needs are more Manageable for Gramma too.  It gives me Hope that perhaps in the Future, Life can become more a semblance of Normalcy that other folks enjoy, we'll see.

In the meantime I shall just continue to utilize my Girls Day Outing(s) to replenish my own sense of Well Being and Enjoy the Company of other Adults who are Well and are a Source of Encouragement and Good Times.  Where you can Focus on all that is right with the World, rather than being confronted by all that might be wrong or a challenge.

And since Caregivers have to spend an inordinate amount of Time within the confines of their Homes... it is Important to Feather that Nest in such a way that you truly Enjoy the amounts of Time you have to spend there and might not be able to Escape as often as you need or want to!  *LOL*

Even if, like me, that borders on the Macabre or the Weird and Wonderful!  *Smiles*

And it also Helps those you're Caregiving for, to have a Comfortable Space to spend the majority, or perhaps even all, of their Time in... and be their Haven.

I know that The Man Enjoys just being Home... it's sometimes even difficult to get him to want to venture out... this IS his Safe Haven and where he Feels best able to Function given the new limitations since his Accident.  He can't wait to get back Home once he's been coaxed out... and in a way that makes me Feel like I've Accomplished an Important Goal to make it so for him... and the Kiddos.

If this is the place they'd rather be, than almost anyplace else, then I've done my Job Well.   And it's also a place that Grown Children like to come Home to... which is equally Important!  May your Homes also be your Havens my Friends.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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  1. Whew! Sounds exhausting!

    Yes, yes yes I dream of raiding movie sets! Harry Potter, The Addams Family, so many others, so many beautiful treasures!


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