Friday, July 18, 2014

Still Showing ~ Sweet Salvage

We're continuing on our Epic Series of Posts of this Month's SWEET SALVAGE Event 'Now Showing', which is still showing until Sunday Afternoon in fact, so get on down there my Friends!  A lot can be said about how off the hook Amazing an Event is when one of your Fav Vignettes can be found in the Powder Room!   *LOL*  That's right, this Magnificent Vignette was one of my Favs and it was in the Ladies Room!  How's THAT for a Complete Experience!?   There's not a single spot of this Event that isn't meticulously Styled with Awesome Treasure to the hilt to delight the senses and Transport you to Magical Places!!!  *Smiles*

I've always been one to linger in the Powder Room at Home since it's one place the G-Kid Force and The Man Respectfully leave me alone in so it can become my Quiet little Haven at times when I need some Solitude!  *LOL*   But if ours was Styled like this, well, I might never come out!!!  *Winks*

Keeping it Real, let me re-phrase that statement... I'd probably just Move In and only leave when I absolutely had to!  *Bwahahahaha!!!!*   This Room in fact reminded me of a New Orleans Courtyard Gardenscape... or the Movie 'Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil' so I could Imagine that Movie might have Inspired the Vignette, I dunno?

Even the Hallway leading into the Restrooms had a Fab Spiritual Garden Style Vignette Gracing it... that I just Loved!!!   So there I was in a tiny Hallway Space, Mezmerized and blocking traffic into the Loos!  *LOL*

Loved this Santos Figure, She was Magnificent and an Impressive Size... I could see Her standing Vigil in part of my Studio Makeover Space I'm presently working upon!  *Winks*

Especially since I want to give a bit of the Essence of Spiritual melded with Botanical and Cabinet Of Curiousities Styles.   Okay, so I'm not Convincing you I could give a BIT of the Essence of anything to my Styling, right?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   It's True, I'm more likely to give an Avalanche of the Essence of all those Styles packed in there when it's complete!  *Ha ha ha*

I wanted to purchase that top piece if 1892 Ephemera because the Image and Handwriting were so Beautiful, but I couldn't find a price on it and was so Enchanted by the Scene as a Whole that I completely forgot to ask!  Will have to see if that's still there Saturday as well?  It will help soothe my Wounded Spirit too if The French Sofa is Sold!?  *Smiles*

You recall The Sofa from the previous Post right?  I was putting my Gypsy Mojo all over that thing, like a Dog marking it's Territory I was!   *Winks*   Every time someone sat in it and gushed about how comfy it was my Heart almost stood still and I felt like they'd come into my own Livingroom and taken up Residence, threatening to perhaps wanna haul off MY Stuff!  *LOL*

 Yes, I Confess I can get very Possessive about Stuff I don't even own yet!  *LOL*  Claiming it as MINE long before I even know HOW I'm gonna swing actually procuring it or even if it's for Sale?!?  Hey, where's there's a strong Will there's usually a Way!  I did that with this Old House in fact, for well over TWO YEARS I came by every day while it was Abandoned and Condemned and not even up for Sale... to lug buckets of water over and tend to the Gardens or drive off any Intruders. 

Folks in the Hood thought I Owned the place YEARS before I actually did, so they knew me well by the time we actually Closed on the Deal and moved in!!!  Even the local Cops and Zoning Folks thought it was mine YEARS before it was and I'd often talk to them about Our Vision of what it would eventually be when I was done with it!!!  *Ha ha ha... had they known they probably would have hauled me off to the Looney Bin, Crazy Lady taking care of Random Condemned Property she doesn't even Own!!!  LOL*

But never Underestimate the Power of Tenacity mixed with Gypsy Mojo put all over anything... if I want something to be Mine I'm Relentless I tell ya!  *Winks*  So Seriously, if someone else thinks The Sofa is theirs, they better swoop in quick whilst I'm not there and haul it off pronto and never leave a trace!   *Ha ha ha!!!*  

Of coarse, if it's gone when I return then it was meant to be theirs, I'm not a Spoiled Sport either and I realize not everything is mine to have, unfortunately!  *Le Sigh*   And that happens so you have to just Move On...

 That is Evident by all the Yellow SOLD signs you'll see all over the Event where someone beat you to it!  *Sometimes a Pout*   But often I'll spy something I can't Believe isn't Sold yet, like these two Awesome Grainsack covered Dining Chairs!?!    BTW since I'm still fixated on The Sofa...  Side Note is that The Sofa also comes with a Brown Velvet Slipcover... so it's like two Insanely Fab Sofas in one... I Hope I can Convince The Man we gotta find a way to afford this and squeeze it into this Old House?!

But lets drag me away from my Lustfest with The Sofa shall we and get back into the Ladies Room... *Ha ha ha*... Because we're not done yet beholding it's Garden Style Splendor... with Rusty Urn Planters and Rustic Painted Vintage Furnishings...

Sublime Rusty Architectural Garden Salvage and some Fantastic faux Florals that really Inspired me to bring some of that into my own Spaces since tending to my Typical Living Plant Jungle takes so much Care and I'm so busy Caregiving for Humans that my Plants sometimes get neglected and faux would be the way to go!  *I Rhymed that all by myself!  Winks*

The Wreath Creations were very Fairie Woodland Inspired which I really Connected to on a Primal Level... and the Hues were so ME too.

Even the Dried Florals were Magnificent and still Saturated with Amazing Color!!!  I like drying Florals and Herbs and tucking them around the house... many hold their Aroma long after they have dried out and Infuse the air with their Essence.

If I had of been on the Hunt for faux Florals I probably would have bought up most of the Wreaths in this Ladies Room Vignette in fact!   *Ha ha ha*   I'd of gone into the Bathroom empty handed and come out loaded up with Garden Splendor, that shouldda given some folks a double-take and Intrigue about what else was in there, huh... even if they didn't really have to 'go'?!  *Smiles*

Not that the Art was any less Captivating mind you... Loved that too!!!

Or the Killer Chandies Illuminating the Space... yep, this was the Powder Room to die for!  And I have barely taken you out of it for the entire Post I know!  *Smiles* 
Now you'll have something to talk about all day won't you when someone asks where you spent most of the Afternoon and you say in the Ladies Room Virtually at SWEET SALVAGE in Phoenix!  *Winks*   They'll think you as Crackers as I am now!  *Winks* 

But Great Styling wasn't confined to any one spot in the Show... there were my Fav Exotic Elements almost everywhere this time around and I liked that many Styles and Color Palettes were on Display.  That's why I like Movie Inspired Events because isn't that why we're Intrigued by our Favorite Movies... not just to see the Drama and the Action or the Humor of any of it... but also the Magnificent Sets and Locales they're all Shot in!?!

Part of the Magic of Hollywood is in it's Illusions and Sets or the Brilliant Locales they Shoot the Movie in.   I'm one to soak all that in as much as whatever Action or Drama is playing out on the Screen.   Sometimes the Acting and Storyline is even Secondary for me, I've watched some pretty awful Movies if the Backdrop was worthy enough to hold my Attention and Interest or Inspire me!  *Smiles*

What are some of your Favorite Sets or Locales in Movies my Friends?   I have many, but such Scenes as the Loft in 'Flashdance' often come to mind when it's someone's Living Space that Captivated me.   Or a TV Series like 'The Addams Family' or even a Kid Show like 'The Haunted Hathaways'.   *Smiles*   And especially any Movie that had a Magnificent Abandoned Property, Old Mansion or Castle as the Setting!

And of coarse any Fabulous Natural Setting always blows me away!  Nothing compares to Nature and all it's Splendor... and the World is filled with Locales I'd LOVE to spend time in... or have spent time in... or presently spend time in.

If I were a Wizard I'd probably Transport myself all over the place... often... and see and Experience it ALL!   *Smiles*  I am very Alice in that respect and as was said in Wonderland, "Why, on some days, I've imagined 6 impossible things before breakfast!"

And I Hope that you too have been able to Imagine all sorts of Impossible and Possible things too each day my Friends?    And I might just do two Posts a day for a while to cram all these Imaginings in for you so that you can take a Wild Ride on the Canvas of your own Imaginations, starting RIGHT NOW!!! 
 Because there is absolutely nothing quite like taking a good tumble down a great Rabbit Hole into a Wonderland someone Created just for your Pleasure!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Will be interesting to see if the sofa is yours in your next post!

  2. Ah, scrabble letters spelling out words! What a clever idea!


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