Friday, July 25, 2014

Same Spirit Pendants... And A Small Studio Disaster!

Well, this will be one of those Posts with Joy mixed with Frustration and a Bohemian Rant!  Let me explain...

My much Anticipated Beautiful Same Spirit Jewelry Pendants arrived and I added them to some drop bead Necklaces... LOVE THEM and had to Share!  Actually I had to DO something, anything really, to bring my Blood Pressure back to Normal and Calm my anger and frustration after a Small Studio Disaster occurred Yesterday Morning and really, really upset me.

I've mentioned in a previous Venting Post and had a Bohemian Rant prior to this, that our City is replacing ancient infrastructure lines in the older neighborhoods {ie: Ours} that have been there since before I was even born.  Now... that could and should be a good thing... if it were not for the fact they appear to be hiring the crews that probably come cheapest, perhaps even day laborers, and often don't seem to know what they're doing or almost more importantly, shouldn't be doing! 

 They also aren't the least bit Careful and some seem marginally skilled, so numerous disasters have ensued during this lengthy Project that have created hardships to our Residential area and lots of collateral damage.  Including other Utility and Service Companies having to run constant damage control behind them to fix or restore what they've destroyed in their negligence!  Nor are they considerate of the Residents or our Properties in the areas they're tearing up at insane hours of the Night and very early Mornings!  There is also a language barrier so you can't communicate your concerns directly when something is about to go Left... or already has!!! 

So suffice to say that after weeks of enduring all of this already, and months more to come... we and all of our Neighbors are already weary and fed up with The Process, which seems to be going on forever, since they dig up, replace, cover back up... then come back and dig up the same area again... and again... and again!  WTF?!?  There's so much dust and dirt in the air now that everyone is having respiratory distress.   And it's well into the triple digits now temperature wise, so they only work for a few hours a day... and leave everything at a stand still most of the rest of the time, with huge trenches and other hazards left unattended that a Neighborhood filled with young Children and the Elderly have concerns about the safety of.

To keep Kiddos off of the enormous mounds of fill dirt, and away from the fencing around the trenches, telling them to leave forgotten tools alone or keep off of the heavy equipment left parked around is a constant battle because naturally they gravitate to such things like it's a Magical Playground!   The ground is now all torn up everywhere so it's very unstable for walking, which is hard on the Elderly or the Disabled... so I try not to have The Man tottering about outside of the parameters of our Property at all if I can help it so that he doesn't take a fall... I've almost taken a few dives myself because it's treacherous navigating all of it.

But Yesterday Morning was the Pinnacle of Pissed-Off for Yours Truly when I was awoken before Five AM by what I thought might be an Earthquake?!?  The house was shaking, there was deep rumbling and a lot of noise going on outside the house like things falling!  And things inside our Home were vibrating like crazy... and we've got fourteen inch thick walls in this Old House, so it was pretty intense disturbance to Create all of that!  No, not an Earthquake... they'd just brought in the super duper Heavy Equipment and had used part of our Property to back some of it up into since Construction in the Street has made it a virtual obstacle course!!! 

We have a lot of Fragile Treasures at Bohemian Valhalla... so after all the shaking stopped I did some Recon to ensure nothing was broken or displaced?  Main House was Okay, it's the sturdiest Structure on our Acreage... but the Cottages, though Sound, are not as Bunker Like in Construction.  Not to mention the Megathon Backhoe Digger had been backed up in our driveway that leads to the Studio Cottage.   So I went to the Studio Cottage... to discover a small Studio Disaster... that so much had been knocked off the Walls that it looked ransacked or vandalized! *Gasp!*   Yep, Lovely Gazelle Taxidermy Gal was in the middle of the floor with a bent Tiara and broken Necklace!!!  Necklace is Toast, I'll have to just make another one for her.
Tiara had some breakage too, but most of it could be bent back into place and put back on her head.  I'm just glad that she wasn't damaged... she's secured up there really well so I was shocked the vibrations were so intense as to knock almost everything off the West facing wall she was on and toss it all into almost the middle of the room!!!

Even the heavy Vintage European Bottle Drying Rack had been tossed off it's table and rolled into the middle of the floor... so Fabric Spools were EVERYWHERE!!!   Thankfully and Amazingly Antique Milk Glass and Filigree Jewelry Holder had been spared... guess it's sturdier than it looks?!
But, this whole area pictured above was in Shambles... so I spent the better half of the rest of the Morning cleaning up the Mess and putting everything back where it should be and sorting out what had been broken so that I could repair it later.

Most of the rest of the Studio was Okay... seems the West Wall had been disturbed hardest! 
 *Whew!*  With just having completed my Studio Make-Over I was crestfallen that it had taken such a hit... but relieved that within an Hour I had everything back in place with minimal damage to my Beloved Objects!   But just walking in on that Scene had sent my Blood Pressure soaring... I was SO ANGRY!!!   It clearly was the culmination of dealing with the Issues the Infrastructure Project has been causing for me and it just topped me right off!

Complaining to the Authorities and the City has fallen on deaf ears... all the Neighbors have expressed their frustrations and concerns as well... it is what it is until they get this thing done... which I Hope won't take the rest of the Year since I don't know how much more of this I can take?!

It reminds me of what you Endure when you're having a Major Renovation done in your Home... and you just can't wait to get it over with so you won't have the inconvenience and interruption in Normal Living because of all of the Challenges it Creates in going about your daily business around such Chaos and Mess!

And so I try to take my Mind off of it... and off of the Intensity of Emotions it Creates for each Family Member who is equally affected by the interruption in Sleep and Routine, by finding things to do as a Welcome Distraction.   Especially on those days when I cannot get away from the House and have to hear or see it all going on around us... often at Ungodly Hours.

I've been sorting thru my Bling Stash... and my Jewelry Making Supplies Stashes... and my Fabric Trims and Embellishment Stashes... to Organize, Display or decide what to Let Go of to Fund future Projects and Classes we want to be involved in.

I don't know about you, but getting Lost in my Lovelies is very Therapuetic for me and Calming to my Spirit, even if all Hell is breaking loose around me!  *Smiles*

Even when Heavy Megathon Construction Equipment has been brought in and rocked my World... literally!   Rocked it enough to crack the curbs outside of our House and break some off into chunks!!!  And come within an inch of driving over my Flowerbed that I've spent years getting filled in with luxurious Iceplants!  *Whew!*  Leaving large mud tracks almost two inches deep that I had to fill in so that folks walking by won't twist an ankle or get mired into and track mud everywhere else inside the Gate and Walls!

I don't need a whole lotta un-necessary Work to be sure... but I do find that keeping myself busy helps me to stablize my range of Emotions welling up when dealing with things I have no Control over... Control Freaks like me just HATE that some things are just beyond our Control!  *LOL*  So Playing with my Pretties has been a Stablizer for sure!  Especially when I bring out pieces I haven't Enjoyed in a while... like this Favorite Victorian Cameo Pendant from Europe.   She changes Color depending on her angle... from Bright irridescent Peacock Blue...

To a deep Indigo Lapis Lazuli Hued Blue.  I think she may have been carved out of Opal and I just Love her!!!  How can you not Feel Joy when you behold such Beauty and Artistic Talent as this?!?

So... since it's now past Noon the Construction Crews have called it a day... they're sure to be back around Eleven PM Tonight and start the nonsense all over again.  *Le Sigh*   And Hopefully I've communicated in my Kitchen Spanish well enough that they Respect my Wishes and my Property enough not to leave their Construction trash and half eaten lunches strewn all over in front of my Home again?  We'll see come Morning... when we'll probably get a Four AM wake-up Call with the Heavy Equipment again... and my other Hope is that it won't rattle the buildings so much and cause such intense vibrations that we have even more collateral damage or maybe even structural damage?

Because my Patience with it all is worn very, very thin and I don't want to have to make another trip down to City Hall to pitch a fit about it.  *Smiles*   A Good Rant here in the Land of Blog is so much more Dignified.  *LOL*
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I feel your frustration, the work sounds like such a shambles! And you have so many lovely treasures! Grrr! The council never cares about anyone!

    That blue cameo really is amazing! It was one of the first thing I noticed in the higher up pictures! So amazing!

    I often find crafting/sewing helps make me feel better.

    Hope everything improves soon!



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