Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rusty Saturday ~ The Salvage Yard

Well, this is one of my Better Late Than Never Posts... and since it's already less than two weeks away before the next Event held here, I thought I better get around to FINALLY taking you with me to RUSTY SATURDAY's July Event before I'm there again next Month huh?!  *Smiles*


If you make the trek it's well worth it since RUSTY SATURDAY and THE SALVAGE YARD are on the same Property at the same address, so Snap... you have two Awesome Junquing Adventures in one... does it really get any better than that?   I think not my Friends it's a two-fer!!!

If you're totally diggin' Architectural Salvage, the Rusty and the Crusty or Vintage Prairie Chic Style of Decor you're gonna be in Seventh Heaven here.  Over twenty different Vendors have Sourced it all for you... and with the two-fer Venue in the back of the building at THE SALVAGE YARD, a grand total of over forty different Vendors have been out Scouting for those Found Treasures you'll lose your Mind for!!!

Beautiful Vignettes Grace the front Store at RUSTY SATURDAY and the Styling of the Treasures is pure Eye Candy!

There were so many Awesome Treasures that I would have liked to have brought Home with me... I would have needed a U-Haul in tow I tell ya!  *Smiles*

You know how I am about Old Doors... and Hoarding them... *Winks*... well, the Old Door Graveyard here was Heavenly... this must be where the best ones come to die?!  *Smiles*

 And though finding Painted Primitives can be difficult here in the Valley... they have managed to Source the Real Deal Aged by Real Time and having a History and an Amazing Patina...

Industrial Salvage Style and Old Suitcases abounded as well... so my checklist of things I J'Adore was growing longer and longer... great to find it all in one handy location, especially when it's too Hot to drive all over the place to try to Source things you want or need!!!

Yes, there were an abundance of Treasures I thought I NEEDED... and in Hues that make me Swoon!  Retro Seafoam Greens, Robin Egg Blues and Sepia Splendor abounded!!!

But so did some other Hues that aren't as common in Vintage Finds... if you were needing a Patriotic Vignette you could have Sourced the whole thing here!!

And there were many Fun Bold Colors too that reminded me of a Fiesta or a Cheerful Caribbean Style.

In fact, this particular Vignette with the Old Clawfoot Tub as a focal point was my Fav Vignette.

When it comes to Vintage Storage for your Studio Space... there were too many Options to consider really... I wouldn't have had room for them all... but certainly I'd like to come back and eventually procure some for the Art Studio Cottage Makeover which is still in progress!  I'm so envious of Great Studio Storage Pieces I've seen in so many wonderfully Organized Studios of you all out here in the Land of Blog!

And even tho' I tend to lean towards Vintage Industrial or Vintage Commercial Storage for my Studio as the Ideal Options... when you see some Creative Possibilities for additional Studio Storage... like Lovely Vintage Dressers with not only loads of drawer space, but a large top that could easily accommodate a Marriage of another piece mounted to it... well, it's all Swoon Worthy!!!

Anything with tons of cubbies always catches my eye as Studio Furniture Storage Possibilities!  Yes, I could see Trims and Embellishments being Showcased visibly and easily accessible in that Unit!

And if you needed any small Office or Studio Furnishings they abounded as well... in a Rainbow of Hues and Styles.

I wouldn't be able to even get it into my Studio Cottage without deconstruction and then reconstructing it... so this Awesome piece I was seriously Lusting over was sadly not a Possibility for my Studio... but perhaps it would be for yours?

But there were also Lovelies for the Home everywhere as well as for...

Your Garden and Outside Living Areas.

And there was an Awesome Selection of Bohemian Bling... Created by some of my Favorite Local Artist Friends like Lilia of CORONA COUTURE.

As you might recall I did pick up some Bling for myself from Lilia's Line... the Upcycled Bracelet on the Right which matched a Necklace I already owned Created by Lilia perfectly!!!

I Loved this Necklace with the French Flair too... perhaps another day... which will be coming up very soon August 7th thru 10th my Friends!  Perhaps I'll even see you there?

Or having Breakfast at the nearby Denny's?

Or at the Waffle Truck parked out front?  Well, a Gals gotta build up her strength sufficiently for an Epic Junquing Adventure, No?  *Winks*  

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I think you show great restraint as many temptations as you are exposed to in all the sales you go too!

  2. I truly need to get out of the east valley and head your way. Amazing finds and places.

    1. No Rhonda, this IS in the East Valley... click the link to see the location which is Eastside over on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix! Long trek for me, but probably a much shorter one for you! Dawn... The Bohemian


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