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Now Showing ~ Sweet Salvage

Well, it was time once again to make our Pilgrimage to the SWEET SALVAGE Monthly Event. This Month's Theme was "Now Showing" and the Vignettes were Inspired by such Movies as 'The Royal Tanenbaums', 'Sense and Sensibility', 'Snow White', 'Willy Wonka', 'Titanic', 'Annie', 'Harry Potter', 'Charlotte's Web', 'Indiana Jones', 'The Grapes Of Wrath' and 'James Bond'.   And the Inventory Sourced... well, it was as Epic as any of these Movies!!!   I NEED this French Cut Velvet and Down Filled Vintage Sofa that was in my Friends Gisele and Roman's Space!!!  *Swooning*

It's so very MY STYLE that I couldn't have a custom one made that would suit me any better... I need to measure the Livingroom and see if it would fit... in actuality we DO NEED a Sofa, for real!   Right now our Livingroom is sorely lacking in seating and we're making do with a Recliner, an oversized Cair and a regular size Chair.   If this is still there by Saturday I need to take The Man to view it and see if we can work something out?!? 

Another piece that was definitely MY STYLE was this enormous Old Bordello Style Hanging Lampshade!!!   OMG, I've never seen one of this size and my Images don't do it Justice, it was Magnificent and I'd be so Interested to know it's Back End Story and History... the Stories I'm sure it could tell!   *Winks*

Everyone at The Sweet said they immediately thought of me when they saw this piece... clearly they all know me well!  *LOL*   Alas, the dimensions would be too dramatic and overwhelming for any of our small rooms at this Old House... pity!!!  Because I could certainly Envision this taking Center Stage in any of our rooms if we had higher ceilings and larger rooms to accommodate it.  It's doubtful you'd ever see any Beauty like this one again, I never have, it's the largest of this Style I've ever seen... and I've seen plenty of them since I Adore Bordello Style Lampshades.

And I was totally Jazzed when I won one of the Early Entry Lottery Drawings to get into the Event before the doors open... which meant I could get much better Images to Share with you for this Event's Posts and behold everything in it's Pristine Styled Glory before it was touched!  *Happy Dance!!!*   And get some great Images of some of my Sweet Friends before they were swamped with Customers!

 Yes, all of the other Early Entrance Winners were Jazzed to get in first to 'Score' their Found Treasures early and get first picks... me, I was too busy Pathological Picture Taking to Cover the Event to even think about what I might want to purchase in the Fifteen Minute Head Start!!!  *LOL*   I know how much of a Labor of Love goes into Sourcing for and then meticulously Styling these Epic Events before the first Shopper even walks through those doors... and it should be Preserved in Images for the Future Inspiration it will provide long after the last Shopper leaves on Closing day.  And show you at least some of the folks that make the Magic happen!  

And it gave me the perfect opportunity to practice my Panoramic Shots... without a flurry of eager Shoppers in frame.   Since my cheap camera and I are not very good at the Panoramic Imagery I need that extra time to try to line up some decent frames that do the Vignettes Justice.  In Real Life as a whole they just take your breath away!!!

I know that an expensive camera would probably be able to take Images of lit Chandies much better... but I had to give it a try since the Scene was Oppulent Excess on steroids... all that Gilding, Crystal, the Antique foxed Mirrors and Sumptuous Fabrics!

In fact, if you J'Adore Elegant and Palatial Styling you could find a Wealth of Treasures to Feather your own Nests Luxuriously this Month!!!

And some Awesome Vintage Wardrobe and Bling so that you can feel like a Movie Star!!!

I wasn't the only one Pathologically Picture Taking to Cover the Event, the Sweet and Talented Karen Valentine was as well.  Her Imagery will just blow you away and make you feel like you were there... so be sure to visit her Blog MY DESERT COTTAGE to see even more Coverage as seen thru the Eye of her Lens.

No matter what Style you were looking for... there was a Movie Set Inspired Vignette Showcasing a variety of Styles to suit every taste and sensibility.

And I was absolutely Delighted to discover that my Talented and Adorable Friend Minnie was the Featured Artist this Month!!!    In this Image it looks like Sweet Minnie is bringing her own Ray of Sunshine to the room!  *LOL*   And Truly she IS a Ray of Sunshine!   Her New Line VINTAGE MINNIE is exactly my taste and sensibility so I couldn't wait to pick something out!

We Modeled a few pieces for Fun too... Minnie looked Cuter in her Bling Gypsy Headband than I did... in fact, Minnie looks Cute in everything so she's the perfect Muse to Model any Line!

And when I saw the New Line of Gypsy Tote Bags she'd Created the first Purchase I made for the day was this one!!! 

And this one too, because one can never have too many Totes to go 'Green' with!   Tote Bags are great for Shopping and I use mine all the time... so I like mine to be fancier than your Average Generic Tote.  *Winks*

All of Minnie's Totes are Cute and OOAK... and there were plenty left for the rest of you!  *Winks*

And she has a Great Line of Pillow Creations as well...

And a Clothing Line to coordinate with the Accessories!!!   This Tote and the Dress matched Perfectly!

I spied this Ensemble up in the rafters above her Space... and fell in LOVE... with the Top and the Vintage Velvet and Millinery Hat!!!   I had to get them down to see if they were my Size?

Because the best part of Minnie's Clothing Line is she makes them all the way up to Real Women Sizes!   Us Big Gals are a sorely neglected population in the Fashion Industry so finding Awesome Wardrobe in our Sizes is slim pickin's and I HATE that!!!   Thankfully I have Talented Friends who Create OOAK Wardrobe and many make them for Gals of all Sizes, including my Size!

Alas, the Fab Top was only a Large and not an Extra-Large... and that was the one I had fallen in Love with and REALLY wanted.  *Sob*   But... the Vintage Hat was a perfect fit!  *Happy Dance!*

Sure I was disappointed that the Gypsy Couture Top was too small... but the Vintage Hat tempered the disappointment because isn't it Fabulous?!?
With my two Totes and The Hat I was having one of Those Moments... you know...  {Cue in Angelic Hosts Singing!} *Smiles*

Hard to Resist adding a Custom Pillow... but I persevered!  *Winks*  Well... sorta... Okay... so I lied... I came Home with a couple of Vintage Pillows too!  *Smiles*

I WAS Resisting... at least 'til I saw this pair of Gorgeous Vintage Down filled Velvet and Tapestry European Pillows in Minnie's Space at an unbelievable low price... hadda have 'em, couldn't help myself, they were in my hot 'lil hands before you could blink an eye!  *LOL*

And when I got Home Princess T Modeled The Hat for me...

Since she felt she was just as Cute as New Mannequin Girl in it!  *LOL*  She was stalking me during the Photo Shoot of my New Treasures so I knew she desperately wanted to get in on the action and Model something!  *Winks*

And it was an Amazing Girl's Day Out for me... Shopping and Visiting with Friends... having Inspiration Overload and bringing back a bounty of Found Treasures... which I'll be giving you more glimpses of the Haul in Future Posts... and more Eye Candy to overdose on!

And my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE will be there to Cheerfully Serve you 'til Sunday Afternoon... so you've still got three days left to get there my Friends!!!  And even if you don't manage to... you can keep coming back here for the Series of Blog Posts I'll be doing to Cover the Event... 'cause you know if you want Visual Overload... you can definitely find it here as well!  *LOL* 
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So much fun! Lovely pictures to adore. I do love a good tote myself. I'm inspired by these to make my own vintagey bag!

    1. So glad you've been Inspired to make some Beautiful Vintage Bags of your own Nicole... the World can never have too much Beauty! I Hope you Share your Creations here in the Land of Blog to continue Inspiring others to do the same! Dawn... The Bohemian


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