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Mixed Media Domino Art Pendant Class ~ The Paper Collage

Well, I had so much Fun taking my ATC Class at my Friend Pamela's Shop THE PAPER COLLAGE that I signed up for another Intimate Class she was Hosting on Creating Mixed Media Domino Art Pendants this week.

I thought it would be a Fun Girl's Day Out for Princess T and I to go to a Class together and the Domino Mixed Media Art Pendants would definitely be something we both would Enjoy not only Creating, but Wearing as well!

I like the Personal Attention of small and Intimate Classes Pamela Hosts at her Shop.  And that we Create enough of whatever we're Learning about that The Process sticks with me!  *LOL*  Creating our four Pendants apiece gave me enough repitition that I have it 'down' now on the Order of layering everything onto the Domino correctly!

I had my Vintage Mannequin and Dress Form Gals Modeling my finished Mixed Media Domino Art Necklace Haul once we got Home with them.   Since Princess T had opted to have a blast Organizing and Tidying for Miss Pamela at the Shop rather than Creating Pendants, since Organization is her 'Thing' and her Passion... I took Home some of Pamela's Creations as well so that Princess T wouldn't be swiping mine!  *Winks*

And I liked that my first time Attempts at this Mixed Media Project turned out so well that you couldn't even tell I was a Novice at it... two of mine are on the Left and Center... the one on the Right is one of Pamela's Adorable Creations that I brought Home with us.

It was such Fun and I've already been wearing my Necklaces and receiving not only Compliments on them, but inquiries on where the Classes are held from folks that would like to Learn to make their own too!  Learning new Art Forms is so Nourishing to the Creative Soul!

I also like the versatility of such Simple Pendant Creations which can easily be switched out on different Necklace Chains or made into Pins or Earrings depending on which findings you want to attach to them.  Or how Permanent you want your Creation to be... or not since you don't have to Permanently attach it to just one thing at all.  Variety is after all the Spice of Life!

This is the one I wore Today on a Velvet Trim Necklace.  But it can easily slip off to wear on different Necklace Chains, Ropes or Cords as well.

And speaking of Spice of Life... Princess T was indulged with a Special Surprise Gift from Miss Pamela... a Scary Spice Girl Barbie Collectible!

Yes... these two can both be Scary Spice Gals... *LOL*

 Source: Facebook... Photo by Pamela
Since Princess T definitely has enough Scary and Spice in her too!   *Winks*  But she was a very Good Girl this day and Organized the entire Shop while we were busy Learning the ropes of Creating our Mixed Media Domino Art Pendants.   She wants to go to any other Classes there Gramma signs up for since she had such a Big Time Organizing and Tidying things!  Every Shop needs a Shop Gal like Princess T!  *Winks*

Pamela's Classes are extremely reasonably Priced so be sure to check out her Blog or Facebook Pages for upcoming Classes being held.

I had most of the Products at Home I'd need to continue Creating Mixed Media Domino Art Pendants so you can be sure I'll continue perfecting my skills at Creating them... and getting the G-Kid Force involved as well since this is a Family Friendly Project to do together.  And what you don't have, Pamela has for Sale at the Shop so you can get hooked up after Class before you leave!

Here's my four Pendants in various stages of being completed... I Loved the way they all turned out... just my Style of Bohemian Bling!!!

And here's the four Pendants that another Lady taking the Class, Lynn, Created... she's a Full Time Caregiver too so we had quite a bit in common as to why we Enjoy doing this sort of thing for ourselves as a Creative and Social Outlet.  Lynn was so much Fun and I Loved how her Pendants turned out too!

It was Interesting to Learn various Techniques and using different Products on each Pendant to see the results and which we'd prefer.... and Experimenting with the Products and the Techniques, since this Art Form is very Forgiving if you need do-overs!  *LOL*

The layering of Beauty on top of Beauty is what I Enjoyed most... since that is My Style when it comes to Creating anything... the Layering Process.   The Domino on the Right is still in it's initial stages of being Layered.   But you can take it as far as you want... or not take it far at all if you like an initial result well enough to stop right there and keep it simple?!  *Smiles* 

Of coarse... along with my Class I also Enjoyed seeing what New Products had come into the Shop since last week... and stocking up on Supplies for the Art Studio... and purchasing a Vintage Spinning Display Rack for Showroom One-Fourteen's Crafting Smalls I have for Sale.
Because as well as Creating I also Enjoy Sourcing Crafting and Art Supplies for others to Create with as well.   Lord knows I have a vast Cache of my own and you do have to Share the Stash sometimes when it gets out of hand!  *LOL*

Yeah, hard to Believe anything I would do could get out of hand, huh?  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!*

One of our Fav Customers we Affectionately dubbed The Queen came by to say Hi... she and Pamela now have matching Necklaces... isn't she Adorable!? 

 We had taken some Group Shots too but since our Photographer was only Eight... well, the ones taken with my camera didn't turn out... but at least Princess T tried to Capture the Moment!  *LOL*   I look positively Demented in the Group Shot so I was not gonna Share it... I don't know what happened, but it wasn't Good!?!??!  *Smiles*

Pamela as always bestowed some Departing Gifts for me too... including another Fab ATC Card she had Created with a French Marie Antoinette Theme... Loved the Velvet, Feathers, Bling and Seam Binding... she knows which Combos I Love best on anything!!!  *Winks*  It will now be added to my expanding ATC Collection in the Studio, Thanks Pamela, LOVE IT!!!

Princess T has been Scheming on a way to get me to Purchase some Silver German Glass Glitter... and this time she nailed it with her Presentation to Sway me.  How about if we buy some Letters that spell our Names Gramma and then I Glitter them for us to Display in your Studio!?  P-L-E-A-S-E!?!
Okay... so now we have 'Gypsy Dawn' and her Name that will be Emblazoned with Silver German Glass Glitter and Gracing our Studio soon!  *Smiles*  I do Love how the Silver Tarnishes over Time. And yes, with her Name in there I Suspect she and Prince R are moving in on my Territory and Claiming it as their own as well now!?  *Winks*

So I let her Help me pick out the Supplies she felt we'd need for our Future Projects... including the Creation of more ATC's and Mixed Media Projects and Domino Art Pendants... so we came out laden with Goodies!

Miss Pamela was also Hosting two ATC Swaps that week... one with a French Theme and one with a Thanksgiving Theme.   Too bad I missed out on Participating in those... hadn't yet taken my Class in time to Learn and then Create some to join in.   But I am looking forward to in the Future joining various Swaps!  And I want to Thank those of you who have already Invited me to when I'm ready!

For now I'm just Playing with Learning Various Art Forms... when I can squeeze in the Time to take Classes to Create a few Lovelies that for now I plan to keep.   With Hopes that in the Future I get enough Creative Time to Participate in the Trade of ATC's in Swaps... and to Sell some Jewelry Creations in my Cases as well in order to Fund my Art Supplies and keep it all stocked up sufficiently for the continued Creative Process.

Because we do so Enjoy Creating, Junquing and Playing here at Bohemian Valhalla... it's our Bliss!

And while I was picking up some inexpensive Necklace Products to hang my Mixed Media Domino Art Pendant's upon... I also 'Scored' this Adorable Pendant 50% Off to Create yet another Cute Necklace with!

One can never have too much Bling or Beauty Displayed around the House after all!!!  *Smiles*

Easy peasy just thread half price Pendant upon some Pretty Ribbon with a Clasp Attachment for closure... and walla... Boheme' Elegance in a Jiffy and for less than five bucks!  Who says you hafta spend a lot of money to look Fabulous and Showcase your own Particular Sense of Style?!  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your domino pendants look fantastic. Love them all, but especially the one with the nest.

    Gaby xo

  2. Oooh I love those domino pendants, I really want to go to the class but I am by far in the wrong country! Oh well!


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