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I'm Wanty For Vintage Magnolia Pearl

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This is most definitely ME... Wanty!  *Winks*  And some things I'm more Wanty for than others... and usually those items are in the Stratosphere so I can't Havey!  *Pouting*  But I still often Torture myself by having a Look-See and Fantasizing about filling my insatiable Need and Desire for Favorite Vintage and now Hard To Find items that I have Collected for years... when I could afford them and they weren't as expensive.  Things I could indulge myself with now and again, Investing in... and Save up for, when I had a Successful Career and a stash of cash Saved for such opportunities as they arose.  That now I cannot afford because the Price Point has increased exponentially and exceeded my means, which have decreased exponentially now that I'm in forced Retirement and doing what I do without a paycheck.  *Le Sigh*  Since Bank Robbing is out of the Question... I shall just have to file the Coveted Images of said Lovelies in my Photo Archives to continue Lusting over for years to come.

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Such Wanty items that are absolutely irresistable to me are Vintage Magnolia Pearl Bags and Wardrobe!  *Swooning*   The Vintage Line were just my Style and for over a Decade I slowly built a Collection that I Enjoy as much Today as I did all those years ago when I acquired them.  They are Timeless Loves for me and since all of that Line are now Retired and will no longer be Produced, as the Line has Evolved considerably over the years, it is becoming scarcer to even see them come up for Sale.   I suppose like me, Gals just hold onto their Vintage MP... well, most Gals.  But every so often someone will Let Go of some of it... and it's times like these, when I see such things as this beyond Amazing Vintage MP Duster with matching Bloomers... that I just about lose my Mind!!! Wishing I had Won the Lottery... or still had my Corporate Lives Income to splurge on such a Guilty Indulgence as these!!!   *LOL*

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The Duster especially is to Die for... and somebody would have to literally Die for me to be able to Afford such a Luxury now so it's totally out of the Question!  *LOL*   Besides, I don't have any Rich Old Relatives ready to head into the Afterlife and leave a hefty Inheritance for any of us left behind... so a Lottery Win would be my only Hope now!    I know, I know, I would have a better chance of being hit by lightening, but one can Dream, right?!  *Smiles*  
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The two bags the Seller also had were pretty Special as well.   I have one similar to this one, which is a very early piece of the Original MP Line, back when I first began Collecting it.  After having fallen deeply in Love with the Uniqueness of Robin's incredible detailed Work, there was nothing like it to be found anywhere at the time and it was very distinctive and edgy.  Having been a Lover slash Hoarder of Vintage European Cut Velvets for a Lifetime and a Gypsy Soul to my Core, it was the epitome of my own Aesthetic... AT LAST!
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You know how it is when you finally have an At Last Out of Body Experience when it comes to Fashion... after having Endured too much of same-o-same-o in the Fashion Industry... it's like a Breath of Fresh Air and quite Exciting rather than a Yawnfest.   The MP Backpacks were in fact my first acquisitions when I began Collecting the Bags, they are still my Favorites because they're so roomy and Display so well as Wearable Art.  Indeed each Piece was a Work of Art, so Vibrant and Rich in Vintage and Antique Fabrics and Embellished with Genuine Antique and Vintage Bohemian Bling... layers upon layers of Beauty, inside and out! 
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In fact one of the major Distinctions of the Vintage MP Line was that the hidden Interiors were as Outstanding, Finished and Detailed as the Exteriors... just Because... and I Loved that about them.   Just for the Pleasure and Delight of the Owner, who might be the only one to ever see the Interiors... no, it wasn't Necessary, but it was Uber Special BECAUSE it wasn't Necessary but yet it was a Labor of Love Created from an Artist's Soul and exhuding their very Essence of Creating Beauty for Beauty's sake... even if it remained unseen.

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See... see what I mean?  A Glimpse inside the Gorgeously Detailed and Finished Beautiful Interior of one of the Bags... all of them were done in such a manner, Exquisitely so!   I'm a total Sucker for such Attention to Detail because I'm all about the Details!   If I'm going to Create something I am very Detail Oriented too so I Appreciate how much extra Work goes into Creating that way... lots more Labor Intensive... so well worth the Investment.   I can now tell, by the increase in Value of the Vintage Pieces, just how much they have all Appreciated over the years... so I'm very Glad that I built my Collection up when it was do-able for me.  Extraordinary Loveliness is something you never, ever tire of... at least I don't.   And which I'm STILL to this day being Wanty and having a Love Affair with the Vintage MP Line... it just didn't get any better than this in my Humble Opinion and I think that all of the other die-hard Vintage MP Gals would Agree!  *Smiles* 
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I don't know who the Lucky Recipients of these Amazing Pieces will be?   I know it can't be me... but I can predict that whoever it is, will Cherish them for the Works of Art that they each are... and that's a Good Thing, because they are Deserving of such Stewardship, like any Great Masterpiece is.
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. They are ultra beautiful! Now go in your Art Studio and create your own! With all your fantastic stash and eye for design and beauty yours will be ultra beautiful too!

    1. Thank You Marlynne for Sharing the confidence in my abilities that my Family do... they always tell me the same thing. Which is why I want to begin Creating Clothing for myself as well as Accessories since there are so few lines being made in My Style and I'm just not one to dress for whatever is Trending. Dawn... The Bohemian


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