Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July my Friends!  

Though our Antique Mall is having a Big Sale I must confess that I didn't Decorate or Style the Showrooms for the Holiday.   I just didn't have a sufficient amount of Patriotic Inventory Sourced to pull it off.   Nor have I had the time to devote to my Showroom Makeovers as often as I'd like to and develop a Theme.   Seems only a few Dealers did so I didn't feel so bad... and thus will have to recycle Images from previous 4th of July Celebrations for most of this Post.

Even Dealer Friends that typically go Full On for Holiday Styling only had time to give it a nod this year.   And I think therein lies the dilemma for most of us doing this whilst also doing a host of other things... since this isn't all that we do and most of us have other Jobs and Obligations.  You Imagined you'd Style your Retail Spaces thruout the year for each Special Season or Holiday.   And then you just don't have sufficient time to do a Full On Seasonal or Holiday Styling and Makeover of your Booths, Cases or Showrooms... nor the time to Source sufficient Inventory for every Seasonal or Holiday Theme you'd like to be able to pull off. 
And it's not because I don't want to...  I'd really LIKE to, because who wouldn't want one of those jaw dropping Themes with Impressive Vignettes that Create an entire Atmosphere that Mezmerize our Customers and put them in the Mood for whatever Celebration or Season it is?  Making them Feel that they NEED what we're offering for Sale so they can replicate a similar Vibe at their place and WANT to Decorate with their own Theme?!?   I know when I walk into a Retail Space that is Full On Styled to the hilt I always want to purchase more.  Because they've already presented the Vision and the Inspiration for you and it makes you want to go Home and do a Seasonal or Holiday Theme too! 

When it's a particular Season or Celebration and I don't Style for it I always feel like something is missing and it strips down the Holiday or Season for me.   Sorry about the stripping down pun, but these fabulous Nudes just had to make it into this Post and be somehow made relevant, since I completely forgot about the Images last year when I captured them and they never made it into a Post!   *LOL*

There were actually a Quartet of these Beautiful Nude Sculptures and I was captivated by them all... but too pricey for my modest budget.   The Images of the other two had too much glare from the Case glass they were behind to use the Images, but each was Magnificent and Celebrated the Female Form.   I rarely Collect Sculptures and they have to be pretty Special for me to spring for some... I would have liked to have had the Resources for the entire Quartet of these Gals even tho' they were not an actual Set.  But I digress... back to talking about the 4th of July! *Winks*

I realized as I looked thru my vast Photo Archives that really there hasn't been a lot of 4th of July Decorating or Celebrating going on and especially in the past few years, since our Family has seemed to have had a string of significant Medical Crisis and Family Emergencies around almost every 4th of July in recent years!!!   So I'm just Celebrating that this year we've had a Reprieve from that type of Drama and Stress around this Season and it's gonna finally be a Normal 4th for us to Celebrate properly!!!  *Whew!*  Yep, for lack of recent Patriotic pixs I'm dredging up a blast from the past that goes way, way back... to when I was about Princess T's Age and wearing my Princess Tiara on a Summer's Day in Cape Cod and Voguing with Mom and my Lil Bro'!  *LOL* 

And I definitely feel Nostalgic around this time of year since we have a string of Birthdays as well... Mom's Birthday is the 5th of July in fact and she'll be Celebrating 82 years of Life!!!  So... Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mom... sure Wish we could spend it with you!!!   This pix is Mom in one of our first Living Quarters in the Early Years that didn't have Wheels and stayed put!  Even tho' we never stayed put for very long and were Living the Nomad Life.  *LOL*  She Loved this Apartment the brief time we lived there because she could finally put down large Persian Rugs and Showcase all of her Antiques and Collectibles properly.  And she Adored the Knotty Pine walls... no that's not flimsy paneling, those were actual solid Knotty Pine Wood walls and she used to oil and polish them 'til they glistened like Wooden Glass!  I remember the Cool Retro Kitchen of that Apartment too, it had the Classic Black and White Checkered linoleum floors like a 50's Diner!

And another flood of Memories that comes back around Summertime every year is that it is the Season it all began and I stepped out and rented my first Retail Space in our Antique Mall when it first Opened it's doors in our Neighborhood.  I had visited the other location in Phoenix for well over a decade and Loved going there.  It just felt right when the one so close to Home opened... like a "Sign" that it was Time... even though I was nervous about doing something I'd never done before and didn't know how long it might last or how well my Space might be Received?   The only Inventory I even had at first was what I was gleening from Home as the Great Edit and Purge began in earnest in an attempt to downsize and cull the Found Treasures that had accumulated over a Lifetime.

I had soaked in how it should be done and what I wanted it to look like from the numerous Favorite Haunts I'd frequented for years and Enjoyed the Styling, Inspiration and Inventory of.  And of coarse you always have your own Vision of what you want to do and what you'd like to eventually Offer your Customers... and that is continuously Evolving over time and as I get better at it.   And I don't begrudge my small beginnings because it has been Manageable... and Fun... and so what if I haven't always Managed to come up with a "Holiday or Seasonal Theme on Steroids" to blow everyone away.  *LOL*  Maybe one day I will... and my Blog Post then shall Commemorate it!  *Smiles*

{Image taken in my very first tiny Booth at the Antique Mall!... We've come a long way Baby!}
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Holiday! Those nude ceramics are incredible. And nothing beats old photos.

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  3. Happy 4th to you too! I didn't do as much decorating as usual either!

  4. Dawn - Happy 4th of July!!! I always enjoy seeing your family photos! So sweet...

    -pamela :)


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