Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Going Back In Time

Time can go by so fast... sometimes I don't even recall just how much time has gone by until I revisit some of my Photo Archives to see what Images I never used as I'm seeking out Blog Post Eye Candy... and then realize... damn... was it THAT long ago that I was THERE?!?   And BTW... if this Fab Vintage Linoleum was still in production, I'd buy it and lay it down in some of my rooms!

But I digress... already... {Winks}... we're talking about going back in Time... at least in reviewing Images Captured thru the Eye of the Lens that remind us of times Past and allow us to Revisit them again visually.   I don't know about you, but I always come across those Images that remind me of places I need to revisit for Real... because it's been too long between visits.

Or perhaps even those People you haven't seen in a while and spent enough quality time with in far too long already.

Or maybe even those Treasures that Got Away... you know... the ones you left behind and thought about returning to procure... and never did... either because you just forgot... Life got in the way... or they were Sold by the time you did return.

I think every Avid Junquer has those Moments of Quiet Reflection about going back in Time to Review places that hold particular Promise of Awesome Scores... Junquing Buddies you haven't gone on an Adventure with in a while... or things you shouldda-wouldda-couldda 'Scored' and didn't!

I find myself Revisiting and going back in Time visually when I'm Contemplating something that is a stretch for me... and I'm on the fence about whether to step out and Act... or not.   Today is one of those days in fact... and though the decision isn't firmly formulated yet... and is still perculating in my Head and Heart... it Helps actually to Revisit Other Times.   Because Past Victories... or Missed Opportunities... or Indecisive Moments that are behind me... often Assist me in the decision making process about a Present decision that I'm completely indecisive about.

You see, I'm Cautious by Nature... even though I'm a Free Spirit and Wild Card almost all of the time by Nature too... and that juxtaposition of Character Traits can often leave me quite Conflicted about the bigger decisions I'm Contemplating.   I tend to keep the bigger decisions to myself as well, since it's important for me to figure it out without a lot of well-intended input from outside sources which will just leave me... well... MORE Conflicted and Indecisive in fact!   *LOL*

The Man, being my Life Partner... is the exception to that Rule... neither of us makes big decisions without the input of the other... though truly he will leave most big decisions I'm Contemplating up to me and my discretion... knowing I won't move forward without weighing every Pro and Con there could possibly be first and not acting upon pure Impulse or Emotion.  I know he'll be Supportive in whatever I decide... but he also knows me well enough to know when I WANT to move forward, but am hesitating because I don't want to risk the wrong choice either.

Very few things are a Sure Thing in Life after all and since I'm not much of a risk-taker I have to feel totally Comfortable about the level of risks I'm taking in any bigger decision.   The decision could even seem like small potatoes to most folks... but if for me it's Big... then I will often Agonize a bit... or sometimes more than a bit... before deciding for sure which direction to go... or not go.

I know that I'll eventually have a Peace about whatever I decide... I'm just perculating on it just now... and going back in time for a moment in order to get me to the place I need to be on either Acting or Passing on the Opportunity presented.

Will I let you all in on whatever it is... perhaps... I'm still Considering that as well.   Some things I'm doing just for me and I don't always feel a need to Share.   I'm sure you feel that way too about some things you're Considering or Decide upon... especially if it's not a trifle.

And at the very least I've been given an Opportunity for something I'd LIKE to Consider Acting upon... even if I don't...  only a little bit of time will tell whether I'll have any regrets about what I decide upon either way.   And my Hope of coarse is that I have no regrets at all.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. My goodness! That last picture required a lot of birds!

    1. LOL! A Human take on the Alfred Hitchcock Classic huh? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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