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Christmas In July Event ~ Brass Armadillo West

Okay, so we're having a Christmas In July Event at our Antique Mall THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST this Weekend.  And it's not as if I got the Memo late or forgot about it or anything... so I really had no Excuses, at least no valid ones, as to why I waited until the last possible Minute to hastily drag myself in there with Princess T in tow as my Assistant and Organizer, to try to pull together a Christmas Theme Vignette in at least one of the Showrooms and Participate!

Now they had Spaces for Rent for the Event in the Loft, but honestly, I didn't have enough Vintage Christmas Inventory left anymore to actually warrant renting more Space, it would have looked pathetic!  In fact, I had so little Vintage Christmas left to Sell that I was just grabbing whatever was Red or Green as fillers for the Vignette and could enhance the Display... I know, beyond pathetic.  And it's not as if I don't revel in Styling for the Holidays which are quickly rushing up on us, I totally do.  But it's been in the high triple digits and I Confess, it's hard to feel Christmasy Festive or in the right Spirit of that Season in this heat and the humidity that the Monsoon Season is now bringing us. My Pre-Christmas Mojo was flat as a pancake!  *LOL*

It drains me... to a point that even when I'm inside in air conditioning, working up a sweat changing out Vignettes, adding New Inventory or Re-Syling my Spaces is just too much... I don't always have it in me in the midst of the brutal Summers we Endure here in the Desert to go all out.  It's my Season for just Gelling... and finding any Excuse not to Work too hard so that I don't fall out with heat exhaustion or something... the 'something' usually meaning getting Hot and Cranky!  *Smiles*   I do kind of a reverse Hibernation thing here in the Desert... where I Hibernate during the Hot Months and come out of Hibernation once it passes!  *LOL*

But, when I went in on Friday to pick up my Check and saw all of the other Participants Creating these Beautiful and Elaborate Christmas In July Displays with loads of Vintage Christmas Inventory to drool over and Photograph... well, I felt a bit Shamed didn't I?  *Winks*  And it's not as if we didn't still have a bit of Christmas tucked away in my Bonus Room of Showroom One-Thirty-Three that couldn't be gathered and properly Displayed for the Event... so we went to Work doing it.

Now, I wasn't Feeling so Ashamed that I spent a whole lotta Time and Precious Energy doing this mind you!!!  *LOL*   Just getting up on the ladder and taking it all down from the Rafter Shelving was enough exersion for this Gramma... and I let The Stylist aka: Princess T go ahead and Work her Magic Creating the Vignette actually with me just Delegating... I do THAT Well and it's a lot less actual Work!  *Smiles*

Okay, so it's no Macy's Storefront Holiday Window or anything, but hey, my Stylist is only Eight so cut her a Break, I think she did a Stellar Job given the Time Element of throwing this together in less than forty minutes on short notice of the Eleventh Hour, because that's about all the steam I had in this Ole Engine for this Gig and Gramma had been Hibernating!  *LOL*

I haven't Sourced much Vintage Christmas either... even tho' I knew this Event was coming up... I didn't wanna Store it or prep it for the Event or have it languishing if it didn't Sell in July, until Season Appropriate to put out... the little bit I have Sourced recently, some Vintage Elves On A Shelf, still aren't Priced yet... and there's only about three of them!  *Smiles*

Seasonal Collections used to be something I was absolutely Insane about accumulating back in da day!    But now I figure, just how many Christmases do I have left in me at this Season of Life?   And my Stash is still pretty Epic, so I don't really need not one more Christmas Item in my Collections anymore... I've downsized the amount of Seasonal Decorating I do each Year so I'm no longer as Obsessed about it.

I still Adore the Holiday Seasons as much as I ever did mind you... but Decorating for it isn't as Elaborate and Epic as we used to do them.  Now we revel and Focus much more in the Meaning of each Season and the Simple Pleasures of each that we've always Cherished.  The Pomp and Circumstance is Magical and Enchanting to behold if someone else is doing all the Work, but I find that each Holiday Season I'm less inclined to throw myself into the type of Styling on Steroids for it like I used to!  *LOL*

Lord my Themes and Decorating used to be Off The Hook and it was so much Fun to Source for the Seasonal Treasures that would bring the Themes to Life each Year.   Some Themes took literally Years of Collecting to come together properly... and the Thrill Of The Hunt each Year to add to them was a Rush!   But... after you've Sourced it all... Styled with it all... reached Collection Saturation Point... it's reached a point of the Letting Go eventually.  I had come to that point... and so last Season and the Season before that were the Culling of the Seasonal Items I'd amassed.

My Epic Collection of Anna Lee Seasonal pieces is now Sold Off and only the two largest specimens remain and are left to Turn!   And I've got a Sizzling Summer Christmas In July Event Deal to hopefully get them Adopted out to their New Homes!?  *Smiles*

The largest specimens are the hardest to come by actually so any die-hard Anna Lee Enthusiast and Collector will be Delighted to have either one or both of them in their Collection.  I remember having my Anna Lee fetish in the Seventies and I still find them as Charming and Whimsical now as I did way back then when I used to have a Lustfest over the enormous Displays of them that the Dillards Department Store Christmas Vignettes used to Showcase and have for Sale!  I recall them being pricey even way back then... so my Anna Lee Collection began Modestly and built ever so slowly.

I recall these Styles of Vintage Santas when I was a Kid... did anyone else find them to be a bit Creepy tho'?  *LOL*   Santa on the Right looks a bit Possessed dontcha think?  *Winks*

Well dontcha?  *LMAO*  Evil Demented Santa... I think he'd make a Stellar Halloween Prop actually!  I know that Princess T concurred and called him Scary Santa!!!  *LOL*

And this Old Santa is wearing more Make-Up than a Drag Queen!  *LMAO*   Yeah, they don't make 'em like that anymore do they?!   *Ha ha ha*

Now, though I'm not as Tempted anymore to amass Vintage Seasonal Decor like I used to be... I was swaying about whether or not to splurge on one of these... preferably the one on the far Right... because our Pre-Lit Champagne Metallic Christmas Tree has been up all Year and Decorated with various Themes beyond the Christmas Seasonal one and the Lights finally went on the fritz.  So an Old Fashioned Light Wheel would Illuminate it very Retro... but, they're a little pricey, so I'm not willing to Splurge just yet... tho' I might regret that later when you can't find them for Love nor Money at any Price!?  *Smiles*
That's how it can be with Vintage and Collectible Seasonal Items huh?  I Sold both of my Vintage 1960's Aluminum Christmas Trees because I could never find one of those darned Color Wheels when I wanted one.  Now that my Trees have gone off to New Homes, well, I tend to see these Wheels much more often!  *LOL*

But if I should ever get a Nostalgic hankering, I must say, several of the Vendors always manage to Source some of the Real Deal when it comes to the Vintage Aluminum Pom-Pom Christmas Trees from that Era I so fondly recall.   Though I must say each Season the Prices are heading more and more into the Stratosphere so its unlikely I'll replace those I Sold... I'm not THAT Nostalgic!  But... you might be... or the New Crowd of Young People might never have owned one yet to Enjoy going Christmas Retro! *Smiles*

There's also always a Creative Wealth of OOAK Art Christmas Trees... like this enormous one that seems to have been Created out of Coffee Cans and festooned with Old Shiny Bright Ornaments and Chrystal Chandie Prisms!

And there are always the Spiritual Collectibles... like this Fab Tapestry of Madonna and Christ Child. 

And how about a Rare Retro Red Typewriter for the Holiday Season?!  This would look Amazing in a Christmas Inspired Vignette!   I can't say I've ever seen one this Color before... LOVE IT!   And it came complete with it's original Case and Literature!!!

And I always Enjoy Sourcing Vintage Inventory for what one could put under the Christmas Tree and present as Gifts!!!   How about a couple of Rez Hand-Made Dolls in full regalia?

And one of the Christmas In July Vendors up in the Loft had this Original Vintage Box with Wonderful Graphics that held the Christmas Storybook AND the entire 16 Piece Manger Set... for only Seven Bucks!  Yes, Deals abound so if you're Sourcing your Vintage Christmas Stash... you need to get there for this Weekend's two day Event which will run through Sunday Night!

Loads of Antique, Vintage and Collectible Christmas Treasures are throughout the Mall and a Special Display Area has been set up in the Loft on the Upstairs Level, just take a sharp Right when you get off the Elevator!

And don't forget to check out the locked Cases as well... they hold the tiniest and/or high end Treasures.

And if like me you get a jump on your Christmas Gift buying, now would be the time to start building the Stash of Presents and checking off your Gift List early so that when the Holiday Season begins to roll you can sit back and just Enjoy it properly without any desperation or last minute buying frenzies!

Because tho' I was quite Lazy about Styling for an Early Seasonal Event... I tend to always get a Head Start on my Christmas Gift buying for everyone so that I can budget it out over Time and Source the best Gifts before everything is picked over!

And yes... my Assistant The Stylist was wearing a Sponge Bob Crusty Crab Hat... ain't she a Riot!?
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love your showroom # 133 Brass.
    I love these decorating ideas. The designs are so vibrant and the view is so happy and cheerful.

  2. Thank You Laura for the compliment, glad you came by for a Blog Visit! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Yes it would be hard to get in the mood in this heat! And triple digits makes it worse there! Hope you sell well after all your effort!


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