Sunday, July 27, 2014

Catching Up When You Fall Way Behind

You know how there are Iconic Images that you just never forget?  Well, this was at the top of my List of them... a Beautiful Afghan Child with the most Hauntingly Gorgeous Eyes I have ever seen... growing up in the ravages of Wartime, photographed for National Geographic.  Many years later they found her again and did another National Geographic spread as a Young Woman, now Married with a Family, which was her entire Focus in Life. 

 The Hard Life she's Lived had taken it's toll, yet her former Beauty and fierce Pride was still Evident, with not a hint of Vanity.   She wasn't the least bit impressed with the Notoriety and Stir this Image of her as a Child had created.  She only recalled the Embarrassment of being Photographed with her clothing in tatters and scorched by a cooking incident.   Thus the fierce intensity and indignation of her gaze towards the Photographer in that Iconic Image.  I'm always Fascinated by the Back End Story of the Person Immortilized in the Iconic Images we never forget.

So it was a Delight to see that at our Antique Mall an Artist had been Inspired to Paint the Child in that Iconic Image and his Painting was for Sale.   No, I couldn't afford it, but his representation in Oils was as Beautiful as the Original Photograph.   It is a Work of Art that if it were within my budget, I certainly would have added to my Personal Art Gallery at Home.  But I wasn't Shopping this day... I was doing at least a partial overhaul and foofing of both Showrooms... which have been sadly Neglected and in dire need of looking Fresher!

My main Focus lately has been catching up since I've fallen way behind, both at Home and in the Showrooms.   Since it's really too Hot to be outside, it has given me something to do that really has needed the extra Attention and which I'll Confess, I've been rather Avoiding.  Do you ever do that too... Avoidance... even if you know it's REALLY necessary to get something done?

One would think that if I was bothered enough by any or all of it that I'd quit Avoiding... but I haven't.   And usually I'm not a Procrastinator at all and rarely leave things left undone or put off indefinitely!   So it's been very out of Character for me.  I knew I'd Feel better if I just bit the bullet and got around to it... even if I just broke it all down into small segments, like eating an Elephant one bite at a time!  *Smiles*  Yes, it had all become the Elephant in the room which couldn't really be totally Ignored.

I just haven't Felt much like being a Doer lately.  I've needed to spend more time just Being... even if that meant not getting very much done at all.  I knew that eventually I'd get back into Doer Mode... and I also knew it would be best if that switch happened sooner than later!!!  *Smiles*   Some folks might be totally Content and comfortable not doing what needs to get done... I don't happen to be of that ilk though.  It's just not how I'm hard wired to Be.

Truth be told, I've been having more Fun being a Spectator lately in the Land of Blog than a Participator.  So a lot more lurking has been going on than being Engaged in the Process of Blogging as well... so the Not Doing has spilled over into a lot of areas of Life lately!  *LOL*     I haven't been all that motivated to do some of the Posts that I'd Intended to do weeks ago... you know, the Adventure ones that take you along to some really great places and Events!   I know that by the time I actually Share them, they'll be Stale... but oh well... guess that will have to be how it rolls!  Sorry about that!  At least it will be New to you anyway even if it was Months Old to me!!! *Smiles*

Because it's not that I haven't been doing anything at all... I've actually been quite busy doing things I don't MIND doing.  But the things that NEED doing... not so much!  *Ha ha ha*   And I really don't even Care as much as I usually do that I've fallen way behind and need to play catch up... though catching up to a point of being up to speed isn't likely to happen unless I got a complete Staff of Help on board with that end Goal!  *Smiles*

Some days I've awoke with the Intention of doing so much... and then not done any of it!  *Gasp!*  It has just suited me more to go with the flow of the day rather than to immerse myself in drudgery I'd rather not have to bother with if I could Avoid it... and so I have... Avoided most of it!  Until I absolutely couldn't anymore!  *Smiles*

Today was the Day that I quit Avoiding the Showroom Foofs... and though they weren't Complete Foofs, I was Satisfied with the results.  Of coarse I had 'The Enforcer' with me... you know the one... the other half of the 'G-Kid Force' that wears a lot of Hats, Titles and Labels... like 'The Stylist'... 'The Beast Princess'... 'Princess T'... 'Wednesday Addams Child'... etc. etc. etc...   *Winks*   I guess I got weary and perhaps a bit Shamed of every Morning her Eager to get the Showrooms in Order... and me finding Excuses to put it off some more!?!  *Blushing*

Yeah, it's a Total Role Reversal... kinda hard to tell whose the Adult here, right?!?  *LOL*  She's also the One that constantly reminds me of what isn't getting done around the House and Studio either!   As if I could be oblivious to the fact that we still have remnants of Easter still tucked into some Vignettes!!!   {NOT pictured... too Embarrassed to air the Shame of it Visually... LOL}   Well, the Eggs are Pretty and perhaps folks won't notice... or might even Assume we keep them up year round Intentionally... unless they start reading the Scrabble Tiles spelling out Easter?  *Bwahahaa!*

Yeah, it's THAT Bad... that I couldn't even grab some new Words out of my Scrabble Tile Hoard to replace the Obvious Deferred Maintenance going on around here!   *LOL*   And 'The Enforcer' is NOTORIOUS for Stalking me around the House and not letting me out of her sight, lest I Escape to some Merry Adventure without Witnesses... while everything NEEDING to get done, well, remains primarily undone!?!   *Smiles*

Now... you MIGHT be Wondering... are Prince R and The Man as 'Remindful' as Princess T about what isn't getting done around here or in the Showrooms?  Nope.   And I'll tell you why... they are the most adept Procrastinators on the face of this Earth, they could win Awards for putting things off indefinitely or being totally oblivious about what isn't getting done!   *Le Sigh*   And they're only Volunteers Under Protest those two!   They're not likely to spark enthusiasm about any Project around here or at the Antique Mall, lest they get Recruited to Assist! *LOL*   They have Refined the Fine Art of Gelling and are of the ilk that is totally Content and comfortable about not doing what needs to get done!

In fact, those of that ilk realize that if it doesn't get done long enough... someone else will eventually do it... or it just won't get done at all... same difference to them, they aren't gonna Care one iota either way really.   I Wish I could be that Relaxed and Oblivious about such things... but at least I'm not as OCD about it as I used to be.   But 'The Enforcer' is... and she's not gonna be a Martyr about it either... she's going to Recruit sufficient Help if she has to Dog you half to death in order to accomplish that Goal!  *Smiles*    And so yes, Under much Protest she is shaking me out of my Reverie... and prompting me to catch up since I've fallen way, way behind...  and I know I'll be the better for it... or at least that is what I keep trying to Convince myself anyway!  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert {And Yes, those are 2013's Dia de los Muertos Alter dead dried up Marigolds from last October! Ha ha ha ha ha} ... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Always love your photos! ;)


  2. It is most likely just the HEAT. Here in SO.CA. the air conditioners are going full force.I get tired just going outside for 1/2 an hour.I have always liked the N.G photo of that beautiful girl and the story that came later, trying to find Her again was so interesting.I too always enjoy Your photos of Your BoHo home.So compellingly pretty. Hugs and blessings-Denise

  3. Glad you're catching up. I could use a little of that Princess Incentive up HERE!


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