Sunday, July 6, 2014

As The Summer Monsoons Roll In...

The Summer Monsoons are now rolling in quite regularly and I rather like it this time every year when they do.   I've always Enjoyed the Sunshine AND the Rain.  In fact, there's nothing more refreshing than the Scent of the Desert after a big Rainfall and watching everything dormant spring to Life for the brief time moisture will be more plentiful in a parched environment.

And though I'm usually not an 'Inside' type of Gal, when it's Rainy or Storming, I just Enjoy my Home so much more and hunkering down in it's Coziness while Nature rages outside.  Then venturing out once the Storms subside to Enjoy the Coolness and much needed Water it has brought to the fierce Heat of a Desert Summer.

When it's a Stormy Day I like to languish in Bed and take extra Naps... and there's just something about Monsoon Storms that Settle the Family too.  They seem to Enjoy being Inside our Home Coccoon more as well and lounging about along with me.  Popping Popcorn, watching Movies, working on Projects and Enjoying a more Relaxing Pace of Life during inclement weather.

And there have been the times during the fiercest of Monsoon Storms when the electricity has gone out and we've reverted to lighting Scented Candles and taking a tiny step back in time to when there was less Technology to rely upon in the Home.   Granted, we wouldn't want to Live that way permanently since we've become accustomed to our advancements, gadgets and modern forms of entertaining ourselves... but for a brief time it is Reflective and Quiets the Spirit... bringing everyone closer in the Simple ways once Lived in Past Times.

We find ourselves slowing down... slowing way down during those Reflective times... or even going to bed earlier by choice and getting more Rest than usual, which makes for a more Energized Morning the next day to be sure!

I also find that in venturing out in Public during Stormy Weather, it tends to bring a host of People closer too... more random conversations often with complete Strangers occur when the Weather takes a nasty turn.  After all... if it's fierce enough, everybody is talking about it and it now becomes the focus of undivided attention!!!   *LOL*

And I've found, that when folks can't do much else on account of the Weather... many like to get out and Shop!  *Smiles*   So I must say that at our Antique Mall I've had some of the Strongest Sales during inclement weather days and this weekend's Sale was no exception!  The Monsoon brought a boost in my Sales along with it!  *Happy Dance!*

Folks even think about buying or wearing Unseasonal items like Furs... which is why I stock my Showrooms with such things just before the Monsoon Season hits.   *LOL*   Yeah, here in the Desert we all jump at any opportunity to layer our Lovely Wardrobe during the brief times that we can and we're not sweating bullets!   The weather causes temperature drops 10-20 degrees in a day, and we're breaking out the Winter and Fall ensembles again!!!  *Winks*

So we can look like Vikings for at least a day or two during a Desert Summer!  *LOL*  Now that might seem outrageous to those who Live in Climates completely opposite to ours and experience Real Cold... but you have to remember that we experience Real Heat around these parts.  Your body adapts in a different way by thinning out your blood so you don't overheat and drop dead when it's 116+ degrees most days and you're out prancing about.   So if it 'drops' to the 80's during the day, or the 60's during the Night {not unusual for a Desert to have a HUGE temperature span from Day to Night} you Feel it!!!   *Ha ha ha*

That's why in our Fall and Winter Months we can always spot the Tourists because they're the ones out by the Pool when it's only 70 something degrees and going topless if it hits 80... well, the Guys anyway!   *Winks*   You won't see many Locals Poolside until it's at LEAST in the 90's or above!

And since Today was another Stormy Monsoon kinda day I languished in my Cozy Bed for most all of the Morning since the G-Kid Force had been picked up early by their Aunt for a Fun Day Out Together.   Then The Man and I went out for a nice kidless Luncheon Together and I stopped by our Antique Mall to bring in a few more pieces of Inventory, browse and visit with Friends and Customers while the Storms moved in on the Valley.   And as the Summer Monsoons roll in during our Rainy Season, I'm looking forward to more laid back days like this...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Ah, I love rainy days too if I can stay in! I use to save my ironing for rainy days!


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