Monday, June 30, 2014

Voodoo Child

Okay, so the Disclaimer should come first... our Family don't actually practice Voodoo and these aren't REALLY Voodoo Dolls. My Grandson isn't actually a Voodoo Child and the Post isn't about a Jimi Hendrix Song either. *LOL*   So no Messages of Alarm please!  *Winks* 

 It's just what he's calling them because they're similar to a line of Adorable mini Quirky Yarn Dolls he and his Sister got out of some Vending Machines on the Cali Trip {a couple are pictured above}... and fell in Love with... and that's what the Line was called.  So he wanted to make his own Version of the Dolls out of Clay rather than Yarn since he can't find any here in Arizona Vending Machines to complete their Collection.   *Smiles*   And, he's quite the budding Entrepreneur so since his Friends liked his Voodoo Doll Collection, he started making them some of his own to Sell!  *Winks*   The top Lead Post Image one he made for me at no charge since somebody had to be his Investor and Bankroll the Clay and Buttons, right?!  *LOL*

His little Sister also donated all of the Clay I bought her in Exchange for him making her some... she's nobody's Fool, right, she's gonna make a Gypsy Trade early and get some of his Collection built up before he's a Discovered Artist and his prices and the demand go up!!!   *Winks*  Along with the little Voodoo Dolls he's also making the Voodoo Pet Line to go with them, Clever Boy!!!   This is Voodoo Kitty.

And Voodoo Doggy.   I'm sure he'll come up with a virtual Voodoo Animal Zoo eventually, and all their paraphernalia... the Possibilities are clearly endless!!!  *LOL*

He's working on the Stylization of the Line... some have one button eye... some have two... I think they're Adorable and very Creative so I'm Encouraging him in his Creative Endeavor of making up his Line and deciding upon a Price Point so he can earn some pocket money with his proceeds.  Wish I'd Photographed all of the others he's already Created for Friends, they're too Cute!   He's always had a preference for Sculpting and that seems to be his Special Gift.  He can Sculpt out of Clay, Sand, Tin Foil or Paper so fast that I never cease to be gobsmacked at how effortless he makes it seem!   He's been doing Amazing and Complex Origami for years.

He's eager to Market them and have Free Advertisement... so he's been blowing up our phones to tell Family and Friends about his little Venture... *Ha ha ha!!!*  Color me Proud...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds like a Bohemian Child to Me not a Vodoo Child ; )........Hhhhmmmmm Maybe a little Grammie in Him ?

  2. Good to see them get interested in creating and make money with it too! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist


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