Saturday, June 28, 2014

Things I Miss...

A Simple Post of just some of the things I Miss as I peruse the Photo Archives of the Past... some are Superficial... some much more Personal and Deep... but I Miss them all nonetheless...
Having the Resources for regular Mani's and Pedi's... and Glorious Massages!!!  Pampering Self just Feels so Good and so decadent... I used to be able to grow out my natural nails by having a layer of acrylic professionally put over the top of them to strengthen them.  

Those Treasures that I'm pretty sure I still have... but can't find for the life of me!!!  *Smiles*

Being at a Goal Weight... it seems like a Lifetime ago rather than less than four mere years ago!!!   Yes, this was only 2010 and I barely recognize myself now since I'm a shadow of my former Self... well, more like two shadows wide of my former Self!  *Le Sigh*
Spending Time with my Mom... and her having the Freedom and Ability to Live Independantly.  Yes, this is when she was Footloose Fancy Free and Independant... and I was somewhat Footloose and Fancy Free and not fat!  *Bigger Le Sigh!*  And Time spent with Dad... who Crossed Over long before the Digital Age where I had Archives of Images I could download online of our Special Times Together, of which there were many... I was mos def a Daddy's Girl!  *Smiles*

The Great and Small Adventures... the spontaneous Road Trips that The Man and I used to be able to embark upon before his catastrophic accident.  When we had several close Friends and Extended Family here Locally, willing and able to give us brief Respites by taking the G-Kid Force for a few days at a time.  So we could just get away and be unencumbered Seniors Enjoying each other and doing what we Imagined our Golden Years would Look and Feel like! 

Or even those Great and Small Adventures with the G-Kids in tow, when The Man was able to do them with us.

Being able to get more of the Girls together and to have more Girl's Days Out just being Crazy and having Fun!
When our Town was Small and Intimate enough that we still had a sense of it's History and the Billy Moore Days Activities and Parade.  Now that it's grown exponentially with so many Newcomers that don't Care about it's Small Beginnings and seem to want to erase everything that 'Was' in favor of everything 'New'... that has all been discontinued, lost and virtually forgotten... such a Shame.  Every place's History should be Celebrated along with it's Progress into the Future.

Family Get-Togethers at our House, which can't happen as often anymore... too many of the Family are missing or at a distance now for it to be the same or possible anyway.  And don't laugh, this was my brief Shabby Chic Phase when I tried more of a Colorless slash pop of Pastels Palette!  *LOL and Gagging a bit!*  Yeah, it clearly wasn't for me or my Aesthetic, what was I thinking?!?!??  *LMAO*   Some Cherished Treasures remain... but Color and Addams Family Values HAD to come back... even if it was heavy doses of Sage and Sepia in some rooms that I wanted a bit of Organic to remain in!  *Winks*

And of coarse the montage of Beloved Fur Babies that have Graced our Home over the Years... some for Decades or more...

Others who left us much too soon and had brief but Memorable Lives...

And still others who dropped by for what was for them a Visit and never intended to Adopt us permanently, since the Nomadic Life Called to them too strongly I suppose.   This one we nicknamed Bear because of his freaky deformed ears... what a Character he was, quite Tame but very Aloof about sticking around Bohemian Valhalla.  I often Wonder where the Road took him next as he was gone like a Ghost Cat almost as quickly and mysteriously as he had arrived?

And then there are The One's that I Miss the most... which is probably not Fair to have Favorites... but I was Rat Boy's Favorite Human for over Twenty Years and I Miss her every day... as much as any Human I have had to say Good-Bye to as they Crossed Over... and yes, Rat Boy was a Girl... but that's another Story... *Smiles*   And there are many more... we've always had a slew of Fur Babies in our Home!

And I really, really Miss our two Daughters and their Families... long distance contact just isn't the same is it?  And watching each other grow Older from a Distance isn't as gradual... so those you see less often almost seem suspended in Time in your Mind's Eye and it's difficult to wrap your Mind around how much Time has actually passed since the last touch, hug, kiss, and face-to-face chinwag or spending Real Time Together!  
 And of coarse those many Family Members who have Crossed Over and we'll have to wait until it's our turn to meet again on the Other Side.   This is one of my Beloved Departed Paternal Aunts, who moved from the Rez in Oklahoma to come live in Arizona near us... in a photo with our Youngest Daughter, The Son and one of the now Grown older Grand-Daughters when she was Visiting from back East with the Oldest Daughter... who was probably taking this Image.   And yes, this was when The Man was going thru his Southwestern Phase and wanted the Decor to look like his version of Native American Style!   An Indian Blanket Print and Lodgepole Sofa for example!!!  *Bwahahahahaha and me Gagging !!!*  Dad's Family thought it hilarious too!

And I naturally Miss all of my Friends who now live scattered everywhere else across the Country and the Globe.   Some Friends that I've shared a Special Bond with since Childhood... which is a very, very long time indeed!  *Smiles*

And others who I've known most of my Adult Life... which again is a very, very long time indeed!  *Winks*   And the Missing of your BFF's can be a particular Void since they are  your Confidants, your Crew that you Rolled with and did Life with just as closely as Family!   They BECAME Family in fact and we became Sisters... of different Mothers and Fathers... maybe not Biologically Connected but certainly Connected every other type of way Relationally so it didn't matter that we didn't share bloodlines!  *Smiles*

But in this Miraculous Age of Cyberspace we can often transcend Time gone by and connect to and see Old Friends and their Families... and extended Family... often now all Grown Up... that we haven't been able to Enjoy the Company of for perhaps what seems like a Lifetime... and what a Joy that is!  Time moved so quickly you know... and before you know it, in the blink of an eye... it has marched on... and things Change... and it's Okay to Miss some of it.  I Hope this Simple Post of things I Miss has helped you to Recall those things YOU Miss... whether Nostalgically or even with tinges of remorse over what is now different as Time has gone by...
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn - Your words are always so profound and heartfelt...I miss U, my friend! So much fun and laughter every time we hang out...

    OMG! That "Shabby Chic" decor is so NOT you! LOL! No wonder you had so much of it in your showroom...

    Let's get together soon! :)



    1. LOL... yeah, I had it in storage too long and hey, it still Sells like crazy... so you know my Mantra in Retail... if it Sells, I'll Supply it! :)
      Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Sweet sentimental post of times gone by. It's good to recall now and then

    1. I totally agree. And there are many, many things I don't miss at all! *smiles*

      Dawn... The Bohemian


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