Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Expanded Kingdom... The Reveal

Welcome to my Expanded Kingdom at the BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Antique Mall!  *Smiles*  Yes, it's time to Reveal my Expansion to the Land of Locked Cases!   Two Posts in one day... you can only tell I'm feeling better, huh?  *Winks*   This Beauty is a large Numbered and Signed Piece that I just J'Adore... hard to Let Go of this one... she's Number 150 out of 500.  She didn't Photograph well without glare and reflections of objects in front of her since she's behind protective cellophane. 

Case Number One-Hundred Twelve (#112) North Side of Aisle 'Des Moines' will hold anything Fragile or Bling that would be higher risk for display in the Showrooms... and to give them a higher profile for being seen as well.  I didn't intend on a Theme here, it just kind of morphed into one as the items were chosen and it does have a distinctive Feminine Romantic Vibe overall.  It will also give me a place to Showcase Jewelry and Artistic Creations I want to Turn.

Case Number One-Hundred Twenty-Five (#125) is directly opposite my other Case on the South Side of Aisle 'Des Moines' and will hold various Collectibles and Publications, mostly Vintage Toys and Video Games, that The Son and G-Kid Force have relinquished for me to Flip.  Lets face it, such Classic Popular Inventory as Star Wars, Star Trek, GI Joe, Barbie, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe items are solid sellers even tho' I'm not particularly 'Into' any of them myself.  But, they also tend to have loss prevention and manhandling issues in a Showroom, so this is my opportunity to Turn them with lower risk factors.

So items I had previously never considered putting into the Showrooms for obvious reasons now get the chance to become Inventory and I've had an Amazing Response in only the past 48 hours of having Showcases so clearly the Location choice and Inventory choices were good ones.  I also Believe that well thought out Expansion tends to Create Positive Energy in increased Sales, at least that has been my Experience.

I tend to be very Conservative and Cautious when it comes to Expansion, I'm not a huge risk-taker.  But I have found that when I finally step out and go for it, having done my due diligence and followed thru on gut instinct that the timing is right, it does have it's Rewards and few, if any, regrets.  Since the Cases Rent Month to Month too, there really is no Risk in my Mind and takes little, if any, seed money to start up.  I certainly had enuf to fill up both Cases easily already on hand.  And if things don't work out as Hoped or Planned, there's no long term Lease or Commitment.  So it can even be a Temporary or Experimental Thing... or have more Permanence, depending on what you want to do or can handle.

Eventually there will be much more Bling, Fabric Art and Altered Art coming the way of this Case, that is the Plan anyway.  As a Testing Ground for my Creative Process and a means to keep it Safe from the threat of Temptation or damage since it's under lock and key.

I can also Experiment with such a small space much more boldly than a Showroom and Change it Up constantly and completely differently with little Work or Investment of Time and Money.  Of which I'm in short supply of lately... but aren't we all??!??!  *LOL*

The Exposure of items in the Cases is better, and since I don't have to worry about Space since I also have two Showrooms, I can be Selective about what goes in or out of the Cases.   I think the downside to Cases alone is that it is a small Space to Display very much and the cost is much higher per square foot than a Showroom.   But with getting the one Case for Free for the Promotion Period, well, FREE Overhead is always a Bargain, right?!  *Winks*

I didn't know much about this Olympic Commemorative Set, other than it was complete and pretty eyecatching... and I 'Scored' it at such a Bargain that it was a no-brainer to scoop it up for a locked Case Inventory item.   Things like this would be foolish to put in a Showroom though and I'm just not that 'Into' Online Selling because I'm Lazy.  *Smiles*  But when I'm out 'Pickin' it kills me not to be able to Source such items simply because I previously had no Secure place to Display and Sell them! So... Problem now Solved!!!  *Whoop Whoop!!!*

And The Son had given me all of his 1990's Star Wars Figures and related paraphernalia, but there was no way I was risking those in a Showroom.  Alas, Vintage and Collectible Toys have perhaps the highest incidents of theft and being manhandled... and I just don't like factoring that in as a Cost of doing Business.  Especially if my Adult Children Invested in them, had them all those Years and took such good Care of them, it just grieves you to have them broken, disrespected or stolen.   So... Problem now Solved!!!  *Whew... since Storing them was bothering me, they were in the way, taking up room and also risked heat damage.*  The Son will be Happy to hear that some have already Sold since he has a Birthday coming up in a few days... Cha-Ching!*

Now, I 'Scored' the Talking 1967 Mrs. Beasley quite by accident... her Talk Function needs restoration and she's sans her glasses, but in great condition otherwise... which is why she's way less than half the price I've seen her going for online.   Toys from the Sixties are really Trending right now, when you can find them to Source for Inventory.  Most folks tend to hold onto their Beloved Vintage Toys... or are looking to replace those they didn't hold onto.  I'm just not a Toy Person but I know they Sell well so I always pick them up when I have the chance.  The 1940's Little Lulu Doll was another unexpected 'Score' whilst 'Pickin', the first one I've ever seen offline.
It was Tempting to want to keep her since she has the great composition head and is pretty well Preserved given her Age.   I only Hope I look this well Preserved in my Seventies!  *LOL*

And even tho' I know the Case with the Vintage Toys and Collectibles will likely Profit me more... you can clearly tell which Case I have more of an Affinity towards!  *Winks*  You see, I don't Decorate or Style my own Home or Studio with the Muted or Colorless Palette... or Contemporary... or Mid-Century Modern, since it's just not 'Me' or for me... but I do Enjoy Experimenting with other Attractive Styles outside of my own Home.  So this Satisfies that urge to Experiment with different Styles often and with no real Personal Commitment to having to Live with any of it!  *LOL*

I know Vendors that only stay True to themselves in the Inventory they Source for their Retail Spaces and that always looks totally Amazing.  In a Perfect Retail World it is Ideal because you can go 'Full On You' and Prosper at it, which I'd prefer to do if I could stay Solvent doing it whilst Indulging myself.  And that's fine if you CAN Source enough of what you're REALLY about... alas, I haven't been able to accomplish that since I can't Travel extensively to Source and what I totally 'dig' is hard to even find... and when you can, it's pricey!  *Le Sigh*  AND more importantly, your Client Base has to also REALLY be diggin' it, enough to buy often what you're presenting for Sale and at the Price Point it commands.  But in the demographic my Retail Spaces are in I have seen some Amazing Vendors come and go because they didn't offer variety beyond their own preferred Style and it was too limited or too pricey.  I decided that I needed to have lasting power if I was going to pursue this... so I Source what I have observed Sells well in our Mall and what folks here can afford.

That can be a Lesson hard-learned because Location IS everything in Retail.  What Sells well in one place might languish ten miles down the road and vice-versa.   Some areas what is On-Trend is selling like crazy and you can't keep in stock because the Client Base has their finger on the pulse of Style or Fashion... and other areas could care less what is allegedly Trending or Stylish because they aren't interested in Trends or specific Styles or a piece's History or Rarity.  They're just looking for something Pretty or that they just like and are drawn to... or an Impulse Buy and not anything specifically being Hunted for.  I'm Grateful that my Eclectic Tastes have Served me well so far with our Client Base and I've continued to have Fun doing this thing that I Love and have a Passion for!  The past two days Sales have been Explosive in spite of an alleged Summer Slump and I can only Hope it Holds!?!  Especially since I just Expanded the Kingdom and took a Leave of Absence from the part-time gig.  *LOL*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So glad the sales are going well! Hope it continues!

  2. Those pink bathroom scales take me back.


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