Friday, June 6, 2014

Sure It's Hot... But... I'm Crazy... So Why Not?

Sometimes the best Deals can be Sourced out of Season... so sure it's Hotter than the surface of the Sun now... but... I'm not passing up Sourcing Fab Vintage Mink Stoles in June... I'm Crazy like that so why not... I've got Vintage Furs all over the Showrooms this Summer!  *LOL*

I like the way they look... I like the way they feel... I can't stand seeing an Abandoned Fur... and Styling with Extravagant Decadent Wardrobe is just so much Fun, what can I say!?   I don't even care if they Sell right away... tho' my Vintage Furs typically have Sold well, so perhaps there's other Crazy Gals out there that can't pass up a Summer Fur either and we must Serve their Addictions too or we're simply not doing our Job!  *Winks*

This Honey Natural Mutation Mink was hard to Let Go of because the Color is Divine and Beautifully Matched.  But since I don't wear Minks it would only be the Vintage Dress Form Gals Modeling it anyway around Bohemian Valhalla... so Showroom Bound it went... albeit reluctantly. *Smiles*

After all... how could I possibly justify keeping another one that I'd never wear... when I'm still holding onto the Blonde one I Sourced ages ago and have held onto for grim death because it looks so Divinely Decadent and is such Eye Candy on Dress Form Manne Yazmin?   *LOL*

Yes, I know, I'm Certifiable... clearly I am not a Well Woman, but then, you all Suspected or Knew that anyway, right?!  *Bwahahaha!!*

In fact, I seem to be a Vintage Fur Magnet of sorts when I'm out 'Pickin' and those that Need a Good Temporary Home until they find a Permanent one know that they can come Home with Moi.  I won't, almost can't, leave a Forsaken Fur behind if it's Priced right... I'm like a Furrier Marine!   There will be no Vintage Fur Casualties on my Watch!!!  *Smiles*

In fact I Feel that way about most high end Vintage or Antique Wardrobe... especially Hats... even tho' I rarely wear Hats either.  *Giggle*   But I do also Sell a lot of Vintage and Antique Hats, so I've found many a Good Home for them to be Adopted by and that makes me just plain Feel Good.

After all, my Regular Customers seem to know they can find the most Eclectic Variety of Found Treasures and Oddities in my Showrooms, so I Appeal to that particular Client... whose probably as Quirky as me.   So who cares what the masses think about it, I'm a Rebel like that when it comes to what I like or Love... if it was too Status Quo it would bore me to death anyway and make my eyes glaze over, if I even noticed it at all.  *Yawn*

Besides, I haven't had the Time I really needed to devote to completely overhaul both of the entire Showrooms at Work for Spring or Summer, given the perpetual string of Family Crisis, so I needed some Eye Candy to camoflauge my neglect of both spaces lately.  *Winks*  Lucky for me Sales have suddenly become Strong again after I Sourced and replenished Stock... the ferocity of our Summer Heat can mean many bail the State entirely 'til it Cools off again.

But that also means that when it's slower I could and should devote more time to 'Pickin' and Re-Vamping my Spaces... so that's been another lofty Goal for the Summer Months ahead.   Princess T has been like a Slave Driver tho'... I made the mistake of informing her that I NEEDED to be Pricing Inventory and getting it into the Showrooms Daily... and she's been holding me to it... DAILY!

I should be doing that NOW actually, instead of this... and she's been impatiently waiting on me to get to it with her, since she Loves Pricing Inventory and getting it Showroom bound... and I... well... DON'T.   There, I said it... because Confession is Good for the Soul.   I Love the Thrill of the Hunt... the Rescue of Found Treasures... Sourcing Cool or Beautiful Vintage or Interesting stuff to Offer... even the Styling and Creating of Vignettes... Photographing it all... Blogging about it all... BUT the Bookkeeping and Process of Pricing Inventory... not so much... because it seems to take SO LONG and it's just not my 'Thing'!!!

Initially I had Imagined that The Man would do the boring stuff for me like Bookkeeping and helping to Price Inventory since he's the Details Guy and that kinda Thing IS his 'Thing'... and I'm the Visionary and Creative half of this Outfit.   But, that did not happen.  So it's a Blessing that Princess T is Interested and Gung Ho about those things that I really am not that into.  *Smiles*

Okay, so it wasn't mine, but on one of my Shifts at Work this Fab Vintage Bike Sold... I hadn't even seen it in the Mall... there's just so many layers of Inventory and Treasures coming in constantly... and tho' I'm there all the time it seems... I still miss some really Cool Stuff!  We determined a couple years ago that I can't ride a two wheeler anymore anyway and got a Vintage Trike instead... so it's completely not True that you never forget how to ride a Bike!  Just sayin...   *LOL*

Well... I better get back to the Mission Statement of Editing, Purging and Pricing even more Inventory to be Showroom bound my Friends...

And remember that our Antique Mall BRASS ARMADILLO WEST will be Hosting a Free Raffle for a Father's Day Grill and a Smoker to be given away to two lucky Winners!!   Be sure to stop by both of my Showrooms in Room One Hundred Fourteen AND Room One Hundred Thirty-Three. 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well, I guess there is ONE collection I haven't begun (yet)! No furs here. For no reason. Just never got started. Yours are impressive! And I love the "rebel" side of you :)

  2. Buying out of season, delayed gratification, both good things.

  3. Are there lots of Crazy Cat Ladies in the Arizona desert? We re-cycle mink stoles, y'know.

    Ancient cats crave soft warm nests, and nothing suits them better than a lovely full-skin stole!
    Besides, the stoles are usually cheaper than some anonymous sheepskin from Petsmart.

    However, I do think you're right to reserve that blonde short coat for yourself. So chic!

  4. Sounds like your granddaughter is just the business partner you need! Glad your sales are up again furs and all!


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