Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy 28th Birthday My Son!!!

Yes, 28 Years Ago this Morning my Youngest came into this World... Happy 28th Birthday My Son!!!

He tipped the scales at Ten and a half pounds at Birth so he was never your Average Baby... this is his one day old Homecoming and our Youngest Daughter is having a difficult time holding him... he would very soon outweigh her even though she's five years his Senior!   *LOL*

 His Birth Picture resembled a Samoan Wrestler Baby!  And he WAS scrappy!  *Smiles*   And what a handful he was as a Child... your proverbial High Maintenance Kiddo in every sense of the Word!  

 With all that abundant energy he made an Outstanding Athlete... and with all the Mischief no Teacher ever forgot him, even to this day!  Yes, he made lasting impressions!!!  *LOL*   We knew all his Principals on a First Name basis, though he was always a very Intelligent Student with High Grades and Graduating with Honors.   And I've always said he's never met a Stranger... he can make a Friend faster than anybody I've ever known.

And he has grown into a Fine Young Man... and found himself a Fine Young Woman... and we couldn't be Prouder!  Love you Son!!!   Happy Birthday from your Mom!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Well happy birthday to him, he sounds a wonderful young man!

  2. Your son sounds like a man who enjoys life to the fullest! Happy Birthday!!!
    Mary Alice

  3. How sweet! He's a cutie :)
    Happy 28th to him!

  4. Hvor dejligt med gode sønner, jeg har tre, og min den yngste vejede også 10 pund ved fødslen, i dag er han 53 år og overlæge på et københavnsk hospital, og har givet mig tre dejlige børnebørn. knus morkaren.

  5. happy birthday to your son......he is a beautiful man.



  6. Enjoyed your special Birthday post honoring your son! It's so great when they finally turn out good!

  7. My dear friend,

    The love for your son comes through in the warm ambience of your posting. Such pride. Such love. A peaceful, happy birthday to your beloved son.

    Gary :)

  8. Aww... Happy Birthday to your handsome son!! :)


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