Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting Back On Track And Bouncing Back

Getting back on Track for me after another Setback can be a Process, though I know I have to recoup rather quickly and be Functional, I typically spend at least a full day being Emotionally and Physically drained.   Yesterday was THAT day.  I had Allowed myself to Express my Feelings rather than stuffing them down out of necessity to keep going.  And it took many hours of Sleep and doing absolutely Nothing to recharge.

The reason being that I know most of the time I Operate in Shut Down Mode Emotionally just to be maximally Functional.  Sitting with your Feelings and actually Feeling can be so Intense that it is a Luxury I don't afford myself often.  Because it virtually renders me Non-Functional and completely Exhausted Physically, Mentally and Emptied Out to a point of feeling Drained of all Energy and Motivation.

I was so Glad that just prior to this most recent Setback I had spent time with Friends who are an Encouragement and a Cheerleading Section in my corner.  Who consider and ask how I'm doing, I need that, and that is lacking on the Homefront.   As an unpaid Kinship Caregiver it is also lacking when you take those you're Caring for to their Appointments.  You become the Invisible Entity that is a means to an end, because lets face it, you're Free Labor that saves The System a lot of buckeroos.  The one the Paid Professionals expect of having everything dumped on you unceremoniously, whether or not it's reasonable for one untrained person to be expected to do, remember or hold up under.

So when a Major Setback gives me a Major Setback because it pulls the rug right out from under me again, it's not so easy to get back up, dust myself off, and climb back on.   I'm now at that Season of Life where you don't just bounce back so easily from some things that cause collateral damage.  Sometimes I don't even want to climb back on... though I know I must... so it takes a minute... well, more like at least twenty-four-hours now, for me to get to a place where I can climb back on and be optimally Functional again... somewhat.   Today is THAT day.

I wanted to be able to Hibernate a bit longer.   But realistically, climbing out of bed only to meet each person I'm Caring for at their point of need and then climbing back into bed isn't really all that Restful.   Sometimes having no Sleep is easier than having constant interrupted Naps thruout a day.  If I had an empty house for a day I'm quite sure I could Sleep an entire day away.  In an attempt to catch up and not feel so fatigued and stuffing irritability down as far as I can so it doesn't bubble up inappropriately and get vented towards nobody in particular.

I had finally gotten Miss Priss Spayed and she did extremely well, though the Home-Made Cat Carrier lured her in, she wasn't so happy when I locked it's door and took her on perhaps her first car ride ever?!   The Vet's Office said she was so Sweet... and she is, she's got an Amazing Temperament, which is why she could show up as a preggy abandoned pet and Endear herself to us enough to allow her to stay!  *LOL*   The Spaying was Free with a Special Coupon a Friend turned me onto.   But her Pain Meds, Cone Collar and Immunizations set me back a bit... she's worth it though and thankfully no more babies!!!  *Whew!*

I had been Concerned about her Recovery since they expected me to keep her inside for ten to fourteen days and she's an outside Cat exclusively.   We have a Bathroom that would do, but I wasn't sure if she'd Freak Out or be Okay indoors using a litterbox etc.?   Thankfully she was clean about toiletries and never cried or caused any problems and never pitched any fits.  She even took her Pain Meds Gracefully twice a day til gone.  She settled in fine, enjoying Air Conditioned Comfort and Pampering.   She didn't even begin to do her Houdini Routines until the 5th Day, when she got the Cone Collar off without even untying it and just laid beside it looking at me sheepishly like, "Uh Oh... Busted!"  *LOL*   Okay, so clearly that's not going to work anymore... but she didn't lick her surgery site so we were Okay with no cone collar.  

But then her other Houdini Routines began and we didn't catch on at first, thinking the Kiddos were forgetting to close the Bathroom door after visiting and tending to her?  I'd be fixing a meal and she'd just show up crying her eyes out because she was now lost in the house and confused, but smelling something delish and begging for it.  *Smiles*   I'd herd her back into the Bathroom... and you know how herding Cats is... and give her some fresh kibbles of her own so she'd forget all about the People Food cooking... and latch the Old Door securely. *Winks*  And then she'd be out again... with no Kiddos in the house... so we watched... and saw... she had now learned how to be an Old Door Opener, clever girl!!!  If she put her paw under the door and wiggled it enuf the latch would pop and it opens inward so the rest was a piece of cake to make her Escape from Confinement and Explore!  *Le Sigh*

Clearly she was fed up of being an inside Captive... Old Morris {above} was missing her terribly and crying outside the door for her... she was wanting Out where she belonged and was used to.  It was TIME to give her Early Parole!  *LOL*  So her ten to fourteen day Incarceration would have to be cut short.  I couldn't have her roaming all over the house getting into things or The Man tripping over her and falling... so she got sprung early.   Morris was clearly delighted with the Reunion... he's getting so Old that Change is difficult for him and after losing Rusty, his trusty Sidekick, he's bonded closer with Miss Priss now. 

And if she can bounce back from Major Surgery so quickly, then what I'm bouncing back from is kinda a Bowl of Cherries really by comparison... so here's to bouncing back... Bouncing Back in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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