Friday, June 27, 2014

Escapism Master

I am a bonafide Jedi Master when it comes to Escapism.  Escapism to me is a vital form of Self Preservation and Surviving Life's turbulent Storms.  When Life in general is rough, which it often can be or is, depending on who you are and the hand you're dealt, you better find the most effective way to play your hand well and still Live with Passion.  This will lead to the Perception of having a Good Life regardless of Circumstances and Situations, especially those beyond your Control... and Perception, after all, IS EVERYTHING!

I easily Escape via other things I'm Passionate about and which Feed my Creative Soul or my Fertile Imagination and have always been Welcome Escape Routes I chose to Retreat to for Respites.   Sometimes Real Life sucks, it's just the way it is and plays out... you don't always have Control over the hand dealt and you're expected to play.  Or how long you're expected to play a certain part of it or role in it that you're not particularly enthused about or would be a willing volunteer for.  If you had that option of saying, "Pick me!" instead of being picked involuntarily.

I think that's why it's rather Ironic and Funny that one of my all time Favorite forms of Escapism and something I'm absolutely Passionate about has been "Picking", even before I knew what it was called.  Of seeking out those things and attaining them that I Treasure and find Beauty in and can find Purpose for or Rescue.  There's so many other things in this Experience called Life that I haven't 'picked' for a variety of different reasons or Seasons and it's difficult to find the Beauty in or the Purpose for or I simply couldn't Save.   Whatever it turned out to be I always at least attempted to play my part with Excellence and a right Spirit and Attitude about it, or you could risk going thru Life absolutely Miserable.  But it's never quite like your Passions, and spending Time immersed in them, is it?  That is Pure Bliss!!!

 Passions abide, they're those things that ignite your Soul and usually can't be completely snuffed out or stifled indefinitely.  I have always felt that many of us that don't have the opportunity... or boldness... or resources... or whatever... to pursue Passions or spend quite enough Time savoring them, will still find some kinda way to Escape to them every once in a while... we almost HAVE to... because they're such an intricate part of our very Being!  And we WANT to be with or doing what we're most Passionate about... everyone Enjoys Exposure to what they find to be Blissful!!!

Whether or not a Passion is a form of Escape or a way of Life is the major factor though.   My observation has been that those fortunate enough to make a Passion a way of Life mostly and generally don't need it as an Escape Route.  Because it has actually become the Path of which they Travel through Life daily upon and it is not a Dream unfulfilled.   When you're Living your Dreams then your Reality is pretty Good as it is and you're not likely to want to Escape it very often, if at all. Do you know anyone really who would WANT to Escape a Blissful Existance?!?

I have always Believed that the Laws of Attraction will work in our favor, eventually, even if not immediately.   So, many, many times when folks would casually ask me in Greeting how I'm doing I'd chose to respond, "Living the Dream...", whether or not I actually WAS in Real Life.  I thought perhaps if I responded that way often enough it would actually become my Truth.   I could have been wrong in that Belief, but I LIKE to still Imagine it to be True.  I have never given up yet on actually "Living the Dream" and not just Dreaming about it constantly or being derailed and detoured from pursuing it by Life's Issues or the hand I've been dealt.

And until such time as it is a possibility, I suppose I will still continue to hone my skills at being a bonafide Jedi Master of Escapism to Retreat those places and activities I've had burning Passion for as often as I possibly can.  So that I can Visit and spend Time, sometimes even Real Time and not Imaginary Time, even if it is very limited Time, in that Realm of where my Passions are and what they are.  And Believe that they are within reach as being a way of Life if I just keep extending my hand towards them and being secure in the knowledge they were always meant to be tied to my Destiny.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So are you saying that you are going back thru things you have picked in the past and enjoying them all over again?

    1. Oh certainly... even if I'm purging them, each usually has a Memory of when it was discovered during the Thrill of the Hunt. It is a Beautiful Escape to spend Time doing or being around things and people you Love and Enjoy isn't it? Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That last saying pretty well sums it up! "Life is a beautiful struggle...."


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