Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All On Board...

I've noticed that as I ramp up the Great Edit and Purge I'm getting the rest of the Family all on board with the Process of Editing and Purging their Personal Possessions.  Which is a good thing because tho' I'm making a lot of headway, I typically only Edit and Purge Household items, Decor and my own Personal Possessions and not those of the other individual Family members.  I prefer them to go thru their own Personal Possessions because they know what they want to keep or get rid of.

I Respect that their Personal Possessions are theirs and so I don't have a Peace about making those decisions on their behalf without them being a part of the Process.   I know I wouldn't want anyone going thru my Personal Possessions without running it by me.  But, that said, getting everyone on board to participate can be a challenge if they're just not that into it or ready.

It has really helped the G-Kid Force to see the results of having completely Edited, Purged and done a Makeover on the Art Studio Cottage... because now their Enthusiasm is amped up about doing something similar to their own Personal Spaces, hopefully with equally Desirable results!?

So Today we began to expand the Great Edit and Purge to include some of their Personal Possessions and I must say I was very Proud of them for how thorough and detached they could be about the Process.   Because typically, with the Kiddos, when it comes time to Edit and Let Go... so that they have a more manageable level of Possessions to Care for... they get all Sentimental about stuff they haven't even looked at or played with in a long time.

Even if they have outgrown something or moved on to something else that they play with or use regularly, I think the Memories of those other things hinder the Process of Letting Go.  Which is typical with any major Edit and Purge no matter what your Age.   Or maybe you MIGHT use or wear it again... so you have to really get objective about whether you ACTUALLY will or not?

Princess T particularly Surprised me by being very methodical and unsentimental this time around, she was making these important decisions about her own Personal Possessions quite quickly and painlessly, so we got a lot accomplished and she's eager to do even more... to get thru it all!!!

The Young Prince, not so much, but I expected that.  Not so much because he's a Sentimental Soul about his stuff, but because he gets an attack of the lazies and A.D.D. halfway thru any Process, especially if it involves Work.  *Smiles*  So getting him to follow thru and actually finish anything he's begun, especially once he's become distracted or impatient and no longer on board with a Project,  just becomes more of a battle you're not winning and an exercise in futility.  So his will be done more in stages and shorter bursts... long after the rest of us are long done with ours. 

And The Man has always been a procrastinator and now that he's got brain injury his Attention Span and Frustration levels are seriously compromised, so his will take a lot longer as well.   So its been more of a Girl Thing for Princess T and I to Team up and do together and she seems to thoroughly be Enjoying the Process... especially since it feeds her need to Organize and Style things afterwards.  *Smiles*

Yes, Little Miss OCD likes nothing better than getting to do what she does best... to be turned loose to Clean, Arrange, Re-Arrange and Style an Area after it's been Edited and Purged of it's contents!  *Winks*   And since she's so diligent, it will also mean she gets Paid... and so when she hears the jingle of the Ice-Cream Man coming up the street she yells out, "Break Time!" and it's time to now settle the score with her Payday for the day's hard Work she's put in.  *LOL*

Usually The Young Prince and The Man haven't Worked enuf to earn a Payday or Payoff nor stuck around long enough to realize there could be one if they put in more Time or effort rather than a feeble effort, usually under protest, to help us Gals.  But we get whatever Work out of them we can, when we can, for however long we can keep them Focused and Cooperative before they make a hasty exit stage left and leave us to wrap up whatever was started.   I'm just glad to have the whole crew all on board at least some of the time now so that I don't feel like the Lone Ranger in this Goal.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. As usual your photographs enrich my imagination. I am afraid I lie on the side of Little Prince - I am good for a minute or so, then off onto some other pursuit.

    1. Well then I shall probably not attempt to Recruit you. *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Good for you! Your really making headway in this purging project!

    1. And did you notice what my 'Theme Music' was Marlynne? *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Summer is a perfect time to 'liquidate'...
    And, when you're done with yours, I have a whole other house you could come and help me de-junk...
    Hope you're getting some of this cooler weather we're experiencing right now up here in Utah.

    1. No Jen, 'Cooler' would definitely not be the descriptive word for any Arizona Desert Summer... it was 110 today. I would think that De-Junquing someone else's Spaces would be ohhhhh so much Fun! But I'd probably end up just trading Junque, you know. *Winks* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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