Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rust And Roses End Of Season

Pretty soon one of my Favorite Shops RUST AND ROSES will be closing for the Summer... so end of Seasons visits are definitely in order, as Shelly and the Shop Gals will be having some End Of Season Sales to make room for the new Inventory they'll be Sourcing over the Summer Closure as they traverse the Country Pickin' even more Fabulous Found Treasures for the Shops!

Really must contact our mutual Friend Leslie and see about procuring one of those Fabulous tops like Shelly is wearing, now I know that I NEED one!!!  *Winks* Love everything about it and it's just my Style!   And she looks so Adorable in hers... and I was Jazzed to find out one size fits all, so I'd be Golden with one and could wear it as a Top or a Maxi Dress as short as I am!  *LOL*  Shelly is much more Statuesque in hers.

It's always so good to visit my Friends at the Shop and see what they've been up to and Creating.  Our Friend Punkie is gonna try to have a Girl's Day Out with us over the Summer when she's not so busy working her little Heart out!  I can't wait, she's such Fun!!!

No tellin' how much Mischief we'll manage to get into as we Roll with the whole Crew?!?  *Winks*

But I'm sure we'll think of somethin'!  *Smiles*   These are the comfy new Pillows that our Friend Shelly has Created out of Vintage Feedsack and Burlap and Velvets.
The Velvet Flower on this particular Pillow Creation just happens to match one of my Favorite Bags that Shelly Created for me and so I'm thinking I might NEED to have it?  *LOL*  I know, I can be quite Needy, huh?  *Winks*  And not that I need more pillows given the Hoard of them already at Bohemian Valhalla... but the Family loves the Custom and Antique Pillows filled with squishy Down Feathers to languish upon and have Pillow Fights with, so I can always Justify another!  *Ha ha!* But I managed to Resist it this Trip.

You know how I J'Adore Vintage Quirky Clothing... so I really have an Appreciation for this Ensemble... I'd certainly wear it.  *Smiles*   It kinda has a Vintage Beatles Sgt. Pepper look to it. 

But I was on a specific Mission this Trip to the Shop to 'Score' another Custom Gypsy Bunting from my Friend Angela's Booth and another one of her Gypsy Belts Created from Old Western Belts, Stones and Bohemian Bling.   I got one of the last two Buntings left!  *Whew, close call...*

And Resisted such Temptations as this Awesome Exotic Bird Cage...

Having Friends around to keep me Focused and Accountable helps with the ADHD I have going on...  *Smiles* that is why Junquing Buddies is the best way to Roll IMO.

Otherwise my Focus and Restraint could be Questionable at best and at worst... well, a disaster!  *LOL*

Okay, so I 'Scored' the Bunting... Check... now over to the Sister Shop SIRENS AND SAINTS to 'Score' the Belt.

Yes, the Belt was gonna be my Guilty Indulgence for Mother's Day as a Gift to Self... it had the Frozen Charlotte and the Bohemian Bling as well as Amazing Natural Stone fashioned into Florettes... no matter that the upcycled Old Western Belt says JIMMY across the back... The Man will have Fun with me regarding that!  *Winks*

He'll be asking if Jimmy Ponied Up for the Purchase of said Belt... or do I have a Secret Love Child Named Jimmy?  *Winks*

No, Honey, YOU bought the belt and I haven't a Clue who Jimmy is... *LOL*

Now all I NEED to get is a Waist to wear it... too bad I can't Purchase one of those!  *Le Sigh*  Still trying to get my Girlish Figure back... it would just be SO much easier to just BUY ONE dontcha Think?!  *Winks*  I could put an Ad out... Mature Lady NEEDS New Rockin' Body ASAP so she can wear all her Fabulous Hoard of OOAK Belts!  *Smiles*  Right now the Mannequin Gals are Modeling most of them for me... 'til I get a Waist again!  *Sob*

But there's plenty to Distract me 'til I get said Waist again... like Amazing Carved Vintage Corbels... *Swoon*   The Patina and Detailing on these is absolute Perfection!!!


 And there was a matching Pair of them no less!!!  Oh the Possibilities for Styling with this duo!!!  My Imagination runs Wild!!!

There's that Pillow again... mine is the one on top... I'm Lusting after it still... but Shelly Created plenty of them, so there's some for you too my Friends.  *Winks*

And I'm Thinking I simply MUST make a Trip back to the Shop this Memorial Day before the Season Closure to see what else I can't Live without? 

You never know what you Think you can't Live without, 'til you see it!  *Winks*

What have you seen my Friends that you recently Discovered you can't Live without?  It's Okay, you can Confess and come clean to us, we're equally Afflicted!  *Winks*

I actually Thought I Needed this Vintage Crucifix Sick Call Set that day... even tho' I have like a gajillion of them at Home... because it was such a killer Deal... but yes, I put it down since The Belt and Banner had been my Mission Statement and I stuck to it Faithfully!  But I did carry it around for a while... *LOL*

And there are some NFS Display Items I'd Love to Negotiate a Deal on when my Friends are ready to part with them.  *Smiles*

If Shelly ever decides to part with her Mini Gypsy Manse for example...

Because you never know... hey, the MP Airstream came up for Sale recently... so I figure any Dream is Possible, right?  *Winks*

Source: Rust and Roses Facebook
And besides, just look what Shelly will soon be Pimpin' as her New Gypsy Pull... that's right, an Authentic Sheep Herder's Vardo!  *Swoon*  I can hardly wait to see how my Talented Friend Pimps Out this Pull and Transforms it into a Vision of Gypsy Splendor to ease on down the road with!  You go Girl... meanwhile I'll Live vicariously thru your Gypsy Waggon Transformations 'til I finally get my first one!  *Winks*

Because The Man does Support all of my Crazy Visions and Dreams 100%... since he's a firm Believer in the Happy Wife Happy Life Mantra, Wise Man that he is!  *LOL*  To all of you Clueless Guys out there... that's the Secret my Friends, Trust me and you can Thank me later!  *Winks*

And boy do I have some Crazy Visions and Dreams... just ask my Family... nothing is too Grandoise and with total delusions of Grandeur for this Gal, I'm very Bougie and freely admit it!

Plus I like to see things as they Could Be and Will Be after I'm finished with the Transformation of them... I'm always up for a Good Challenge and Make-Over!  Well... gotta go, got called in to Work unexpectedly to cover someone else's shift tonight... so no more idle languishing the Day away I'm afraid...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You look so cute in your crocheted top! Would love to wear something like that!

  2. I've been trying to find the post that you told about the lady that made your crocheted dresses and can't find it! i had visited her website and loved it would like to look again. Do you still have the information on her? Marlynne Snare at mmsnare@g.mail .com Thanks!

  3. Here's the link Marlynne... it's Luv Lucy Art To Wear on Etsy:

    Hope you are able to add some to your Wardrobe, they are so comfy and usually one size fits most. Dawn... The Bohemian


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