Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Trip ~ Part II ~ Along The Way


Before The Man's catastrophic accident and traumatic brain injury he used to be very Destination Oriented and intensely Focused on Arrival during Trips, while the rest of us in the Family must have it in our DNA to be Journey Oriented.  It's not that we don't look forward to the Final Destination, but we have no sense of urgency to marathon drive to get there and revel equally in the Journey's Process and what is Along The Way.  So it used to drive him a bit crazy that we'd want to stop frequently to explore anything and everything that looked Interesting along the way... greatly delaying Arrival Time at the Final Destination, but having as much Fun in Getting There as in Being There already.

So this was our first Road Trip with him post injury and we weren't certain how well he could or would be able to Travel and be in an unfamiliar place, given the challenges it causes for him emotionally and physically.   He did really well, and the Special Surprise for the rest of us was that The Man was no longer so Destination and Arrival Oriented as he used to be!   He looked forward to the many stops our Family Convoy voluntarily made Along The Way to Experience every Roadside Shrine, Curiosity, Rest Stop, Point of Interest or Beautiful Natural Setting!!!

It was no longer an irritant to him that the rest of us, including The Son's entire Family, were eager to make as many stops and see as much as we possibly could before Arriving at the Final Destination.   We knew that Mom and my Bro' would totally Understand, being that they too are Journey Oriented Souls and would revel in the Stories and Images taken of all that we'd stopped to Experience Along The Way.

It got me to thinking that perhaps it is Conditioning that causes the differences of Journey Oriented versus Destination Oriented... since clearly The Man's Brain Injury had changed his Outlook and Orientation considerably?   There's much he cannot Remember now or is more vague, so he doesn't always recall how he used to Experience things... and so now he often Experiences them differently and in direct correlation with those around him and how they're Experiencing them and Exposing him to it... like a Child would.

He was on his First Trip post-injury and like a Child he was Experiencing it all through the filter and lens of those Journey Oriented Loved Ones he was Journeying with.   My Childhood was filled with Experiences of Traveling with Journey Oriented Souls and so that is the pattern I suppose I developed and was Conditioned by?   My extended Family used to stop at every Interesting thing or Beautiful Place Along The Way... whether it was Curiosity about the alleged World's largest ball of string or something that stood out as Memorable enough to Experience through lingering a while and not just speeding on by.   So my Traveling Experiences are colored by those Journey Oriented Memories as much as any Destination we Arrived at was.

I Believe the Conflict only exists when Destination Oriented individuals and Journey Oriented individuals are on the same Journey, because each's Focus is quite different and it is often difficult to Experience it from the other's Conditioned way of Traveling.

How nice it was to take this Journey together in complete Unity and Harmony.  Neither with us feeling compelled under Protest to Marathon Drive to Arrive as soon as possible at the Destination to Appease The Man's sense of Urgency to Arrive.  Nor him feeling compelled to stop frequently under Protest to Experience every little thing Along The Way to Appease our sense of Adventure and Experiencing it ALL and with complete abandon and spontaneity!  *Smiles*  For once we were all on the same page whilst Traveling!

I'm not suggesting one way is right and the other is wrong... just that during Travels it can be quite important to know the Conditioning of those you are Traveling alongside in order for the Trip to be as Harmonious, Memorable in a Good way and Enjoyable for everyone as possible!

I am biased however on my take that in being a Journey Oriented individual you are less likely to miss something Special by pure Serendipity than those that are so focused on Destination that they would likely miss it speeding on by or not take the time to Experience it fully, if at all.  Some things are definitely not part of the Grand Plan or itinerary of a Trip and yet are no less worthy of spending Time in the doing or in the Creation of lasting Memories of a Trip. 

This was one of them for us... the Veteran's Memorial and General Patton Museum Along The Way, tucked into a Rest Stop seemingly in the middle of nowhere!  Since The Man Served for 39 years he has been a Veteran of many combat zones and stationed in many Countries.   And my Dad Served for 27 years and was a War Veteran so I grew up and was raised in the Lifestyle as were our Children.

The Son's Beautiful Girlfriend and her Family came to America as Cambodian Refugee Survivors during the War and brutal regime of Pol Pot.  Her Beautiful Children are of Vietnamese descent on their biological Father's side, so they all too had an Emotional Connection to this Memorial and Tribute.  We were all so glad we stopped on the Journey to Experience it together as a Family and Remember... sometimes bittersweet Memories.  To be Thankful to those who made ultimate Sacrifices during turbulent times, Remembrance of them and to be Grateful of Peaceful times and Loved Ones who Survived. 

It was informative and Educational for the Children too... and to open up discussion and answer any questions they had for their Elders that might not be addressed in a schoolroom setting or be known by those who haven't lived through Wartime Experiences.

A time for Quiet Reflections even during a Good Time out together on a Grand Adventure.

Where we could mix being Silly with being Reflective.

Veteran Memorials can be really difficult for The Man since he has Lost a lot of Friends and Comrades during numerous Wartime deployments and been through a lot himself.  But he was glad we stopped and engaged in conversations about the mutual Experiences... Good and Bad... now distant Memories but forever on the Mind and Heart of us all.

I remember all the times my Dad and my Husband were Activated to War Zones and Remote Assignments where Family couldn't accompany them... and so does The Son.   And of coarse his Girlfriend and her extended Family had many harrowing Experiences avoiding the Killing Fields of Cambodia and interred in Refugee Camps in other Countries while awaiting an Invitation by a Safe Sanctuary.

Have there been any Along The Way stops in your Journey that came along on the way to your Destination that have left a lasting Impact and a Memory to recall fondly?

Serendipity can in fact be a most Wonderful thing and I look forward to all those unexpected Moments in Time that I never anticipated or planned.

And there were several on this Trip... which made the Journey all the more Enjoyable for us all.  And I Hope you come back for Part III in the next Post where we'll take you along to our Junquing Adventure on Antiques Row in Pomona where my Brother and his Family have a Booth and Discover some of the Found Treasures California had to offer!  Well.. you KNEW I'd have a Teaser Post to lure you back, now didn't ya?  *Winks*

Blessings from the Arizona and California Deserts... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So happy that you had such a nice trip in harmony. I guess I am a journeyer too. we have a destination time but we allow in the schedule time for the serendipity!

  2. Hello Dawn,
    I am finally back with a new blog post and thoroughly enjoying visiting all my blog friends... finally! Your post makes me think of the numerous road trips my family and I did together. Mom would pack a picnic basket of goodies and off we would go. Sometimes we wouldn't even have a destination! Mom just loved to get out and see things. We would be back from a vacation and in a couple of hours Mom would say "lets go for a drive"! The travel bug is definitely in my blood and it is all about the journey, NOT just the destination! It looks like you went right by my child hood home. Those wind machines are very close to where I grew up... outside of Coachella on a date ranch. I remember those turbines being put in! I hope you are surviving your many adventures, life sure can have some major bumps along the way!
    Blessing to you and your precious family!

    PS my Dad was a WW2 vet so I have a profound appreciation for the incredible sacrifice these soldiers have made. Please convey my deepest and truly heartfelt gratitude to your Man. He is a hero in my eyes!!!!!


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