Saturday, May 3, 2014

Magnolia Pearl Airstream For Sale!!! S-W-O-O-N!!!

Source: All Beautiful Images via MAGNOLIA PEARL
OMG... when I heard that the beyond Fabulous Magnolia Pearl Airstream Gypsy Waggon was up for Sale it made me want to rush out and buy a slew of Lottery Tickets... and have a Swoonfest of Epic Proportions! EPIC PROPORTIONS I tell ya!  *Winks*

I've been having Fantasies of my own Pimped Pull... but at this Season of Life... and it not happening yet... I'm not certain I'd have the Time nor the Resources to actually have an Airstream Project and full Restoration that would come to fruition and move from the Fantasy Realm into Reality?

And now that The Man could no longer Help me to Pimp a Pull due to his catastrophic injuries, even if we were to find one that we could gut out and Gypsify... doing it by myself would be quite daunting to say the least without adequate know-how for the things that I know I couldn't pull off solo.  We had always Dreamed of doing such a Project Together anyway, so it wouldn't be the same without his Participation and Skilled Carpentry Touches.

So to be able to buy one that is already a Gypsy Dream and was a Labor of Love of Artists you Admire and have a distinctive Style you strongly Connect to... and is so Iconic... well, that really would be a Dream come True wouldn't it?    Sure... I've Lusted over buying the Magnolia Pearl Ranch when it came up for Sale too... but with the considerable Health Issues of this Crew I'm Caregiver of, it wouldn't be feasible to move out into a remote area, no matter how Idyllic a location and even if we could afford it.  But... an Airstream... well... we could hit the Road in Style... our Favorite Style... and fulfill some Wanderlust whilst also traipsing all over the Country visiting Friends and Relatives.  Ah well, one can always continue to Dream... and Hopefully win the Lottery!

Blessings and Idyllic Dreams from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So, did your source also tell you the price? And did her farm/real estate ever sell?

    1. No... I didn't even ask... knowing it would be way outside of our modest budget so not even a remote possibility. And I'm not certain if the Ranch has Sold yet or not, it is a unique and quirky piece of Real Estate and typically that narrows the client base. It would be a slice of Heaven on Earth for someone like me, but might not be for anyone desiring more Traditional living arrangements.

  2. It would be a perfect fit! I sure wouldn't attempt to drive it though, Don't know about you?

  3. I would find it an inviting B&B location -- me, my best wearing-in-glamorous-hotel lounging outfit, and a truly enthralling British cozy murder mystery. (OK, an adult beverage at my side table, in case my arthritis kicks in.) However, considered as a road trip residence? Never! Not even parked in my big back yard! The cats would shread it in minutes!

  4. Wow...can you image! Swooning over here...and lots of it! Happy May my friend. xo


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