Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kitty Farewells

Kitty Farewells... never easy, even when you know they're going to Terrific Loving Homes of Friends and extended Family!  Yes, the wee Devil Kitties who were reeking Mischief and Mayhem in the Gardens of Bohemian Valhalla and Tormenting the Bohemian Cat Boys have now gone on to their New Families and Homes.  One before our Mother's Day Trip departure to a Friend... and the other when we returned, since The Son and his Family Adopted her.

Prior to them leaving we had lost Dear Rusty, who though robust and healthy looking to the end, had come to us as a Feral and my experience has been that Ferals generally don't have as long of a life span.  They just don't benefit from the Therapuetic Nurturing and Love in quite the same way that their Domesticated counterparts do since there's too much Wild in them. 

Rusty was never what the Shelters would refer to as Pet Quality, he reluctantly Tolerated Human contact and was a good Working Cat to have on the Acreage, so we Enjoyed his Years of living among us until he Crossed Over recently.  He came to us in May and left us in May four Years later.  His Farewell was not easy either, since in typical Feral Fashion he just went away and hid to die and we found him long after his Passing.  So laying him to rest had to be short and not so sweet since temps are already high into triple digits.

Because Rusty had his shy and evasive personality around Humans his entire Life, it was not as Emotional to lose him as it had been recently with Yul.  And I must say I feel kinda bad about that, not having the same close Emotional Attachment, though we always tried to.  Really the only one that was ever able to Bond with Rusty was his trusty Sidekick and other half of the Bohemian Cat Boys... Morris.   Morris always acted like a Father Figure to Rusty, since the whereabouts of the Feral Mom was never known when the Grandson rescued Rusty as a frail Feral Kitten... hanging around garbage cans all alone, distrustful of everyone and always refusing to make Eye Contact.

Old Morris is definitely missing his Sidekick since he and Rusty were always so very close.  But I suppose Old Morris is getting too Old now to recruit a new Bohemian Cat Boy or Girl and he avoided the wee Devil Kitties as much as he could since they used him for slow moving Sport and Prey... ambushing him at every turn... whilst he Patiently Endured and Resigned himself to their Playfulness and Antics, like any worn out Good Elder would.  *Smiles*  Morris seems quite relieved that they are gone *LOL* but the rest of us surely are missing their Sweet, though Devilish Presence.

They certainly were two Beautiful Fur Babies with the most striking and unusual Hazel Eyes, probably a Gift from their Unknown Babie's Daddy Gene Pool... and oozing with Personality and Attitude!   I put them on the Path of Enjoying Voguing for the Camera, since Pathological Picture Taking Grammas always take loads of Images of all their Grandbabies, Grand-Fur-Babies included!  *Winks*

Hey, when you've got this much Adorableness going on, you're not Conceited, you're Convinced!  *Winks*   And they were absolutely Convinced they were the Cat's Whiskers so to speak!   That was always a saying my Mom used for anyone full of themselves... and so it fits perfectly in this description!!!  *LOL*

The Bohemian Cat Babies were quite comfortable in front of the lens... and even got their Mommy to be more comfortable about being Photographed as well, since Miss Priss is very Camera Shy... you'd think I was pointing a gun at her rather than a camera!!!  *LOL*

And even though she never once moved them after their birth and left them in the front Porch location for everyone to Help her with the Babysitting *Smart Cat*... she followed them everywhere the G-Kid Force took them to Play... sitting on the sidelines and being the Excellent Mom Cat that she was.   We suspect she was an inexperienced first time Mom, but she did a superb and attentive job of raising them... and yet not hovering and allowing them and us a lot of Freedom with her litter... she clearly Trusted us all.  Even though her Trust with me holding a Camera is still a bit edgy if it's pointed in her direction. *LOL*

Oddly she LOVED me Photographing her Babies though and seemed Proud as a Peacock that they were getting lotsa Camera Face Time.   She'd see me with the camera and Preen them 'til they practically Sparkled and Shone... and didn't have a hair out of place!!!  Kinda like one of those Stage Moms that knows their Offspring are pretty Special and gonna be Stars!  *Smiles*


I wasn't sure how Miss Priss was going to take their departure... or if she can count, since one left before the other... but she took it in stride.  She didn't look for them nor seem to mourn their departure... in fact, she's basking in her newfound Freedom and ability to laze around the Porch again!  *LOL*   They had been getting to the Age where she was leaving them alone more and more... and often Escaping to spend time alone Kidless... I can relate to that Need for some Kidless Moments... so I suppose it was TIME.  *Winks*

Of coarse the G-Kid Force took it a bit harder than Mama Cat did... each of them had Bonded closely with a particular Kitten.   The Black one had Adored Prince R's Attention.
So I'm glad he got to say his Good-Byes before 'she' left... her new Family were better Judges of itty bitty kitty parts and told me they're certain it's a little Girl too!   We hadn't been so sure, which is why Black Kitten had been dubbed with the Nickname of 'Thing One' Dr. Seuss Style since Gender had been a complete Mystery!?!    They certainly were as Mischievous as Thing One and Thing Two that's for sure, my Garden lay in Shambles I tell ya!!!  *Smiles*

And of coarse the Calico one with fur soft as a Duck's Down was clearly Bonded to Princess T... because this little kitty Diva Loved to be dressed up, wrapped up and spoiled rotten... and Princess T is the Diva Surrogate Mom of all Diva Surrogate Moms for that kind of undivided Attention and Smothering with Love!!!   *LOL*
The Son picked her up and was so nervous that first Night while his Girl was at Work and the Girl's were at their Maternal Grandparents because he said Spoiled Kitty was so used to being Pampered that he thought she'd just squeeze into a corner and die without it before all the Girls got Home to take over!   Hilarious!!!  *LMAO*   And that's no Exaggeration... those were his exact words during the frantic phone calls Home all Night to talk to me, worried sick about the kitten adapting to her new environment and feeling inept as a New Fur Baby Dad!  *Smiles*

No... she's NOT gonna squeeze into a corner and die before your Beloved and all the Girls get Home I Assured him... just build her a fort out of blankets and towels to play in if you can't hold her and cuddle anymore and she'll be just Fine!  There's no Return Policy BTW and don't be such a Neurotic Fur Baby Daddy, she's just a bit scared with it being all so new.  *Winks and stifling a giggle!*

He's always had Pets growing up and is an avid Pet Lover... but typically I took care of the Baby Ones... and it tickled me that he was so Coddling and Nervous about doing it Solo for the first time!  I could just Imagine him trying to take care of a Newborn Human Infant... he couldn't Imagine that and didn't think it was so humorous!    He likes all Kiddos to be a little more grown and semi-independant before he's left in charge of them... say around five years old for Human Kiddos and at least Adolescence for Fur Babies!  *Smiles*

Not that Kiddos of ANY Age aren't a handful at times mind you!  *LOL*

But they do have their Mellow Moments where they Appear as though butter wouldn't melt in their little mouths!  *Winks*

But when they're in Motion... they move at warp speed and resemble a blur... which is why getting still Images of them in focus is no easy feat!  *Smiles*

Though I did manage to get the Kittens in some Fabulous Candid Moments... most of the Images were an out of focus blur of Furry Activity and Mischievous Antics.

You've heard the saying, "It's like herding Cats..." well, have you ever attempted to herd Cats?  Impossible!!!   *Smiles*

But when they're taking their Cat Naps, they look so Sweet, so Innocent, so Docile.

And we Loved every minute of their sleeping AND waking hours with us as they grew... it's just hard to say Good-Bye and Release them to other Loving Homes... you get so Attached, even though you don't mean to... but how could you NOT when you look into such Sweet Angelic looking Faces?!

And the good thing is we'll likely get to see them growing up... since they went to Homes of those we know and who will Share Future Photo Shoots and we're looking forward to that!

I know I sure had Fun Photographing them and seeing their Personalities Develop.

And though when their Mama first came to us as a Preggy Stray and I wasn't at all Happy about that aspect of her Adopting us... it was in fact quite a Blessing and an Honor for her to have chosen us as the Home where she felt Safe and Comfortable giving birth to and Raising her little Family.

And Welcoming her small brood into the World... because I for one Believe every Newborn is a Blessing from God.

Though I certainly don't want any more Happy Accidents here at Bohemian Valhalla and am working towards getting Mama Cat not to be having Post Traumatic Cat Carrier Syndrome anymore so that she'll willingly be put into one for a Trip to the Vet for her Spaying.  I don't know her History and she's certainly fearful of Commercially designed Cat Carriers, so we have purchased a Home built one that doesn't look so much like one and allowed her to take Naps on the Porch in it to get used to it.

Yes, we're trying to Trick her and the Kiddos find that to be Hysterical.

The last attempt to put her into a regular Cat Carrier ended disasterously with me running all over our Acreage after her and sweating bullets... so clearly we have to develope a more covert tactic of getting her to the Vet without it being totally traumatic for us both!!!   *Winks*

I've got my Spay Voucher from a Friend who hooked me up for a Free Spaying, which was a real Blessing financially.   So the last step with be coaxing her into the Carrier for her ride to the Vet and being Patient enough to have her Trust it's not the Devil or her Last Ride!

I Appreciated all of the Helpful suggestions from Friends and Animal Lovers here in the Land of Blog who thought perhaps putting her Babies in there would work {Nope, it didn't}... and one day Old Morris even managed to somehow close the door of the Carrier whilst she was in there... but the Babies weren't weaned yet and I was worried about her having a premature Surgery that could affect her ability to Nurse them.  {Damn... Wonder if I could Teach him to do that again?  LOL}

But I'll let you know how that part of the Saga goes my Friends... because we're down to two now here on the Ole Homestead, which is Perfect,l and I don't wanna be known as the Crazy Cat Lady!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Commenting as a certified/certifiable crazy cat lady - congratulations on the adoptions! Might one recommend feeding Miss Priss her usual bowl inside the carrier? Try it for a week, so that she *ahem* becomes accustomed to your bending over it and her with pleasant results. Then do the deed. Also suggest covering it with a sleeping blankie that has a family scent, and which will serve as bedding in the carrier on the return trip. Bon chance!

    1. Beth I shall try this devious tactic... *winks* and obtain some kibbles she won't be able to resist as a Special Treat for the bait! *LOL* Dawn

    2. Bittersweet! They are so precious! How's your Mother? Any change?

  2. Miss Priss is soooo pretty, and those kittens made me all broody for some. But like you I am restricting us to just two from now on. Beautiful photographs of your lovely family, 2 legged and 4 legged. Priss definitely chose well.


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