Monday, May 26, 2014

Auto Pilot

It's been one of those times when I'm coasting on Auto Pilot it seems.  Mom is still Critically Ill and Hospitalized, The Man and The Young Prince are still in very Fragile Health and needing a lot of Attention... and I've been dealing with some Health Issues of my own that have threatened to sideline me.  So keeping a sense of Normalcy about our days has been a particular Challenge.

The House has remained in a state of Suspended Animation of sorts... Frozen in Time between the Holidays and Now... and that's had to just be Okay for the time being... or perhaps for the entire Summer, I'm not sure yet.   The Editing and Purging has continued in spurts... mostly to replenish Sold Inventory in the Showroooms, even tho' Sales have been Soft as the temps rise and the Snow Birds head back Home.

I've picked up some extra hours at Work to offset Rent and I'm Hopeful the Memorial Day Celebrations Hosted by our Antique Mall will draw the crowds and turn some more Inventory so that I can set about re-styling the Showrooms, which desperately need it since I haven't been able to spend much time attending to them.

My Focus has been upon Family and the Personal Health Crisis several of them have been facing in recent weeks.   When the Young Prince got out of the Hospital I Treated he and Grandpa to a Summer Make-Over at my Friend John's Salon in Hopes it would bouy their Spirits and tidy them both up.  It helped with Prince R who Enjoyed his new 'do'.

The take on a British Invasion Style he and John collaborated on turned out quite well and gave him lots more options for Styling and transitioning back to his Natural color while still taking advantage of some of the Blonde we decided not to cut out entirely.

And he promptly gelled it into a Mohawk... which has kinda been a Timeless Generational Style that has been passed along in the Family... The Son once sported one...

 And so did one of my Cousins in the Sixties.   As for The Man though, he's still struggling with considerable Health and Emotional Challenges, which have been rather overwhelming in recent days for us all... and the Make-Over didn't uplift him or make him feel any better at all.

It's been particularly difficult on Princess T having so many other Family Members monopolizing all of the Attention due to extreme Health Issues... and so I've made it a point to get around to the much delayed Girl's Day Out for May with her.   There will be Future Posts about our Adventures... and of coarse my Friends spoil her rotten so she's got some new Bling...

And she wasn't the only one who was Spoiled Rotten by Generous Friends, so was I!!!  As my Talented Friend Angela Surprised me with a Heartfelt Gift that I wasn't expecting at all... another one of her Amazing Silver Cuff Bracelets in a Beautiful Art Nouveau Style... just because she knows I've been going thru so much!!!   It really Touched my Heart, but then she always does, such a Kindred Spirit is she.  I needed that right now... Connections to Kindred Spirits and to be Pampered.  Thank You Dear Angela, your Gorgeous Surprise Gift was like a Good Medicine!!!

Having some sense of Normalcy and Socialization amid this Avalanche of unfolding Drama and Family Tragedies that has buried and threatened to suffocate me if I didn't dig myself out and come up for some air was what I desperately needed and I knew it!!!

Crisis heaped upon Crisis and Extreme Worries for Loved Ones takes a toll and I certainly had been Feeling it.  As it manifested into some Painful Physical Ailments and the Auto Pilot turning on so that I felt rather Robotic and going thru the motions of what needed to be faced and done each day, pushing hard just to do the minimum required and get thru another day intact.

So I needed some Freedom and Frivolity thrown in and squeezed into the insane schedule somehow... this weekend was That Time to attempt to renew, replenish and recharge so that I could stay afloat.  Maybe not getting very far off the ground, but at least not submerging either.

I even did some Retail Therapy which will be revealed in a later Post... and was funded by recently purged items that I'd finally gotten around to Pricing and tossing into the Showrooms rather than languishing in piles at Home where it wasn't doing anybody any good!  *LOL*

In fact I find that particularly Stressful Times are the best remedy for indecision and hesitancy at cleaning house and culling possessions... my Sentiment Ratio drops considerably when I'm physically tired and emotionally raw... I just want stuff gone so I don't have to deal with nor look at it anymore!  And all that I want to remain is what I Cherish most and am not the least bit on the fence about keeping.

And with it being Graduation Time yet again... it was Nostalgic to come across Cherished pixs of The Son taken just before he Graduated in 2004.   The Young Prince will be Graduating from 8th Grade soon... and we are to go pick out some Semi-Formal Attire for him to Attend his Ceremony... they all grow up so fast, almost in the blink of an eye!!!   It doesn't seem as tho' a decade has already passed since our Youngest Child Graduated!  But then again... now some of our Grandchildren have already Graduated!!!

And in spite of almost total Neglect by Yours Truly... the Veggie and Herb Gardens have thrived this Season and are already producing abundant Harvests!!!

It helped that I relocated them to a more convenient spot so that watering and tending wouldn't be such a chore and they're receiving ample extra shade from the Mesquite Grove near the Porch.

Perphaps one day I shall have a Greenhouse or Conservatory to Pamper them and myself better.  But for now I'm just Grateful they've done pretty well on their own without much help from moi.  And that's what I must do too... continue to Survive and Thrive in spite of not having Ideal or sufficient amounts of Help present or available... I know it's possible... it just isn't easy...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The Japanese have a tradition of offering a hostess gifts that must fit inside a closed hand -- those cherry tomatoes would certainly get you through my door.

    The theme of small gifts given and received -- and acknowledged as loving, healing gestures --is a thread you often weave into this performance art pattern you call Bohemian Valhalla.

    Did your wisewoman mother teach you that spotting bits of beauty in the midst of life's trials is akin to mariners scanning the horizon for the flashing beacon of a lighthouse? (I recall you once displayed some of her glassware collection, a passion I share.) This artistic talent that races through your family's bloodlines must serve as ballast to steady your 'auto pilot'.

    Please care for yourself as you do your loved ones. As my German merchant mariner papa would counsel, "halb, halb, langsam..." /"half-speed, half-speed, go slowly...". (He would have heartily approved your jetisoning unwanted cargo in order to ride over the rocks.)

    Blessings on you all in the Arizona Desert.

    1. Oh what a lovely Post Beth, I would have Enjoyed being the recipient of your Wise Papa's Words of Wisdom! Yes, I'm taking more time for myself and getting The Man out more around all that we Enjoy and find to be Uplifting. Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Blessing on you and your family Dawn. It seems you are doing the right thing during this latest crisis. Stay focused on where your strength comes from, as I know you do1 With love and prayers marlynne

    1. Thanks Marlynne... yes, we're doing just that, focusing upon where our strength comes from. And tossing any ballast overboard to lighten the load. *winks* Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Health issues.... they do weigh us down, caring for others and worrying about them too. I'm glad you have such great friends and such a positive attitude. Just keep your eye on the good things in life and the blessings. It can be hard sometimes but so worth it.

  4. Oh sorry I clicked Publish and i hadn't finished, cos I wanted to say your strawberries and tomatoes do pretty well for no care, mine seem to just give up and die even when I tend them lovingly :)


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