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You Don't Act Old ~ Aging Disgracefully And Loving It!

NOTE: Sorry that this was initially the Phantom Post... in the Creation of it I accidentally hit Publish rather than Draft before it was complete!  *Smiles*

"You don't Act Old, so we forget you are...", I get that a lot from Kids and Young Adults.  I Attribute it to Aging Disgracefully and Loving it! 
Just like my Mom and her Mom before her chose to... where you simply never actually considered them 'Old' regardless of Years racked up, because their Joie de Vivre never Changed and the Generation Gap was rather blurred in their World because there was not really many gaps they couldn't transcend. 

They Socialized and got along with people of ALL Ages and a Friend didn't have to be in their Peer Group... or even anything like them.  They suited themselves in their Chosen Lifestyle and Style all their lives, completely Comfortable in their own skin, even as it wrinkled and they changed outwardly. 
Being True to Self along with a Freshness of Outlook and an avid Interest in Everything and Anything!   Staying Young in Spirit and Attitude even as the Exterior Shell is Aging as Time marches on.  Exposing themselves fully to things beyond their 'Era' and actually liking and Embracing much of it.   

Realizing and completely Joyful about the Fact that Old Age is a Privilege not Afforded to many, but which we have Attained as a Special Gift this side of Time and Eternity!
  I don't remember there being a whole lot of Inner Change in who my Mom and Nanna were in their Younger Days and who they were in their Golden Years... they were pretty Constant and therefore they almost seemed Ageless in Personality and Character.  They never were your Little Old Ladies and it was so easy to forget their chronological 'Age'. 
 There is something to be said about Aging Gracefully too... but that's just not been 'Me' nor apparently any of the Women in my lineage.  *Winks* 
I rather like to prance around in a very undignified manner that Feeds my Soul and makes me Feel Good, regardless of what others might think or say about it! *LOL*   It's harmless Fun and as my Dear Ole' Mum has always said, "Better to be looked over than overlooked Love!"

But it got me to Thinking about, what IS "Acting Old"?  I wasn't sure I knew really, how one at this Season of Life is Supposed to or Expected to 'Act' or is our particular Stereotype as Seniors?  *Winks*  So I thought I'd do an Unofficial Survey of sorts by asking Children and Young Adults what "Acting Old" looked like to them?  

 I was Curious about this Phenomenon of "Acting Old" and also about when, how or why it actually happens to some people... and seems not to necessarily happen to others?  Children are very Candid and Observe Well, don't ever Assume they're not looking nor always paying attention to the World unfolding around them!  They're very Pure about how they Experience and See Life so their answers can be quite Profound and Astute.

 Pureness of the Life Experience is also probably why they do things like Skip and do Cartwheels or wear ridiculous Sunglasses and show off discolored tongues after eating something Colorful... and usually don't once they get to a certain 'Age'.   An Age where things like that suddenly Cease or aren't so Spontaneous and the Observations are replaced by taking things for granted that used to create complete Wonder and Awe.   Growing Old and maybe even starting to "Act Old"?!?  Growing Up is Optional you know!

 I personally always want to keep my sense of Wonder and Awe about the World around me and look forward to having Fun... and though I never mastered the Cartwheel, even as a Child, I have always Enjoyed a good Skip and leading a Colorful Life.  You can't Feel anything but Joy when you Skip, it's such Carefree Movement... and a Colorful Life is never, ever boring or Neutral!!!  *Winks*

So what did the Survey Reveal?  Well, in no particular order here are some amusing samplings of casual Observations and Comments by the Young on what "Acting Old" is Apparently all about as seen thru their Eyes... :
"Not being as much Fun to be around anymore."
"Only liking Old People Music, Styles and Activities."
"Not even trying to look Pretty or Stylish anymore."
"Complaining and being Sad, Cranky or Mad a LOT!"
"Being too Critical, Intolerant or Judgmental about Younger Generations."
"Being too Serious ALL the time."
"Not trying anything new or Exciting."
"Being too stuck in the Past."
"Only having Old People Friends."
"Not at least Appreciating or even Aware of what's On-Trend now."
"Not really Interested in what Young People think, do or have to say."
"Doing things only Old People do."
"Being afraid to be Silly or act Crazy Spontaneous anymore... especially where People can see."

Source: Pinterest

Yes, I suppose 'Acting Old' can be Quaint, Sweet and quite Dignified or even Tasteful as one Ages... and it probably is more the Norm... but I don't know that I'll ever be that Little Old Lady... Sweet as she is.  I much prefer to Age Disgracefully, it's much more Fun and makes me Feel much more Alive and Entertained... and Apparently more Entertaining as well!  *Winks*  "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, 'WOW . . . What a ride!' " ... that is much more likely to be my Epitaph and Legacy.

And I'm sure if you also Wonder... and ask enough Kiddos and Young Adults that same Question about what IS "Acting Old?"... there would be a wealth of Candid Observations and Answers.   And my Conclusion was that "Acting Old" and "Being Old" are two distinctly different things and are not necessarily mutually exclusive!!!  

 And whether the Senior "Looked Old" or seemed a Wonderment in Preservation also seemed not to matter as much, if at all, to the Younger Generation... as much as "Acting Old" did.   Apparently you could look as Old as Methuselah and because you don't "Act Old" they can actually forget you are.  *Smiles*   And you could be excellently Preserved on the exterior and "Acting Old" will completely destroy the Illusion of Youthfulness.  *Winks*   So I'm Glad actually that I'm Aging Disgracefully... and Loving every minute of it!!!

Blessings and complete Disgraceful Aging from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Please go to YouTube and watch: 1920s Flapper Doris Eaton. This grande dame of the musical stage is known even to contemporary ballroom dance competitors. A young lad with whom I work is a dancer. He informs me Doris was working on the act, twice a week, virtually up to the time of her death.

    And there are some interviews on tape. My favorite quote? "How is your act different now, ma'am, from when you were in the Folies?" "Well, dear, I do wear more clothes..."

  2. Hello Dawn! Oh, how I so enjoyed this post! And it was an eye-opener too! It's funny because the other day, as I was rubbing lotion on my knee scar, I glanced down and thought, " hands look terrible!" Then my eyes glanced back at my very long, reddish, bruised scar, and I thought, "Geesh! Which is worse? My knee or my hands?" And then I smiled and told myself, "Well, your hands still work, and I'm not in a all is good!" Even though we have little say on how we age on the outside, on the inside, can choose how to age. I have fond memories of an old woman, Memaw, who helped raise me up to age 8 or 9. She was born in 1892, had more wrinkles than the Kardashians' sheets, wore wing-tip glasses long after they were in style, and always had a kleenex and hard candy at the bottom of her purse. However, I love her dearly and as a little girl, I loved how she sped through the neighborhoods (seriously, we are talking 60-80 mph), how she knew all the policemen who stopped her for speeding (as in, "John? You have grown! How's your mother? Haven't seen you in church lately, how are your young'ns?") And how the policemen would stand there shooting the breeze with her and warn her to take it slower - no ticket. She was only 4'10," a bust out to "here," always wore a brooch, not a stylish hair style at all, but had all the charm in the world. Her funeral, till this day, was the largest I ever attended. I think of Memaw more and more as I age and how she was so comfortable in her skin, complained very little, and always made people laugh (with her, NOT at her). Thanks for such a lovely post, loved the pics! And thank you for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment.

    Lots of hugs

  3. Great post!! My mom is in her 70's and people absolutely can't believe it! She's one of the most stylish, fun, active people that I know! Love your attitude (and you clothes and jewelry, too ;)

  4. I think creative people have an advantage over others in that we always have 3 or 4 things going at once with 10 more we are wanting to get to! No time to act old!

  5. Awesome post Dawn, what a great read and good for you:-)) Loved seeing you in all your different outfits...the geisha's my fave.

  6. When I am old, I shall wear purple........


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