Monday, April 14, 2014

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

No, in case you were Wondering, I've never seen the Movie yet, though the Name always Intrigued me and I can certainly Relate to the Subject Matter and Premise of the Film's Challenge... well, most of it anyway, except for one pair of pants fitting everybody Perfectly that is!  *LOL*
"Four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly."

Staying Connected as Lives go off in different directions... even in this day and Age of Technological Marvels that make it more possible and convenient than in the Past, can still be quite the Challenge can't it?   We were Designed to be Social Creatures and to be Relational... that's why Solitary Confinement can be so Torturous a Punishment and Loneliness the worst Condition for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul to Endure and as Mother Teresa once said, "The Worst Poverty!"
"We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty." ~ Mother Teresa

Are there Friends or Family that you've Lost Touch with over Time my Friends and would certainly have to hatch a Plan to Re-Connect Effectively... and more importantly Stay Connected to bridge distance and Lives going off every whichway?!  Or perhaps even had a Relational Disconnect under the same roof at times?   We have... and Investing in Long Distance Relationships is even more tricky than Investing in Relationships of those who remain Close or at least Close by.  Absence doesn't always make the Heart grow Fonder and there is always the Risk of Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, just because Life in General can consume so much of the thought process and Time.   And Time flies... before you know it... lots of Time might have gone by without Contact or an Intentional Connection being Sustained and a Relationship Cultivated and properly Nurtured so that it will Thrive!  And even those we see every day, we have to Invest ourselves reciprocally in each other to have Healthy Relationship!

I don't know about you, but for me, when folks fall off the Grid so to speak, the Reaching Out part can be Awkward because who knows why anyone falls off the Grid Relationally and for extended periods of Time?  Sometimes you can pick up right where you left off, even if Time, sometimes even a lot of it, has been breached.  Other times that's just not possible... or even if it was... some folks keep falling off the Grid because that has become their particular Pattern and Nature Relationally with Friends or Family.   Since I'm an Investment Person by my very Nature, if something or someone is Truly Important to me, I Invest my Time, Energy and Resources into Sustaining, Cultivating and Nurturing the Quality of it, even over Time, Separation and Distance.

I realize not everybody is like me though and so, I do find that those who fail to Sustain Relationship in a Meaningful Reciprocal way, might find that anything Neglected eventually doesn't Thrive and can in fact just Die Off or fall by the wayside.   That pertains to Relationships just as surely as it does almost everything else in Life.   I would Expect it in fact... though I'm often Surprised at how many don't Expect it even if they know they've not Invested anything, or much of anything anyway, in Caring for their Things or their Relationships!   And when it's all Damaged or Lost... they will Lament... and yet, not always really Change.

And sometimes Truly it is Hard no matter how much we may Try or Want to, or is just not the Same anymore... especially if Distance, Time, Changes and with Life going off in different directions or no Commonalities anymore is the Real factor in why Friends or Family just aren't Close anymore Relationally.   Sometimes perhaps they don't even want to be... or one party doesn't want to be... and that's Okay too... to Let Go and Move On when something is Dead and no longer Valued for whatever reasons or maybe no reason at all and has simply run it's course and served it's Purpose.   Maybe not completely Forgetting when it was Special and more Intimate or Fun and Mutually Beneficial.   So I do Wonder... in that Movie... if the Sisterhood Succeeded?  If the Traveling Pants continued to 'Fit Perfectly' over Time?  Or if that was merely meant more as a Metaphor for Folks who either Fit or no longer Fit Perfectly?  As Folks... and Pants... tend to do... especially over Time.  *Smiles*

There are Changing Seasons, even Relationally... and you either Change with that Season to continue to Compliment and Complete each other and Value the Changes we all go thru... or you grow Apart... in another Field completely perhaps... like Seeds blown and taking Root where ever they happen to land and melding with that Environment completely or Purposed Differently for each Season of Life and thus simply Moving In Purpose.  

Or maybe Intentionally Separated, sometimes beyond their Control or Desires... like Siblings from a Litter given to different Families and never to perhaps ever see each other again and have the Opportunity to continue to Grow Together and Share Life uninterrupted?   When I see my Precious New Kittens nestled Sweetly together or with their Mother I often think of how unfair it is for those in the Animal Kingdom that are Domesticated to be split apart by us Humans, even though it is necessary, by our Standards or particular Circumstances to often do so.  Though even in Nature that may eventually happen just because it was Meant to Be So.  But for the Time they had Together it was Special... and so I Hope it also is with each and every Family Member and Friend each of us has ever had Relationship with in Life!?   For However long, or short, that Season was.

And may we not Focus upon the Whys or Hows when our own Sisterhood of Traveling Pants fails to hatch that Perfect Plan that works out to keep us Connected... even with the Best of Intentions and Efforts, by one, some or even all.  It happens... if we just keep on Living its bound to happen sometimes to us all and with various Relationships we've had, however Precious they were and no longer now seem to be... at least not the same way... and sometimes we just have to have a Peace about that in our own way.  And it's Okay to go thru the Grieving Process of the Loss of a Family Member or Friend, even if they're still among the Living... that's Natural and Normal if it wasn't by Choice that it Withered, Changed or even Died.  But don't Risk closing yourself off so that you won't ever have to Hurt again or be Hurt again.   I Hope you never Believe you are unwanted, unloved and uncared for, because you aren't... Truly you aren't, Believe that with all your Heart and Soul, because God has always Loved you just as you are, even if People have sometimes failed to and failed you!  And because as Life Continues there will be New Bonds and Attachments to Form and Cherish, if we remain Open to it.  Those who will Celebrate you and have Purpose in your Life and you in theirs. It doesn't necessarily diminish nor replace previous ones and the Memories we can continue to Cherish forever if we Choose to.  I do Hope you Choose to my Friends... 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. For many reasons, I am crying as I read this post. I will return in order to comprehend more fully.

  2. Heavy Thinking! I sure love your kitten picture! I'm always sad when I see one animal out in the field by it's self

  3. Tonight I raised my glass of wine to "absent friends...".


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