Thursday, April 17, 2014

Procrast-Egg-Nation And Egg-Stremes

It happens every Holiday... the swaying between Procrast-Egg-Nation and Egg-Stremes... because we always try to do it ALL and take on more Projects and Activities than any Sane Person or Family should!  *Smiles*

Easter just happens to be one of the worst for that Scenario than most other Holidays for us... because Spring rolls in with it and the Activity Calendar of Events being Hosted during the most Glorious Weather imaginable makes it difficult to focus on those Easter faux Art Eggs Projects I always fully intend to get around to... and mostly don't.  Either because I run out of Time to squeeze those Projects in or I forget where I stashed the supplies!   Or simply Forgotten altogether in the Holiday Prep Frenzy going on!!!  *LOL*

This Year it was once again the faux Art Eggs dyed with Vintage Ties and the Organic Moss, Vintage Button and Jute ones... ah well, we can spend Non-Easter Time Creating them in the newly completed Art Studio this Summer instead I suppose!?  *Smiles*   Instead the Eggmeister, Alias Princess T, insisted that our focus be upon the gazillion plastic and metallic Eggs to get out of storage and let her stuff with treats.   And I'm not Eggs-Aggerating the numbers here... she always insists upon Epic Proportions for the big Easter Egg Hunt on our Property!   Wonder where she got that Overkill Excess Mentality from?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I'm pretty sure there's still some out on the Acreage we hid Years ago when Relatives were Visiting and all the Grandpas, Great-Uncles and Uncles hid them so WELL that Year that I'm STILL finding some long forgotten ones to this day... now Sun Bleached with Petrified Candies in them!   *Smiles*  Thank God they weren't of the Hard Boiled variety!   Guys can have their own Obsessions when it comes to Hiding things for a Hunt... even tho' gently reminded these are only Kids Hunting and the Point is to actually be able to FIND the Hidden Treasures!  *LOL* 

Because Seriously... do you think that Aging Men and ADHD Young Uncles are even gonna remember where THEY hid the gargantuan Cache of Eggs distributed around an Acre if the Kiddos can't find them?!!!?   *Bwahahahahaha!*   So in recent years we've narrowed the Hunt Area considerably and given a Time Limit just so that we don't have Heat Stroke and a Coronary trying to Hide OR Find the Eggs!   Because naturally the Kiddos are Attached to them all and seem to be able to know if even ONE is Missing from the Hundreds!  *WHAT!!!!!  Are you SURE it's not in there?!??!   LOL*

I Suspect the G-Force is very much like The Son was... Photographic Memory and Total Recall. Because they surely must Memorize every single Egg as it's being filled... and of coarse there's 'The Count' just to make it a Sighfest for the Adults to ensure that we keep at it 'til every single Egg is Accounted for!  *Le Sigh*

This Year I tried in vain to Impose Egg Limits on the sheer volume of Eggs going into The Hunt... but lets face it, I 'Get It', that's akin to Imposing Junquing Limits and what I can Haul Home on Yours Truly... and that's never quite worked out either has it?  *Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!*  The Apples didn't fall far from the Tree in this Familia... we're all similarly Afflicted with extremes and taking on too much... hence the procrastination part of pulling it all together and holding it down when Time Constraints run out!  *LOL*
But after two days of slogging away at it the Eggmeister managed to get her Project Completed... inbetween stints of being the Candy Police and keep Grandpa and the Young Prince out of and from devouring Easter Candies that hadn't made it into Plastic Eggs yet!  *LOL*  Which is more than I can say for Gramma Dawn... who is YET to Complete or even to Begin ONE Vintage-Tie-Dyed faux Egg or Moss Covered one!!!   Even though there are about four dozen faux Eggs and Supplies at the ready... for WHENEVER that manages to play out and actually go from being Conceptual to being Real?!?  *Winks*  

But it's not As If I've been Idle either my Friends au contraire... there have been School Fund Raisers to Attend... Pizza Parties...

Trips to the Parks so that the Kiddos can meet up with their Friends and have Play Dates...

And that is The Stuff that Memories are Indeed Made Of after all!!!   They will probably not Remember Fondly too much about how much Effort Gramma put into Decorating for the Holidays and having it Just So at Bohemian Valhalla so that the Atmosphere Evokes a Mood of each and every Celebration.

It's more about Celebrating Life along with those Cherished Holidays and Holy Days that Counts and makes for a Life Well Lived and Fully Enjoyed to the Max!!!   And I'm All About THAT!!!  How Priceless is Attending a School Fund Raiser with my Little Princess and her Friends.  Having Old Style Photo Booth Dress-Up Images taken with her Posse and Sponsored by a Generous Local Orthodontist so that they each received a strip of them as a Free Gift because they Love to see them Smile and have Fun!?!   Princess T's closed mouth Smiling is due to recently having three stubborn Baby Teeth extractions up front this week that she's still a tad bit self-conscious of having a Toothless Grin about, Diva that she is.  *Smiles*  And since it is likely she will need Braces like her Mother before her... I shall have to keep this Orthodontist in mind! 

So yes, once again I have definitely swayed between Procrast-Egg-Nation of those things and those Projects that never got done and I fully Intended to immerse myself into after being Inspired here in the Land of Blog or on Pinterest by the Visuals of Wonderful Shared Projects I wanted to try.   And Egg-Stremes of having an Itinerary and To-Do List that no Sane Person should ever Imagine could get done... even on their Best Day and under Ideal Conditions and Circumstances!  *Winks*

And Prioritizing Egg-sactly which Traditions and Rituals MUST be done no matter what!  Even if some Years they are Compromised a bit... such as the Purchases of the Easter Baskets rather than making them myself... which was the case this Easter.   Not that the Kiddos mind one iota, they've Loved it both ways because it's not As If Gramma isn't gonna go Over-The-Top either way!  *Winks*

And if I find the right Baskets made with Love and Attention to Detail and having Perfect Contents there's really no point in taking on a Needless Project, right?   BTW:  Cracker Barrel does not charge extra for the Creation of their Pre-Made-Baskets... you will only be charged for the actual Contents... so why not Purchase these Beautiful Pre-Made Baskets in the Store Section of the Restaurant I say!!!   *Winks*

I Like that they have Retro Candies... and I can always Supplement the Pre-Made Baskets with whatever I know the Kiddos look forward to every Easter and I can usually find everywhere.  Like Yellow Peeps... tho' there was a Run on them this Year and tho' there was a Rainbow of the other colored ones, the Yellow ones were hard to find... so the Princess got Yellow Peep Rabbits instead of the Chickies since Prince R's were the last box of Yellow Peep Chicks!  *Whew, close call!*

Having narrowly averted disaster by procuring the last box of Yellow Chick Peeps for the OCD Prince who would have not been Settling for anything other than YELLOW ones shaped like Chicks, I could now Relax and just sprinkle Springtime Elements around Bohemian Valhalla to my Heart's Content... since Clearly I'm not getting around to faux Art Egg Creating anytime soon!  *LOL*

There are the Cherished Spring Gifts from Past Spring Celebrations... like the Mad Tea Party Hat Created for Princess T by my Extremely Talented and Uber Generous Blog Friend Tricia Fountaine.  It's Special Memories of Celebrations Past that fuel the making of Special Memories of Celebrations Present.

And we mostly Accomplish it every Year, though each Season tends to have it's particular Challenges of filled Schedules and Commitments... along with the Unexpected Issues of Life tossed in for good measure.

You know... Peppered with Sick Kids Home from School recovering... Post Surgical Spouses Home recovering... Agency Visits and a Host of Doctor and Dental Appointments... just to make it MORE Interesting, Un-Egg-Spected and Egg-Citing!  *LOL*

But the fact of the matter is, we do so Enjoy our Holidays and Holy Days immensely and even though we always take on too much it always Works Out just Fine and we don't Obsess about what didn't get done and we haven't yet Accomplished.  So long as everyone is having a Wonderful Time in the Process of Celebrating it All, the Doing of it All is secondary really.  We fully Understand that we're very Clark Griswold when it comes to our Style of Celebrating Holidays.  In fact, I'm sure we're Related to those Iconic Characters?!?  *Winks*

But they were a Memorable Bunch weren't they?  And it's in Creating something and being Someone Memorable that makes anything a Success in our Minds.   In Doing or Being Unforgettable because the Recollections and the Memories are what Lives On long past any Point in Time.

And Years from now nobody will probably Remember or even remotely Recall what didn't happen... and so long as they Fondly Remember and Recall what DID happen, it's all Good!

And this is Sure not to be the first nor the last Holiday and Celebration where we have run the gamut of  Procrast-Egg-Nation and Egg-Stremes, that's just how we Roll and that isn't likely to Change.  Because we ALWAYS want to Try to DO IT ALL, you know?!?  *Winks*  To keep Adding to those Traditions and Rituals we hold Dear and look forward to each Season.  And sorting out which are the most Important and Prioritizing them as such.

And even though we know we can't, it's Fun to Try!!!   And perhaps one Holiday we might just Succeed?!?   Who knows...

Easter Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Easter to you too! How true: we will remember the things we did do together not the things we didn't get done!

  2. All those splendid objets d'art in vivid cerise have satisfied my hunger for color this morning! That blue basket is a perfect choice for displaying the Princess's treasure trove -- and of course, Peeps must be yellow chicks!

    Mixing my cultural metaphors, dear Dawn, I'm 'dancing on the roof...and singing Tradition.' Thank you for reminding me of cold damp mornings invested in prowling around church yards, hiding plastic L'eggs for the little ones.


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