Friday, April 4, 2014

More Studio Cottage Makeover Revealed...

Since I'm only able to spend a couple of hours or so each day devoted to the Art Studio Cottage Makeover I have to be Content with modest results for each day.  So just completing one small Vignette the way I want it or getting the Repurposed Old Instrument Case Shelving installed is cause for Celebration!!!   One more thing checked off the List and moving me closer to considering the Project a Success!  The Excitement of seeing it all Come Together and fall into place is somewhat like giving Birth... Creating anything is actually.

In so many ways its been a Good Thing to take the Project slowly and deliberately, because then the Personality and Essence of the Space has ample Time to Evolve as it is Transformed.  Any time I am Creating anything, be it a piece of Art or Making Over a Space, the longer it takes the better it seems to always turn out.   It may start out as an overall Vision, but as it Comes to Life, it does tend to take on a Life of it's own and the End Result is always different than the initial Idea or Concept was... but in a Good Way.   I liken it to when you were having a Child and a generalized Idea of what it might look like, but until the actual Birth you really didn't know what it would REALLY look like... just that it would be your Baby!  *Smiles*

I may know the Style and Aesthetic I'm gravitating to for the Project... and certainly during the Thrill of the Hunt for Contents to fill it and have Purpose for it, I know what I Like and would go nicely together in the Space... but I rarely have an actual 'List'... or 'Swatches'... or make Mock-ups and Sketches or Patterns.  Some things may not have even been Considered for the Decor initially, but end up there... and other things were Considered and didn't work out.  For me the Styling of a Space and Creating an Atmosphere or a Work of Art works better if its more Organic and Spontaneous as it is Coming to Life.   Serendipity plays a vital role in my Process and often I'm as Surprised at the end result as anyone else is when Beholding it for the first time, in it's Completed State of Being.

That's why it is almost virtually impossible for me to say, when asked, what something I'm Creating is going to be like or look like?  How can I Describe it... well, I can't!  Because frankly, I don't know... not for certain... because in the Fantasy Stages of Visualizing it in my Mind's Eye it is not only quite Vague, but also constantly Evolving and Morphing until I'm actually Creating whatever it is.   And even then, it seems to have more of a Mind of it's own, than my Mind directing the way specifically and with focused precision.   I know some of the Elements I Ideally want to Incorporate, but where they will go, how they will go, and what they'll actually look like or come together as... not so much.

All that I do know is that I want to have Fun with the Process and not be too Serious about the Outcome being Just So... it's Okay if it just Happens and is Subject to Change Without Notice!  *Smiles*  I rather Enjoy the Element of Surprise actually.  If I were to be inflexible and anal about what should go where, certain Shades of Color, Contents, etc... and then it didn't work out, I Feel that could be a Set Up for Disappointment or a sense that it somehow failed to live up to Expectations.  So I prefer flexibility about any Project, any Creation, with no real Expectations that are set in stone... so that Aesthetically it can look Pleasing as it is being Created, but without being or looking Forced or Contrived.  I didn't initially Intend to have Old Instrument Case Shelving... but they were Perfect Serendipity Elements at just the right time... and being Black... and with Fabulous Old Velvet Interiors in Royal Blue and Turquoise... that could hold Art Supplies... they then HAD to be Incorporated somehow and somewhere!  I mean, how could they NOT!?!  *Smiles*

Some things were just Meant to Be and you just didn't know it Initially.  That is why I'm always Open to Inspiration and New Ideas that I might not have Considered at the Beginning of a Creative Process... but am certainly willing to try out and Experiment with.  It's not the end of the World if somehow it doesn't Gel and has to be Scratched and Discarded.  Timing is almost always EVERYTHING when it comes to Projects as well... had I done the Studio Makeover the moment the Space was Vacated... I wouldn't have had all of the Elements at my disposal and it would certainly have looked quite different than it does Today... so I'm Glad I Patiently Waited now.  Sure... the Waiting was sometimes Excruciatingly Painful since Patience doesn't happen to be one of my Virtues... but anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.

I've been Storing AND Accumulating Objects for this Project you see... over Time... a great deal of Time actually.   So the length of Time actually spread out the Cost to make it Affordable, rather than starting a Grandoise Project and not having the Funding, I'd rather wait and not Compromise or Settle.   You just wouldn't even Believe how many of these Found Treasures actually Cost Nothing {Curbside Finds}... or next to Nothing {Sales or Negotiated Deals}... that's right... if you're in no hurries you can be more Selective and Discerning... no Desperation buys... or have Serendipity Work in your Favor by the Right Stuff just Turning Up unexpectedly and even for FREE!!!

Some things that ended up in the Makeover have been around Bohemian Valhalla for a long time but really never had a 'Place'... at least not a Proper Place... but I knew they would some day... and until that Day came... they often were out of place actually... or simply just Stored Away.

This Old Camera sat on top of the Back Kitchen Fridge for over two years... not that it Belonged there or necessarily even fit in with whatever else was up there... but because I liked it, I knew Eventually I'd find the Perfect Place and Vignette for it to be Showcased.  That Day has now come!

I've had an Absolute Infatuation for Years with Old Vintage Suitcases... especially those with the Butterscotch and preferably Striped Fabric Exteriors.   So I've been Collecting and Hoarding them for a very long time... so Imagine how Jazzed I was to find this Matching Radio... which was completely Restored and in Working Condition!!!   I had never seen one before and didn't even know they Existed... and the Radio Guy who was Selling it, had made an Info Sheet all about this Model!!!  Dontcha just Love it when someone has Expertise in what they Specialize in Selling?

And even if you don't find that Perfect Old Suitcase... it's Fun when you either find one that someone has Embellished to make it more Unique and Beautiful, like this one... or have it give you the Inspiration to do a similar Project on some Plain Old Suitcase or one that is pretty battered and needs some Cosmetic Surgery.  *Winks*

One of the last bastions of Transformation in this Project will be the East Wall of Built-Ins because they're presently filled with Lord knows what?!?  *LOL*   And I will also want to replace some of the present Antique Hardware with other Antique Hardware I prefer or which will be more Functional.  But I have always Loved this Wall of Built-Ins because it was made completely of Salvaged Antique Doors... in various Entrance Door and Cabinet Door Sizes!   Having a Wall of Storage that hides the Contents is also a great accent for any Studio.  Though I do Love having some things Visible for Inspiration or to know at a glance where it is... too much Visibility can be Visual Overload and look Cluttered, Distracting or Chaotic.  So not everything needs to be in plain view, so long as it's Organized and easily Accessible.

One of my Favorite Organizational Mini Storage Collections is Old Cigar Boxes... I've always just Loved the Graphics and how Versatile they are.  One day I would Love to Own a Large Cigar Box Storage Cabinet... I've only ever seen a Precious few... and sadly had to Pass on them due to the darned Budget.  So... I may have to just Create my own once I've amassed enough of a Collection to make building one more feasible than trying to locate and purchase an Antique one. 

You should have seen me trying to hang the Old Instrument Case Shelving without Help... they are much heavier than they seem... especially with Iron Brackets and balancing an Electric Drill and Screws in your other hand!!!  I looked like a Circus Acrobat!  *LOL*    The Man was way too Impatient and Critical to be of actual Help... he was asking too many 'Man Questions' constantly anyway, such as, "Have you used a Level to see if it's mounted straight?"  {HUH??!??!  I'm supposed to try to Balance a Level too, are you kiddin' me?!?!   Smiles}   And, "That won't work Honey..." or "I don't think you're using the right Screws to hold those in place..."  or "You can't use an Ice Cream Scoop as a Hammer!!!"  {Why Not?  And Go Away... NOW!!!  LOL}  He's usually Amazed that any Construction Project I immerse myself in actually Turns Out and Works at all!!!  *Ha ha ha!!*  He always comes in at Completion, or near Completion, with this Incredulous look on his Face like Magic must have happened because it actually Worked the unorthodox way she did it!!!  *Blink Blink*

And... all that Crazy Stuff she's been Hoarding and piling up everywhere actually DID have a Plan behind it... well, sorta, we're not gonna tell him that it was such a Loose Plan that it almost wasn't Planned at all, Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!   *Winks*   I'm pretty sure he thought the Hoarding of the Suitcases was a Getaway Plan and he's probably now relieved that it's just a Studio Storage Plan!!!   Well... my Backup Plan could be a Getaway Plan since I certainly have plenty of Luggage now for all the Crap I'd want to depart with!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!* 

The Son will be over this Weekend to Help me suspend everything from the Ceiling that I want hung up.  And to assist me with moving the last of the larger Furnishings that the Young Prince isn't quite strong enough to Help Gramma schlepp across our Acreage from the East Storage Cottage... to the Studio Cottage on the far West end of the Property... and then figure out how we're gonna get them inside?!?  *LOL*   There's only a few major pieces yet to place... a Harvest Table Created from an Old Door with Old Column Legs... and some more Antique Needlepoint Chairs.   The Son is a much more Patient Co-Worker when it comes to my Projects and Grandoise Visions than his Dad or his Nephew... he doesn't ask Questions or give Opinions, or roll his eyes as if I'm Nuts and tells me it can't be done... he just asks me what I want done and helps me figure out a way to just do it... you know, doing the Impossible!    I Like that in a Person!!!  *LOL* 

Because I 'Get It', I do always Think Outside of the Box and so in the Trying to Explain It I'm Certain it DOES sound like absolute Madness, Strange or Delusional.  *Smiles*   Even Simple Things like why I put my Glitter in Antique Crystal Salt Shakers rather than just leaving them in the Store Bought Containers baffles some people... they're probably Thinking, What does it Matter?   Well, for the OCD of us it DOES matter... especially if the Store Bought Containers are Plain, Common or Ugly!  I'm a Huge "Packaging" Buff!!!  *Winks*   But then, the same people who might Wonder about that Packaging Fetish of mine are probably also Wondering why so much has to Sparkle in my World anyway?!?   Does she put Glitter, Bling and Adornments on EVERYTHING?  Well, YEAH!!!!!! *LOL*

And Aroma is also very Important and Big in my World.   Essential Oils, Scented Candles and Sachets are used EVERYWHERE!!!   Nag Champa is my Hallmark Scent... but this Space will also have Forgotten Sage... Fir Champa... Lavender... Frankinsence... Rose... Orange Blossom... or Patchouli... depending on the Mood I want to Evoke that particular Moment.   I Love Experimenting with Fragrance... and in this Space there is always Music playing... ALWAYS.

And slowly, but surely, the Staging Areas of the Bedroom and Bathroom of this Studio Cottage are being emptied out... and once this Main Room is Complete I will be moving on in there... I recently had an Inspiration Image I will draw upon for the Wall Color Transformation of the Bedroom:

Source: Pinterest Image from Bohemian Pages Blog
Though the Bedroom of the Cottage has Antique Wood Wainscot halfway up the Wall which I will leave alone... and some Precious Old Murals near the Ceiling which I will also leave alone... the midsection needs Painting and I've decided upon Deep Indigo... which is so Restful and Soothing to me.   Since that room is often offered to Visiting House Guests I want it to be Tranquil, Inviting and Restful... and I Loved everything about this Image... it's very much My Style and Perfect for Inspiration as the Bedroom Makeover will begin shortly.

I like Bold Colors on Walls... though I do Wish you could see the Actual Hue of the Crimson Blood Red Walls... they're just not Photographing as Deep as they actually are... though you can see the Color Wash Texture I Intentionally Created to give it some Worn Old World Charm and the Appearance of having been this Hue for Ages.

Painting is one of my least Favorite Project necessities... though I Love the End Result of Repainting very much and nothing Transforms a Space so quickly and inexpensively as a fresh coat of Paint does.   It's not that I don't like to Paint at all... it's just that I have Vertigo and so even being just a rung or two up a ladder Freaks me out totally!  So once I can no longer reach and need to climb since getting higher necessitates Completing a Paint Job... I'm actually not having Fun anymore and it's very stressful for me being up on a ladder, nevermind juggling Paint Can, Brush and not being able to hang on for grim death with BOTH hands!  *LOL*   This is why its vital that The Son hang the Chandies, Buntings and Signs that must be suspended from the Ceiling... so I don't hyperventilate trying to do it myself!  *Shudder!*

Quick Decorating Question:  Doe anyone else Collect Old Books just because of the Binding and/or Covers being a great Decorating Tool or perhaps even the Title?   You would think I was an Avid Reader of Old Books... when in fact it's the Visual Aesthetic that drew me in with each and every one I've Collected.   Though my Library of Decorating Books and Magazines are read and used for Inspiration, my Old Book Collection is purely Aesthetic in Nature.  So... some of my Red, Black and Sepia Old Books were dragged into the Studio Today to be Styled with.

And though it hasn't been Photographed yet... I also dragged in yet another very small Vintage Suitcase that now sits under the Antique Jardiniere off to the far Right.

So... the Main Room is about 80% Complete now and a Final Reveal of it will be in a Future Post.  I've yet to Oil all the Wood, which will be the last Finishing Touch after everything has been moved in, Organized and Styled... then it will be ready to begin Being an Art Studio once again!  *Yay!!!*

And if you're in the Mood for a Blog Party... we're still Partying over at Cindy's Blog Party for Show and Tell Friday at MY ROMANTIC HOME!   Just click on the Link and it will take you there... if you have something to Show Off too, submit before the Linky Closes... if not, Please stop by and Visit the Party to be Inspired by the hundreds of Participants that have so many Wonderful things to Share!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Old cameras! Old radios! You better lock your door tight or I'll sneak in at night and take some of these treasures home!

    1. Okay then... the House Guest Invitation should be rescinded then? *Winks* Lest you be led into Temptation? *Ha ha ha!* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I really like your choices for wall color and old world finish! I know each days project is thrilling for you1 I'm excited waiting for each of your posts! Especially the wall fixtures and decorations coming next! I love bunting too! In fact I'm going in my studio and start some right now! Granddaughter and Great Grandson are gone for the evening so grandma is going to play!

    1. I do Hope you'll Share pixs of your finished Bunting? Mine were Created by a very Dear Talented Friend of mine and I can't wait to get them hung! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. And I'll be holding the door open for the Shybiker if the haul includes that extremely interesting Chinese (?) figurine...magpie style, I might leave behind some of my own stash of Nag Champa and patchouli oil.

    The Ouija board gives me the willies, dear Dawn. I've viewed far too many episodes of The Haunted Collector!

    1. Loved that Show Beth! If I suspected any item with History had Negative Energy attached to it... or had a sense that strong Attachments came with it {good or bad} and it probably never should have been bought or sold... I would respectfully dispose of it. Both of my Parent's Cultures have very different viewpoints about Spirit and co-existing with it, so we always had things in our Home that gave some folks the willies. *LOL* Guess I'd have to be more Careful about Inviting you and Shy Biker over as House Guests lest I lead you both into Temptation! *Winks and a Smile* Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. It is always best, I think, when things evolve. They acquire layers of meaning. What beautiful items you have put together. I specially love the boxes.

  5. I love your collection of vintage suitcases. And that radio is a great find.
    I love things that make me think of the 40s era. I just have a fascination with that era, the music, the movies, the clothes, the THINGS from then.
    Your room is looking great.


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