Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eggstreme Distraction For Difficult Times

I'm Glad that Easter is right around the corner, it is not only one of my Favorite Celebrations, but Decorating for it has been a Welcome Eggstreme Distraction for difficult times.   Girding my Faith that everything will be Okay in the end... and if it's not Okay, then it's Clearly not the end.

You see, The Man had his Surgery Monday Morning at the VA Hospital to remove a large cystlike lump from his back that I've been dogging Docs about since it appeared after his Catastrophic Accident and was continuously getting larger.  Nobody seemed to be as Concerned about it as I was, but they weren't Witnessing the Extreme daily Discomfort it was causing him either... and growing lumps Concern me, they're not Normal. 

 It turned out to be much larger and deeper than they anticipated and thus the Surgery took three times longer to perform, which heightened my Anxiety in the Waiting Room.  It was done on an Outpatient basis so I had Expected it to be no big deal, so when it took over three hours I became Concerned.
And then to elevate Concerns even higher, like I needed that, lets throw in that during my three hour seemingly Eternal wait for him to get out of Surgery... I get a call from the Base Clinic about my recent Test results saying there was a 'Problem' and the Doctor wants to see me right away about the left side!

 Uh oh... I Hope this doesn't mean more bad news and Health Drama because I'd prefer to function under the Illusion that I'm perfectly Healthy and not hitting the skids Medically too?!?  So we set a Meeting for this Friday and we'll see what's up?

I became even more Concerned when later that Evening at Home The Man began to have Excessive Complications and significant pain and abnormal bleeding from the site.   I knew there would be no Transport downtown to the VA where he had the Surgery... and with the Kiddos having AIMS Testing this week I couldn't drag them out of bed and spend all Night with them in the VA ER either and the two hour Commute it would Entail... then expect them to be Fresh as Daisies for Important Testing at School! 

 So we spent the rest of the Evening putting pressure on the site and trying not to get blood all over the house... I had towels and diapers on damn near everything he might settle upon!  And running Damage Control to clean up what it soaked thru upon.  I was terrified to take off the blood soaked dressing since I didn't want to risk making matters worse or see something I couldn't un-see like a gaping hole or something?!

My Instructions had simply been to leave the dressing on for three days, expect light seepage and watch for signs of Infection after that.   There was no way this dressing was lasting even a day, I'd been given no additional dressings anyway and excessive bleeding and pain equalled a potential Emergency or something going Left in my Amateur Medical Opinion.  
But with his Traumatic Brain Injury I knew sending him off in an Ambulance Alone, to a random Hospital he wasn't familiar with, since I had no coverage for the G-Kid Force, was probably not a good Idea either and would escalate his Anxiety since he was flat refusing that as an Option anyway.  So, as soon as I could unceremoniously dump the Kiddos off at School in the Morning we headed straight to the VA ER... in Morning Rush Hour traffic... splendid!

Thankfully the ER wasn't loaded up yet and a bleeding Post-Surgical guy is apparently a Priority... so we got seen right away.  Everything looked Okay when the dressing was removed and everything was cleaned up, which was a Relief, but his Docs seemed Concerned too about why he'd had significant bleeding in the first place... so if he has any other Episodes he will be Hospitalized... lets Hope that's not necessary and he Heals well from here on out and the pathology comes back Fine?!?

Because... yep, that's not all folks... I also get a call from my Brother in Cali that our Mom is now having Kidney Failure and has refused dialysis because they really don't think anything can be done anyway, so she just wants to be left alone for Nature to take it's Course.   She has a Peace about that Decision and we Respect and Honor it.

So, The Son and his Girlfriend have told us they'll Fund a Family Emergency Trip for all of us to go see Nanna while she's still vertical.   So... we need to get The Man Healthy enuf for a Major Trip... and get Clearance and Permission from the Kiddo's CPS Caseworker to take them out of the State for a Family Emergency too on short notice before our Permanent Guardianship is finalized in Family Court... are we having Fun yet?

The News about Mom shouldn't have Shocked me since she's in her Eighties now and been battling significant Health Issues for Decades, but the fact of the matter is, in recent Photos my Brother had Shared {that's him on the Right} she has never looked better nor felt Happier and sounded more Optomistic during our Calls and in her Letters.   The Family just doesn't want to wait to make the Pilgrimage to Cali to see her in case she doesn't bounce back this time and defy Grim Odds and Prognosis. 
 She's been wanting to see and meet The Son's Lovely Girlfriend and Family in Person and he wants them to see and meet his Beloved Nanna too.   You see, during my First Corporate Life, after The Son was kicked out of every Day Care in the Metro Phoenix West Valley before his Third Birthday, due to his Medical Conditions, Grim Prognosis from Medical Professionals and Behavioral Issues, it was Nanna who looked after him and Co-Championed him along with me... Ignoring the Naysayers and Focusing on his Abilities rather than Alleged Disabilities that most Defined and Labeled him by. 

 So that he could be the Best he could be... and I could continue to hold down a demanding Career as an Assistant Vice President of a Bank while also being a Single Parent of two Special Needs Kiddos during that turbulent Era of our Lives.   Enter The Man Stage Right at just the right time to be our Knight in Shining Armor... folks thought he was Crazy for taking on Mi Vida Loca!  Hell, I thought he was Crazy for voluntarily taking it on too, lesser Men would have run for their lives!!! *LOL*
Now for a Hilarious Story, when The Little Bro' Shared these Lovely recent pixs with me via Facebook of he and Mom, the Auto Tag Feature mistakingly Tagged Mom as ME!!!    *LMAO*   That's right, she's looking even more Youthful over Time and we're all just catching up with her!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   My Brother says that when they're Together during their Outings from the Nursing Home people always mistake her for being another one of his Sisters!  He said Hopefully they think she's the Older Sister?  *Smiles* 

I think that's Awesome... well, at least for Mom anyways.  *Winks*   I don't know if it means she just looks Twenty to Thirty Years Younger than her Biological Age or that The Bro' and I aren't Aging Gracefully enough?!  Or Ideally that we ALL just have Amazing Genes and seem Ageless!?!  *Winks*  But I know it makes her Feel Good to be Mistaken as our Sibling rather than our Mom and she does Indeed look mighty Fine I must say.
  It's just too bad that her Appearance belies her very Real Health Crisis, which is why Medical Staff at the Home and Docs didn't even Believe at first that she was that Critically Sick.  Of coarse this is also the Woman that is Stoic about Serious Health Issues and wouldn't make a Trip to the ER or call for Paramedics lest she was dressed and coiffed for a Party first!  *LOL* 

As you can Clearly see by her Fearless use of wearing Bold Colors, this ain't never been no Demure Wallflower!   And she didn't Raise us to be either!!! *Winks*  If they ever needed a Poster Child for a Great-Great-Grandmother Super Hero and the Epitome of Grace, Dignity and a Kick Ass Attitude Under Pressure... Mom could Apply and be their First Choice!!!  It is always Scary to Consider you could be Losing a Parent as their Time draws near though... no matter how many Wonderful Years you've had them in your Life.  And we're now bracing ourselves for that Possibility.

The Bright Spot in my Week had been Princess T's Post-Surgical Follow-Up where the pathology of what was removed from her throat came back Fine.  Turns out it was a grossly deformed and enlarged organ and not a tumor after all so she's expected to make a great Recovery.  *Whew and Hallelujah!*   I must say that after it all was removed she's had a ravenous appetite since it no longer is painful to eat... and she's more Rested ie: now as Hyper and Energetic as the Tazmanian Devil!  *LOL*

So... with the diffculty of recent times it has been a Welcome Distraction to throw myself into Hearty Projects like the Art Studio Cottage Makeover and Decorating the Home for the Easter Celebration.   To be able to Create Beauty around us during some Life Situation Uglies we find ourselves Confronted with.   And to Renew our Faith and Celebrate that He is Risen and is our Prince of Peace... our Savior... and our Lord.

And that Easter and Spring always Usher in the Promise of Fresh New Beginnings... of Birth or Re-Birth...

And to Bloom Brightly, Beautifully and Abundantly where ever you're Planted...

Even if in the most inhospitable of Environments... and in spite of them in fact... Show Out anyway!!!  Our Garden is Testimony of that each Spring... when thorny situations display Great and Prolific Surreal Beauty amid the thorns and under the Pressure of Enduring intense Heat and even during the Stress of Drought.


Easter Blessings coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wish I had the "gift" of enumerating the challenges of life. I tend to keep them bottled up - for who can adequately capture their heights and depths?!?

    I DO see why Facebook identified your mother as YOU! The resemblance is quite apparent. I respect her decision and pray for her continued comfort and peace - AND that you and your family are able to spend some meaningful time with her very, very soon.

    Thankful your husband's crisis was met & treated.....

    And those Easter Eggs are Exceptionally Elegant!

  2. Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! Never in my life have I witnessed so much drama and trauma at one time in one family! I just keep asking for God to Be with You as I know and you know He is! Prays for tomorrow (Fri.) too!

  3. Peace be upon you, and upon the houses of your family, dear Dawn. As Easter gifts, I offer the lines from Romans (I think) that "nothing can separate us from God..." and from Hebrews (I think) "Let us encourage one another..." My Orthodox friends assure me that there is comfort in the communion of the saints, which in their belief includes the love of families extended across time and eternity. What a strong, beautiful family you call your own!


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