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Vibrancy And Eclectic Treasures ~ Zinnia's At Melrose

One of my Favorite places to visit when I want a heady dose of Bold Vibrant Styling and Eclectic Treasures is ZINNIA'S AT MELROSE.   It is one of the best places to find Unique Found Treasures and that isn't the least bit predictable in Inventory or the Styling of it and I like that. 

Those of us who Enjoy the Quirky, the Weird and the Wonderful or the Exotic can always count on finding it here and seeing it Displayed in Creative, Festive and Interesting ways.  Ways that will Inspire us to go Bolder in our choices and make that Statement that will be unlike any other because it doesn't follow any Rules or Trends.  This particular Booth was one of my Favorite because it blended the Exotic Elements of Gorgeous Vintage Persian Rugs with Mardi Gras and Whimsical Found Treasures... all in the Boldest of Colors, it felt like entering a Party.

Though the Colorless or Organic Neutral Palettes are Soothing to the Soul and Restful, sometimes I want just the opposite of that in my Environment.   I want to Feel Stimulated and the Festive Atmosphere to come Alive... nothing does that quite like Bold Color and Fearless Styling.  Styling with Unexpected Elements and Color Combinations that defy Convention and break all the Rules.

It makes me Feel like being Home because many of the Styling Elements mirror some of my own choices... I too have a Hoard of Pool Balls, in various sizes, and so there are assorted containers of them scattered around... to make an Impact of Displaying a Quirky Collection and Just Because....  *Smiles*    This Display Inspired me to think about sorting some of them into groupings... I liked the look of all the No. 1 Yellow Balls in the Brightly painted Yellow Wicker Basket. 

And when Kiddos come to visit they always Enjoy these types of Tactile Collections that can be Touched and Enjoyed rather than being the Forbidden Fruit.   Give a Kid a container of Tactile Collectibles and they often spend hours playing with them, sorting and organizing them.  My Junque Jars and Trays filled with Game Piece Smalls, Metal Die Cast Printing Blocks, Buttons and other Tiny Treasures are always a bit hit with the Kiddos.  And I must say, I Enjoy a Display with them such as this one as well, because I also have this 'Thing' for unframed Paintings by Unknown Masters just propped around... so this is just My Style of Eclectic and Boho Styling and Decor!  I almost made this Image the Lead one because I like it so much!  *Smiles*

If you too Love Unusual Collections and Collectibles then you'll be in your Element Shopping here too... you will never know what will turn up.  And deciding how you will Use or Display it in your Home will be part of the Stimulation it all provides to get your Creative Juices flowing and have you thinking outside of the box rather than just merely following a Fad or what is currently Trending and everyone might be doing.  I've never wanted my Home to look like anyone else's, nevermind everyone else's!  *Winks*  Even though Admiring someone else's Style and Aesthetic can give you a jumping off point... go Full On You at least in your own Home, even if you have to Conform everywhere else.

If you want to Travel with a Bold Hued set of Vintage Luggage that will be Distinctive and certainly not get mixed up with everyone else's Off-The-Rack Mass Produced pieces at the Airport... Roll with it Confidently!  You ought to see my Luggage *LOL*... it looks like the Circus has come to Town... because I prefer to make my Carpetbag and Gypsy Style Traveling Bags or find the Real Deal Vintage pieces that are already well Traveled and tell a Story or have been Designed by other Artists I Admire and Share my Aesthetic.  Why be dressed in Wardrobe that tells who you are and what you're about and then have boring Luggage from some Yawn Collection that you can't distinguish from the thousands of others on the Airport Carousel?!  I can tell mine from a Mile away... and so can everyone else!  *Smiles* 

I also like that many of the Vendors here Create their own Treasures out of Found Objects and what they have Collected.  I am an Avid Fan of Cigar Boxes and making things from them so I J'Adored these Cigar Box Storage Cabinets a Favorite Vendor Created!!!  In fact, I buy from this Vendor often because I Connect to so many of the Objects and it saves me the Time of having to make it all myself because this person is certainly a Kindred Spirit or Long Lost Twin Separated at Birth?!  *Smiles*  I never come away beholding something I don't Want in this Booth!  *Winks*

And it was really hard to walk away this day without coming Home with this Lampshade... mostly because of the Sweet Bunch of Vintage Millinery Florals on it.  Yes... I have a 'Thing' for those too... my Loves are quite Eclectic and Vast... but then you already knew that, right?  I definitely have Magpie Tendencies when it comes to what will end up in my Nest!!!  *Ha ha ha!!!*

Alas, since there was not a Lamp at Bohemian Valhalla that needed such a Shade... and Lord knows I've already got enough Random Shades without a Lamp scattered about... I reluctantly Passed on it after a bit of Fondling, Admiring and Photographing.  *Smiles*

Are you in Need of a new Instant Collection?  These were so Sweet and Reminiscent of my Mom's Era when every Kitchen had some!

Complete Retro Kitchen Sets in Mint Condition so that you can have a Flashback when you enter your own Kitchen?  Re-Creating those Precious Childhood Memories of the Kitchens you grew up around or saw in those Old Movies and just Connected to even if you weren't Born yet back in da day but are an Old Soul just born in another Era?

Or maybe something for that Man Cave or Cabin in the Woods you Vacation at and want a Rustic Vibe that lends itself to that particular Natural Environment?  Check... Check... and Check!!!

How about more Storage for that Artist Studio or Crafting Room... we all need that don't we?  I for one am seriously thinking on procuring at least one of these Cigar Box Cabinets at some point in the Future.   I already have some Vintage Cigar Box Storage Containers and Cabinets that are quite Old and I use them all the time so I could Justify this Purchase.  *Winks*

How are you on Ambiant Lighting?  Need some more... there is a great Selection here of every Style of Vintage Lighting you could Imagine!!!    And a heads up to the Mid Century Modern Admirers... this is a Honeyhole for that Style and Aesthetic too!!!   Some Vendors Spaces Transport me back to that Era because it's Classic MCM as I remember it back in da day!  Once I thought I might be walking back in Time to one of my Old Friend's Apartments as he had it decorated in the Seventies... it made me Smile because I Wondered... is this perhaps some of Tony's stuff from way back then?  Could be... who knows?!?   You know, when Vivid Turquoise, Orange and other Bold Colors or Basic Black and Chrome comfortable but Minimalistic George Jetson 'Futuristic' furnishings were often found in the Bachelor Pads of that Era!  *LOL... Sorry, no Images of that Inventory for ya... I already Lived that Era and long, long ago got rid of my Shag Carpet in Burnt Orange that I hadda rake!!!  It gives me Nostalgia, but not Flashbacks in a Good Way of wanting to Redecorate with it again myself anyway! Smiles* 

But whatever you're lookin' for my Friends... you might just find it here... and if you don't on Visit No. 1... wait a minute and come back and it might just turn up.

But if you do find that Statement Piece... I wouldn't pass it up either... because it probably won't be there the next time you Visit.  Trust me, I've made that Mistake before when I Waffled, usually because of the darn Budget... which really cramps my Style at times!  *Winks*

Because along with Great Inventory... they're also always Hosting Great Sales!!!   Some of my best Bargains have been here and it is indeed also a Picker's Paradise!!!  Because along with offering some High End Pieces, you also going to get those Killer Deals!

Loved the Bottle Art... Note To Self for 2014: You simply MUST get around to taking a Soldering Class so that you can start Creating Bottle Art yourself Dawn!!!  I've had that Desire on the Back Burner for way too long now and I have a Hoard of Old Bottles begging to be made into Bottle Art!!!

What a Cool Gypsy Style Trunk!  This would make a great End Table in a Boho Apartment and be doubletime for Storing Seasonal items that you might want to access quickly rather than putting in off site Storage.
I Hope you have Enjoyed our Trip to ZINNIA'S AT MELROSE?  See anything that you wouldn't have left behind if you were my Junquing Wingman this day?

Has the visit perhaps swayed you to Consider some Funky, Fun Styling Elements or at least not being so Timid when it comes to Color?

And do I have any regrets of something left behind?  Well... at least one... this Trophy with the Aladdin Style Lamp Topper... which was a bit too pricy for my paltry Pickin' Budget this day. *Sob*  But maybe next time... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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