Sunday, March 2, 2014

Three Beads And A String ~ Trunk Show At Rust And Roses

I Love it when I go to a Favorite Haunt and they're having a Trunk Show Featuring a Talented Artist.  It's always a nice Surprise to stumble upon unexpected Beauty and get to meet the Artist in person during their Show... and hear what Inspires them to Create their Art Forms.

Such was the case this past Girl's Day Out when RUST AND ROSES had Feature Artist Patti Pruhs of THREE BEADS AND A STRING in the House.  If you visit the provided link you can see even more of Patti's Gorgeous Creations for Sale in her Etsy Shop.

Patti, on the left, was Gracious enough to allow me to Photograph her and many of her Beautiful Creations at the Trunk Show to bring to you here in the Land of Blog.  Because I know you all Love the Bohemian Bling as much as moi and would be as Delighted and Mezmerized with the Eye Candy as I was!  *Winks* 

This Superb Necklace that was being Modeled was one of my Favs... and Patti does Fabulous Bridal Collections and her Work has been Featured in the 2014 Phoenix Bridal Show.  So if you're planning a Wedding and need those Statement pieces to wear, her Creations would be Stunning on any Bride and her Wedding Party.


The next time Patti is having a Show I Hope to be able to give you advance notice so that you can come and see her Elegant Creations for yourselves!


So many of her Beautiful Creations have Upcycled Antique and Vintage Bling incorporated into them.  This particular Necklace with a Superb Vintage Brooch and Pearls was my absolute Favorite... yes, I could definitely Envision wearing this around my neck, I'd positively Feel like Royalty!!!  *Winks*

And there were Creations for every budget in the wide Selection offered and even Wearable Art for the Wee Princesses to add to their Collections.

So it was probably a good thing that my Wee Princess T wasn't accompanying me on this particular visit or she would definitely have been Jonesin' for some Bling for her ever expanding Collection!  And you know what a Sucka us Gramma's are, especially when it comes to Indulging our Wee Divas in Training.  It's so hard for us to say No because they always look so stinkin' Cute in anything we buy for them!!!  And Princess T is definitely a Mini Me when it comes to the Bling, Accessorizing and Fashion!!!   *LOL*

Of coarse THIS Diva was positively smitten with the higher end Creations, Naturally... The Man always knew I was High Maintenance and had Champagne Taste when it comes to Fashion, Wardrobe and being Bejeweled!  *Winks*   So I do have some of Patti's Knockout OOAK Creations on the ole 'Wish List'... which is ever expanding as much as Princess T's is... so she better Marry a Generous Man who Spoils her rotten too!  *Smiles*  I could hardly walk away from the Case that held the Motherlode of Statement Necklaces!!!  *Swooning and Mezmerized*

And these Safety Pin Charm Bracelet Style Brooches are such Fun!!!  To dress up any top or secure any wrap in Style.

I want to Thank You Patti for allowing me to bring your Creativity and just in time for Spring Collection to my Blog Friends, it was Wonderful to meet you and I Hope to see you again and Behold even more of your Lovely Creations.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Definitely Gorgeous! What's going on in your life? Missing your updates!

  2. Oh how georgeous! Love the necklaces so much.....and the brooches......
    Oh I am just like a it blinging.....I just have to have it.....
    I can imagine that this was just a fun day.

    Fine evening

  3. Åee hvor lækkert, jeg elsker perler og glimmer, og det er der da meget af her. knus morkaren.

  4. That faux sapphire broach necklace would improve my appearance as well as elevate my confidence ---- but, oh, that dainty tiara on the Sweet Sue doll! Fit for a Princess T!


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