Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pre-Spring In Hyperdrive

As Spring quickly approaches I find myself in a flurry of Outside activity getting the Garden in Order and taming the jungle it has become with all the unseasonable rains we've had this Winter here in the Arizona Desert.  If my Veggie Garden grew as prolifically as the Weeds, we'd never have to go to the Grocery Store!  *Winks*  But because I've been spending most of the now Sunny, Warm days doing Yardwork, I'm finding precious little Time to work on any Interior Projects that I want to get done before the fierce Desert Heat sets in and it will sap Energy to do most things physical.

So much to do... so little Time... because the Interior Projects are something I fully Intended to get done before Spring fades into Summer.  The Art Studio Cottage Makeover being Paramount... because as the days are now Glorious, I can Open it all up and bring everything Outside while I start with a Blank Canvas on the Interior of each Room.   If you're not just moving in, it can become a gargantuan Project to start with a Blank Canvas of a structure already inhabited for years.  And even tho' I seriously Edited and Purged most of the larger contents, the items I've been stockpiling for the Makeover are in there already and all helter-skelter waiting for Organization and Styling.  Some things can be a Beautiful Mess... but this isn't one of those things so it's driving me a bit Crazy to have it like that for long!
And there's the 'Other Thing'... the Refining of the Vision I have for the Studio this time around.   I really liked how it was when it was my Art Studio before The Son moved in Years ago, but when I Reclaimed it I wanted something Fresh and Different, but still my Aesthetic and distinctly My Style.  So I've been pouring over Images that Mirror that Vision that I have in my Minds Eye... via my Photo Archives, Magazines, Pinterest, Books and Blogs.  

 Picking out those Elements that would ensure an Organized and yet Enchanting Workspace that I would be loathe to want to leave when I sequester myself in there to Create.   The Ambiance will be EVERYTHING!!!   And yet, you also need just the right Storage Elements as well and Organization is key to Productivity and Sanity... so I'm doing an Inventory of what I have... and what I still need for the Job so that I can seek it out on the Hunt.

And the Good News is that many necessary items that had to be brought into the Main House while the Studio Cottage was Occupied as an Apartment, can be brought back in once I get everything ready to Receive it all and decide where it should go this time around.   But I also want to go at it with an Editing Eye and for me, that's a particular Challenge since I'm not the best Editor of my Tendancy towards Excess!   I'm a Work in Progress and I keep striving towards the Goal of having it become more effortless and Natural for me to not only Edit effectively... but to KEEP the Spaces Edited long term!  *Smiles*  If you too are prone to Excess you Feel me on that level... that it's easier said than done no matter how much you WANT it to replace the bad habits you can fall back into.

Unlike what apparently is the 'Typical' Hoarder, I can dispose of Excess... and rather quickly once I'm fed up to Death of having it around or in the way of my Dream Vision for whatever Space it's cluttering or shouldn't even be in.   But a strange thing happens... I can get a Space immaculate and exactly how I Envisioned it to be... and over Time it can go right back to Square One!!!  And the Process of that happening is so insidious... so gradual... that honestly it catches me by Surprise every time... and I don't even know how that can be since I'm obviously HERE and conscious while it's happening?!?  *LOL*

New Acquisitions or Creations come in... or stuff doesn't get put away and Organized as I go because there isn't the immediate Time and I assume I'll get to it Later, whenever that will be.   Or perhaps stuff that should go Out languish because getting Inventory ready for Sale is always the least pleasurable thing about Resale and so Time consuming when you're a Staff of One and wearing many other different hats!   Juggling Caregiver duties with my Creative Process and Maintaining the Home and two Showrooms tends to spread me pretty thin... and weighing what has a Priority each day can be not so cut and dried. 

And on some things the Clock is ticking... Tick Tock Tick Tock!!!   Today I spent the entire day whacking a virtual jungle of Weeds on our Acre and then spraying with Weedkiller that allegedly is effective up to an entire Year... I Hope it lives up to it's Claims?!   Because I don't want to have to do all that again anytime soon if we have more Monsoon Rains that wake up dormant Weed Seeds you didn't even know you had!  

 And why is it that I can Nurture Flower, Plant and Veggie Garden Seeds like a Newborn Babe and not have them Flourish nearly as well as those Weeds that Thrive on absolute Neglect and just a rare Opportunity to grow like Wildfire when Desert Rains come?!?!???  Our Acre can look like a Moonscape for most of the Year in the areas we haven't developed... and the Desert Landscaped areas can be tidy and perfectly Xeriscaped... until it Rains... and the Weed Brigade Wake Up and wage War against it all!  Some Years the Weeds have Won, this was one of those Years!  *Le Sigh*  So I've chosen my Battles with them thoughtfully so that we weren't constantly at War and having it Consume ALL of my Time... because it could!

So yes, there is a flurry of activity now that the Rains have subsided and the Weather is condusive to Gardening.  So the Exterior of Bohemian Valhalla is coming together well... but it has taken me from the Interior Projects because I have not yet found a way to Clone Myself to do double duty in two different places at the same time.   But the Yardwork had a Priority because I'm certain our Neighbors and perhaps the City would have taken Issue with out of control Unwanted Vegetation taking over.  Not to mention I didn't want to have to use a Machete to get to the Studio Cottage, other Cottages and Outbuildings on the back half of the property... or have a Search Party have to come look for me Hopelessly Lost in the Overgrowth!?!  *Winks* 

But now that I've almost got that completed in preparation for when the Spring Herbs, Florals and Veggies will be Offered and I can plant my Gardens with Fresh WANTED Vegetation for the Season... I can now begin to Focus on the Studio Makeover... at long last!!!   The Main House is mostly in Order due to all the incessant Agency Visits and Inspections for the G-Kid Force Permanent Guardianship thang.  And I'm keeping an Eagle Eye upon The Force and The Man so they don't destroy all that Hard Work I put into Cleaning and Organizing every Room of the House, they can certainly be the Wrecking Crew if you don't ride herd on them constantly!  So far I haven't had to run much Damage Control behind them... did you see I said 'much'... *Le Sigh*  No matter how much I Train 'em, they are like herding Cats, their very Nature is just not Inclined towards Organization and Tidiness... they seem oblivious to the necessity of Order!  The Man used to be very Organized and Tidy before his Brain Trauma... now he's like one of the Kiddos.

Princess T is the most inclined to actually be of Help and not a Hinderance to my Process... but she's still Post-Op Recovering so she can't do very much in the way of being Helpful.  Not to mention a Recovering Kiddo from a Major Surgery is a CRANKY and Demanding Kiddo, so she's been quite the Beast Princess and Monopolizing me since her Surgery and I'm trying to do my best Florence Nightingale Impersonation.  Note to Self: Never get into the Health Care Industry, it's definitely NOT your Calling Dawn!  *LOL*   You'd think that with all these Sickly and Disabled Family Members I'm Full Time Caregiver of that all the Experience would MAKE me be better at it... well, it hasn't.  I'm no better at that than I am at Editing and Maintaining a Successfully Edited Space... that's my Personal Assessment anyway.  *Smiles*  One must know one's Strengths and Weaknesses, I'm just keeping it 100%.

Now... the Young Prince... who is normally L-A-Z-Y and has become quite Proficient at doing the least amount possible in all areas of his Life and especially now that he's entered Puberty... is on Fire to Help me with the Makeover of the Art Studio Cottage.  Go Figure!!!  And I Suspect it's because, much like his Mother before him, he particularly Enjoys snooping and nosing around a Space that he hasn't had Access to so that he can get into everything!!!!!   So Volunteering to 'Help' in said Space gives him access to every nook and cranny so he can poke around until his ample Curiousity is Satisfied... and then he'll likely bugger off in the middle of it all and that will be the extent of his Voluntary Involvement.  *LOL*   I know this Kid... when he's 'Helping' there is ALWAYS an Ulterior Motive behind it and his own Agenda to fulfill.  But... I CAN get some Work out of him in the Process with the Lure and Promise of letting him poke around a bit... and no Volunteer will be turned down, I need all the Slave Labor I can con... um, I mean rally!  *Winks*  

And The Man, what about him?  Doesn't he want to get Involved?  No... no he doesn't... and will only Under Protest.  Since his Traumatic Brain Injury he has become a Creature of Habit and any break in his Routine discombobulates him... well, that and missing ANY of the NCIS Marathon Episodes!  *LOL*  It's like a scene out of 'Rain Main', remember that Movie with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise and how freaked out he got if he was missing 'Wheel Of Fortune'?  *LOL*  Now, I've had Experience with Raising a Child that has Mildly Moderate Autism so I could always relate to that Relationship and Dynamic Tom had with Dustin in the Movie and the 'Rain Man' Moments... but the Kid had always been that way so I just got used to it.  But it is different when it's a new Condition and it's your Spouse, it's an Adjustment Period and we're still Adjusting.  Mostly to him being Checked Out of what he used to be able to Help me with and either can't now, or is resistant because it overwhelms, frightens or frustrates him easily to do most things anymore.  So... its pretty much just me... and there's a lot to do yet... and no Budget for Subcontracting the Work... so Pre-Spring In Hyperdrive has begun in Earnest!!!
Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hard work doing it on your own! I'm having a taste of that since husband has not been well since his last Chemo in July. But it sure is satisfying when we do get something completed though!

    1. Yes, it is satisfying I must say. Once I get over feeling sorry for myself trying to do it without any help I actually get a lot accomplished! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. `Ahem. Are we to be given a "before" view of the studio? So we can daydream and doodle our own notions for how we'd distribute our own precious stuff? Moi, I'd paint any non-brick wall Tiffany blue. And I'd designate the wall through which one enters the main room as my clip board: years of art clippings, boxes of faces, envelopes of memorabilia to be white-glued to the wall, to be seen only when one turns to exit or sits to think. * Those old soap boxes you picture would look very nice on my wall!

    1. No... no 'Before' Images for now... when I empty out the Space I plan to take some, right now it looks rather ransacked with everything helter-skelter. I want my 'Before' to be the Blank Canvas I wish to build upon... it will make the 'After' Images all the Sweeter! Can you Believe all those Old Soap Boxes were still filled with the Soaps! Dawn... The Bohemian


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