Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pimped Out Taxidermy ~ Pocket Full Of Heirlooms

Okay, so Today I was in Pinterest Land Lusting over Pimped out Taxidermy Images... since this is exactly what I Love to do with mine...

The problem is... there's never enough to satisfy my appetite for this Quirky Love Affair I have with Pimped Out Taxidermy.  Images of this Style of Decorating are Scarce since it doesn't Appeal to the masses.
This Image made me think of my Friend Pauline... she's been looking for a Zebra Head forever... and hers would definitely look something like this since it's SOOOOOOOOO Ranch Barbi Style!  I Wondered who owned it and if it would be put up for Adoption?   Pauline would be making a Road Trip Beeline for it!!!  *Winks*

Source: ETSY... via PINTEREST... turns out the Seller was Brandy Evans-Beadle whose Shop Pocket Full of Heirlooms I would hear about later this Afternoon!!!
Some Sellers on Etsy must have a similar Passion for Reworked Taxidermy... but alas, I can never find it when it is for Sale!
But there I was Lamenting that Pimped Out Taxidermy and My Style of Decor is so Scarce in these parts and my Friend Stephanie, via FB, sends me a Message to check out this Vendor in Texas called POCKET FULL OF HEIRLOOMS since it is just My Style and she knew I'd totally dig it!
She wasn't kidding... I must have spent an Hour totally Mezmerized by the Delightful Images that abounded on their Facebook Site and soaking every Detail in!  Holy Mother of God, I'd break the Bank shopping in this Store because I'de want and NEED it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   *LOL*
The Inventory and the Styling, the Vignettes and the Aesthetic are so very Full On Me that I was in Seventh Heaven Beholding it all!!!    There is no further excuse not to make a Road Trip now to Texas... I gotta see this place in person... but I better Win the Lottery first... because it would take a team of Wild Horses to drag me outta there without buying a U-Haul full of Found Treasures!!!  *Winks*

It's always so Refreshing to me to Locate a Vendor, a Shop or even another Human Being that actually has the same Quirky Aesthetic and Style that I do... without it getting raised eyebrows and puzzled looks or actually creeping someone out who doesn't Enjoy the same things that make my Heart skip a beat and I Love being surrounded by!  *Smiles*

It's funny because The Son's Girlfriend has three Adorable Children aged 7 through 14 and though they Love coming to our Home because they find it Fascinating and Interesting as Hell... they huddle together and won't go into any room without an Escort because it does kinda creep them out at the same time!!  Kinda like Loving Scary Movies but not watching them by yourself in the dark I suppose???  *Winks*

Whereas my Children and the G-Kids who we're Raising have grown up around it so it's the Norm for them to be around it and not think anything about it... outsiders don't always Receive it the same and for the vast majority it wouldn't be their Taste.  This is how I'd LOVE to do both of my Showrooms and would be Full On Me.  Only problem is, I really hesitate because I doubt the Far West Valley is ready for it or would Receive it well?   And you don't want peeps just LOOKING and Entertained, but Buying also.  *Smiles*

 And on the flip side of the coin, since I'm not in my Showrooms 24-7 since that's the Nature of Unmanned Showrooms or Booths at Antique Malls... I'd also be concerned about loss prevention issues or damage to fragile Specimens and Oddities.  Items that would be difficult to replace and I might have a considerable Investment in on the Buy or Creation of.  Because even if peeps didn't buy them, I'm sure it would Fascinate many and they'd want to handle Curiosities... or worse, let their kids Play with it or Manhandle it.  {You'd be Shocked at how many Parents and G-Parents seem to think that is Okay in Shops and even Antique Stores!}  They're Clearly not of the ilk I was Raised and Raised all of our Kiddos... to look with one's Eyes and not with one's Hands... and further, to Respect the Property of Others!

So for now anyway... I just Collect My Style for myself and my own Home... and wait for the day I can make a Road Trip out to Texas now since there's yet another Shop I'm Jonesin' to Visit there... where I could Purchase such things as Flying Gypsies... and the other Stuff of my Dreams that I Enjoy filling Bohemian Valhalla with. 

 I'm in fact still drooling all over my keyboard after overdosing on this Vendor's Fabulousness!!!  *LOL*  It is certainly Addams Family Style and could fill my Cabinet of Curiosities quickly in a visit to just one Shop and finding everything I Love under one roof!!!  I'm Dancing with Images in my head of what I'd LOVE to buy from their Etsy Shop!!!!!!  *Smiles*

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It is terribly fun to find someone that likes the same thing we like!

  2. If it were a gift, I might find a corner for the winged dolly head in my Hallowe'en decor... But then I studied Baudelaire, still enjoy Poe, and find myself eternally fascinated by Jeremy Bentham's 'auto-icon' and its preservation. My sympathies lie with The Son's Girlfriend's children: pimped-out taxidermy exudes an awe-ful alure.


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