Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Extreme Haul At Rust And Roses

Our Shopping Spree at RUST AND ROSES during Girl's Day Out was an Extreme Haul... yea, though I had exercised Extreme Restraint everywhere else, I Confess that I totally Caved when at my Friend Shelly's Shop and was doomed from the moment I entered.   There was just too much that I had to have!!!  *Winks*   First I had my usual Visitation with The Goose... amid Fresh Spring Florals...

And then my demise began... as I ran into my Friend Pauline, aka: Ranch Barbi, re-stocking and foofing her Booth.  So we had to Negotiate Gypsy Style for this Awesome Vintage Suitcase from Hong Kong and the Baby Gator Head that she'd just brought in and hadn't even had a chance to price yet before I pounced on it all!!!  *LOL*

So Princess T and I look like we'd just gotten off a slow boat from China rather than an Epic Shopping Spree in the Arizona Desert!!!  *Smiles*  Love the Graphics on the front and the Herringbone Pattern on the Suitcase... this Beautifully battered one has seen many Miles already and Oh the Stories I'm sure it could tell!

And of coarse Bohemian Valhalla can always use another Gator Head for our Vignettes!   Can't Everyone??!?!??! *Winks*

With all the Swamp Critters and Furs scattered around our Home I'm sure most Visitors can't quite figure out if Swamp People or Vikings live here?!?!  *Winks*  The New Gator Gal is the one with the Glowing Green Eyes.  *Smiles*  I'm still searching for some more Tiny Tiaras or Santos Crowns for my Piranha and the Gators who aren't Modeling one yet.

Each time I Visit I'm reminded yet again of all of the UNMADE Cotton Wreaths I've still got waiting on me at Home!!!   *LOL*   All the Supplies... Grapevine Wreaths of all sizes, Bales of Raw Cotton, Bird's Nests and Burlap Ribbons are still languishing waiting for me to have a Creative Moment and an ounce of Ambition!  *Le Sigh*  My Deadline is Spring... we'll see... *LOL*

And these two Beautiful Spelter Gals came Home with us... aren't they Divinely Boheme'!?!

And the Price was such an Amazing Deal that I couldn't leave them behind... I J'Adore Metal Statuaries, especially in this Style.   And whether Pot Metal, Spelter or Bronze, when I can snag any at a Bargain, they're definitely coming Home with me!

But it's not as if I didn't exercise SOME Restraint on my Spree... Pauline had just brought in this Old Door in my Favorite Hue of Seafoam Green!  *Swooning*  You know how I am about Old Doors... *Winks*...  Thankfully I haven't discovered a way to transport any in the Jeep yet, especially if I've got Kiddos in tow... so this one had to stay behind.

It's times like this though that I'm really missing my Truck!  *Sob*

And the Architectural Salvage abounded... I was also Lusting after this pair of Old Windows with the Perfectly Aged Patina of Chippy, Crackled Alligatored Paint and Wood showing through!  There is absolutely no Faux Finish that can compare to the Real Deal that only Time and Weather can Impart!!!

And there's a great Cache of Old Show Ribbons and Trophies.

But what I couldn't Resist were some of these pairs of Old Rusty Metal and Crystal Claw Feet... I picked up two pair that I shall re-purpose into Upcycled Bud Vases for single Blooms by tucking some Mad Laboratorie Viles into them to hold Water for a Single Rose or tiny Bouquet of Wildflowers.  The pair in the foreground and the pair on the far Left are now mine! 

If you're in Need of some Great Boheme' Ambiant Lighting, there were a bounty of Crystal Chandies, many with Beautiful Colored Crystals.

And pyramids of Vintage Suitcases... and a wide Variety of Stained Glass Salvaged Windows... you can never have too many of either IMO... I have a virtual Hoard at Bohemian Valhalla!  *Winks*

In fact, RUST AND ROSES is Well Known for it's array of Architectural Salvage.  Shelly Sources from all over the Country and Abroad for Superb Architectural Salvage.   I can only begin to Imagine what the Buildings looked like that most of these originally came from?!?

And I have this 'Thing' for Old Deconstructed Chairs... as either Interior Decor or Garden Art.  This one has Great Bones... Literally!   *Sorry, couldn't Resist the Pun!*

And there is a wealth of OOAK Bohemian Bling...  Adored this Spiritual Inspired Necklace.

And if you need Pops of Bold Color... there were plenty of Vintage Pieces in stand-out Hues as well as the Organic, Sepia and Colorless Tones.

Princess T always gives me 'This Look' when she thinks Gramma has been Chinwagging too long with my Friends and Socializing rather than Focused on Thrill Of The Hunt and our Mission Statement!!!  *Bwahahaha!!!*   It's usually followed with a long, drawn out "Grammmmmaaaaaaa..." if The Look isn't enough to get me back on track!  *Smiles*  You can't blame her... it's not as if I only ever run into one or two Friends while we're out and about... and I do Love to Talk!!!  *Not that I needed to tell you that, Right?  LOL*

And if you need to weigh your Raw Cotton that you've gleened from the outside parameters surrounding Harvested Fields...  just sayin'...  I cannot bear to see any Raw Cotton going to Waste and has drifted outside of the Fields to grow and NOT be Harvested!!!   So yes, you can often see me hopping outside of my vehicle on the soft shoulder and Rescuing Orphaned Cotton Plants that Seeded onto easements or far from the Cotton Fields that belong to someone.  I'm always amazed at how resilient the Orphaned Plants were in spite of not being Cared for or Irrigated like the Field Cotton!

And speaking of Agriculture... how about a Collection of Agricultural Labels.  So Bright and with the Cutest Graphics.   If you have any plain Rustic Boxes these would Pimp them out Beautifully!  I'm liking the Florita Grapes Label with the Gypsy Dancer.

And Okay, if you're not inclined to want to Score your Raw Cotton by driving around the backroads and looking for Orphaned Plants that eluded the Harvest... Shelly has bundles of them for Sale at the Shop.

Dontcha just Love the Graphics on the Old Steamer Trunks?  Some things never Change... Cute Kids!!!

And the Allure of Sparkling Crystals that make the Light Dance...

I do Hope you've Enjoyed coming along this day on our Epic Shopping Spree where I came away with my Extreme Haul?!?  *Winks*

Know that even though I haven't been Present as often here in the Land of Blog... I'm Alive and Well enough to still be spending The Man's Money!  *LOL*   Well... he always knew I was a High Maintenance Type of Gal when it comes to being Bejeweled, Fashion and Feathering Our Nest.  Even if I lived in a Shack the Interior would look like a Bohemian Palace.   *Winks*
Well, as you can Clearly see Princess T thinks we've Chinwagged long enough... I'm getting 'That Look' again... *LOL*  So 'til next time...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Those ball & claw feet are my favorite of what you got. They will make really neat vases!

  2. I covet those spelter ladies! And the ropes of crystals! And that odd Jacobean tall chair painted white. All these items are far too grand for my humble abode -- but I'd make them feel at home someplace...


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