Monday, February 3, 2014

Waiting On Spring

It's always mildest in the Fall and Winter here in the Desert, but there's just something about Spring that I always look forward to.  It signifies Re-birth to so many things that have remained dormant and will Spring to Life again when the rains come and things warm up, especially the Desert Wildflowers and Cactus Flowers.  It will be the time of year that most Wild Creatures will have their Adorable Offspring in tow.  I just Love the Baby Quail running in line behind their equally Adorable Parents. 
It will be time to spend more time in the Garden... and to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens even more often... Chuhuly has another Exhibit there and I Adore his Magnificent Work.

I fondly recall all the times Mom and I went to the Gardens together and how the Butterflies always landed upon her... Mom has always had a way with Wildlife, they have never feared her and something about her always drew them to her as if they were Tame... folks always Marveled at that 'Gift' she had with Wild Things.

But most especially when I see Butterflies I think of Mom... they are one of our Favorites of the Insect Kingdom... and in Spring the Butterflies are everywhere with their Ethereal Beauty and Fragility, yet thriving in even a harsh environment!!!
I gleened my Raw Cotton from the edges of the Harvested Fields around our Home and found some Grapevine Wreaths at the Thrift Store... so I'll be Creating my Spring Wreaths for the Doors at Home this week... while waiting on Spring there's still so much to be done for New Beginnings to the Fresh New Year...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Where were you to find that neat hut? My you did get nice cotton gleanings! will look super in your wreaths! Your Mother looked very sweet! I know you miss her as I miss mine too! She would have been 100 this May 28th. By the way, your looking good too!

    1. That is a Native American Dwelling Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix... being of Native American Ancestry myself I am glad that Traditional Tribal Arts are being fostered by the Gardens who hire Tribal members to build the Exhibits. Dawn... The Bohemian


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