Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day 20% Off Sale!


If you find yourselves in the Far West Valley of the Sun on Valentine's Day or President's Day be sure to stop by THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST for our big 20% Off Sales Event going on both days!

Princess T and I went around the Mall Today to capture some Favorite Images to woo you in.  It was fortuitous that we showed up since Mister Hugh, her Favorite Dealer, was there to Spoil her with a Surprise Valentine's Day Gift...
Of this Gorgeous Sterling and Marquesite Antique Child's Bracelet!!!  Thank You Mister Hugh!!!

You'll find plenty of Vintage and Antique Valentine's Day Treasures to Surprise your Special Someone with scattered around the Mall... and with Twenty Percent Off, what a Deal!!!  You can be sure I'll be there Scouting out some Treasures to add to my Collections at a Bargain or to see if The Man finds anything he's Jonesin' for this Valentine's Day?!
We're Delighted he made it Home from the Hospital just in time for Valentine's Day, since he was finally able to come Home Yesterday Afternoon.  We had missed him so much and since the G-Kid Force couldn't Visit, it had been a very long two and a half weeks for them being separated from Grandpa!  And great Cause for Celebration!!!


In fact we had lots to Celebrate just in time for Valentine's Day... with Issues of the Heart!  I FINALLY, with the Help of several diligent Advocates working tirelessly on our behalf, was able to get CPS to re-open our Case and provide the necessary Emergency paperwork for the Guardianship Issues I was plagued with!  *Whew*  They had to be made Wards of the State, but the Placement with us will continue.  And now CPS will pay for all Legal Costs associated with Family Court and Assist me in getting thru the Process of Permanent Guardianship and set everything up for me, I just have to show up.  *Whew!*  And provide The Force with expanded Services and better Health Care they need for Health and Special Educational provisions.  Color me Happy and so Relieved!!!


So the Young Prince is now officially Enrolled in High School for next Year!   And Princess T will be able to get her long awaited Surgery performed March 7th!   No more Drama with me being considered an 'Expired Guardian'!!!  I've apparently been Resurrected!!!  *LOL*  And they said I'll get paid more!  Wait a minute, I've never been paid, you mean I shouldda been getting paid??? Well, now you will they said, tho' it won't be much it's better than being unpaid all these Years, right?!  *Winks*

This was all the best Valentine's Day Gifts I could have Received... having The Man back Home and The G-Kid Force now having the updated Guardianship Paperwork that will Appease everyone until they're 18!!!  *She wipes sweat off her brow!*

I must say that the three Caseworkers CPS Assigned to us Impressed me when they came for their visits, they seem quite up to the job, compassionate and very nice, which was a HUGE Relief given the Issues and big Shake-Up and Investigation CPS is presently undergoing.  That had been quite a Concern of mine, but in desperation I had nowhere else to turn that could get the results we required for Emergency Guardians to be Appointed the way The System wanted it to be and for the Kiddos to receive necessary Medical Care and an uninterrupted Education without being further denied.

Do I Wish it could be simpler and with less involvement by perfect Strangers and Agencies that don't have the most stellar track record... sure... but after what we've already Endured and been thru, just having some things working out favorably has lifted a Huge Burden from my very tired shoulders, so I'll Rejoice in any Victory, however Conditional it might be.

I realize we have a Complex Case, so I didn't Expect no hiccups in the Process, but it had reached a level of ridiculousness and absurdity that made absolutely no sense at all... and was jeapordizing the Welfare of the Children.   So I had to go on a rampage as a last resort measure to bring attention to the situation and stir things up for the sake of the Children and my own Sanity!

You cannot even Imagine how much un-necessary prolonged Stress has now been relieved, it Feels Good not to have quite so many Worries now!!!  I Feel like this Awesome Set of Bookends Looks... aren't they Sublime?!?  Not within my Budget, darn it, but I'd Love to own some Bookends like this, so Art Nouveau, which is one of my Favorite Styles because it's so Artsy and Free-Spirited.

And speaking of Free-Spirited, check out these Pink Opalescent Glass Nudie Goblets, how Fun!!!  And to find a complete Set in Pristine Condition, a Rarity I'm sure!

And I had received several requests for me to Model my Ensembles when I received them... and they Arrived so Quickly that I'll be able to wear them to some of the upcoming Events!  Here's Purchase No. 1.   The Valentine Bear on the Chair is a Gift to me from Prince R... and Princess T instantly confiscated it for herself saying I don't need Stuffed Animals anymore because I'm too Old!!!  *Bwahahaha, that's a good one!*   Along with the White Candy Bunny he gave me, saying it 'Disturbed' her because she knew I shouldn't eat that stuff anymore!!!  So she broke off a sliver of a Bunny Foot and said that's all I should risk... and she'd eat the rest for me!   Which she promptly did... as I stood there forlornly looking at my Pathetic Bunny Foot Sliver... certainly not enuf to put me into a Sugar Coma!  *LOL... she's now become the Diabetic Dietary Gestapo around here!  With the Best of Intentions of coarse! Smiles.*   I'm not sure if she's trying to Save me or get all my Presents???  Or if Prince R is being Loving or trying to Kill me off???  Whaddya think?  *Winks*

And one side of Purchase No. 2, which is Reversable.  Sorry you can't see the entire floor length view, but my Photographer is only Eight after all!  *Winks*

Each came wrapped in Vintage Linens tied with either Hand-Dyed Seam Binding or Upcycled Gorgeous Sari Material Fibers like this.   I Love it when someone takes the Time to Package something Beautifully.  

And I'd no sooner finished Modeling my new Ensembles when my Photographer sped off to dig thru her Magical Ensembles... because there's not gonna be any Runway Show going on around Bohemian Valhalla without her getting into the Act and being the Star of the Show!  *LOL*

Yes, those are my Gypsy Cowgirl Boots she's Prancing around in... because nothing goes with Velvet, Satin and Tiaras quite like Gypsy Cowgirl Boots, right?  *Winks*

Okay, you Win, you look Cuter, I acquiese.  *Winks*

There's no Competing with an Adorable Diva Princess on the Runway after all!!!  *Smiles*

She couldn't resist stealing Gramma's Thunder... and show whose the Top Super Model around here!  *Ha ha ha ha!*

 Now that I've Modeled my new duds and been overthrown on the Throne of my Kingdom *Winks*... back to the Mall to see what Lovelies you could get 20% Off Tomorrow for Valentine's Day and Monday for President's Day.   My Friend Shelly, who has a Showroom {#113} right beside one of mine has this Old Box covered in Antique Velvet. *Swoon... Just my Style!*

And the interior has the Cutest Old Wallpaper lining it, Aged to crackled and peeling Sepia Perfection.

And so... after we completed our Pathological Picture Taking of the Mall before the Big Valentine's Sale... and done our Modeling... we'd worked up an Appetite for a bowl of Soup at Wildflower Bread Company... and a Valentine's Day Cupcake for The Princess as Reward for all her Hard Work.

The Kale and Sausage Soup is delish!!!   I'm eating a lot of Soups and Salads on this Diabetic Diet, which is fine since I happen to Love Soups and Salads and can easily eat them every day for at least one meal.

And what would a Girl's Day Out be without bringing The Girls?   So Princess T brought darn near all of her Girls... Thankfully she didn't drag them all into the Restaurant!!!  *Smiles*

Happy Valentine's Day from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh! So thrilled with your good news! Having your husband home and the guardianship finally straightened out! Love you in your new outfits! You will enjoy them so much! And yes the Princess looked stunning too!. Such wonderful news that the Prince is enrolled again in school! A Good Day!!! Praise The Lord!!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day my friend! So glad to hear that things are working much LESS stress for you! ♥

    {I love that you stopped by my booth! hee hee!} I won't get to shop for treasures at BAAM tomorrow, I'll be at my store all day...but, I can't wait to see what you score!

    Let's get together again soon! We always have so much fun & so many laughs!


  3. You and your family finely getting some help is the best news I could read all day! I don't comment much but I read all your posts and think of you and yours often.I think you are part of a larger plan for me to not dwell on the negative in my life.
    So glad that sometimes the system can help instead of hinder.Take care- Tina
    p.s. Love your house and the outfit!

  4. How pretty you are in that lovely, lacy new outfit! It's a suitable memento of a time when your family news was good, better and best! Happy Valentine's Day!


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