Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Moving On... Quickly...

At this Season of Life I rarely do anything Quickly anymore, but moving on from Frustration was something I had to do Quickly since it wasn't a good Place to be in my head space.  It was also seriously messing with my Diabetic levels, so I needed to find my place of Zen again regardless of Circumstances and Chill.   I am seeking Advocacy for our complex 'Situation' and I'll remain Confident that the right doors will Open eventually and continue to remain in God's Grace while that Manifests.  I'm Tenacious so that works in my Favor.  *Winks*

Last Night for Supper I had The G-Kid Force assist me in preparing Six Second Chicken Salad in our new Magic Bullet contraption... ahem, it does not work like the Infomercial... just sayin'... and close to half an hour later we settled on what it did do to mix up the ingredients into an unsightly, albiet delicious Chicken Salad!   Yes, it was the longest Six Seconds of our Life as The Young Prince proclaimed!!!  *LOL*  What can I say, I'm a Sucka for good Infomercials and I Wonder what Studio Magic they used while I Marveled at how the one on TV whipped everything up in a jiffy?!   In their half hour segment they prepared about a dozen meals... in our half our segment we got Chicken Salad that looked like Cat Food with chunks of Apples still poking out of it!  *Bwahaha!!!*

 It didn't look spliced, it looked like they were actually doing it in Real Time with no Smoke and Mirrors... maybe they had a souped up version of the Machine, I dunno.  *Le Sigh*  But, on a Bright Note, it was exceptionally tasty and still easier than doing it the Old Fashioned way, and the Kiddos had a blast preparing a Meal with it, so we're just going to perfect our Techniques and figure it out.  *Winks*   Anything that makes Mealtimes less Stressful, Quicker and keeps the Force eager to eat, gets Five Stars and a Thumbs Up from me!

Though sticking with the new Dietary restrictions has been effortless, and giving myself Injections and keeping all the other Meds straight has been Okay since I got into the Rhythm and Routine of it all... keeping my blood sugars stabilized hasn't been any more successful than while in the Hospital. Tho' I have gotten the stats lower than they were able to, so it's Progress I suppose.  When I get my Specialist Referral from the Base I Hope that Doc can figure it all out... and in the meantime, while I wait, I Plan to schedule a visit to my Eastern Medical Doc to enhance my Healing.

It's a Strange Place to be, not feeling Well all the time... when you've been used to feeling completely Well, so it's an Adjustment for me.  Especially the Slowing way down and just letting things slide because I don't have the Energy to do so much of it, so it gets left undone and I have to be Okay with that.  My OCD doesn't like that part of the new limitations, Training my OCD to let things slide will be very much the Process, I'll Work on that.

Right now the larger Issues are getting Prince R Enrolled in High School, Hopefully this Morning with his Dad's Help... and then trying to spring The Man out of the VA Hospital High Flight Risk Psyche Ward, which is proving to be a more difficult Process than I anticipated.   It's not that I'm not Enjoying the Respite from the full time Care he requires, but he's regressing while there and going backwards in his Progress, which Concerns me.  I think he will do much better at Home, he's starting to behave like he did in the Acute Care Nursing Home and that's eradicating all the Progress we Worked so hard and tirelessly to achieve once he got Home. 

Also, I've already had to have one Employee written up and told I don't want anywhere near my Husband because of Cruel Care.  Thankfully the VA dealt with the guy expediently after the Complaint of mistreatment before The Man flipped and harmed him... or pointed him out to me, because we would have tag teamed that Fool straight up!   Security would have had their hands full pulling me off the guy after how he treated my Beloved!!!   Anyone who cannot treat the Mentally Ill or Brain Damaged with Dignity, Compassion and proper Care does not belong in the Industry of Caring for them, period!  Abuse or Neglect of the most Vulnerable in our Society is something I have ZERO tolerance for, and especially if it's a Loved One of MINE!!! 
 It's particularly Disgraceful for our Disabled Veterans to be treated like that at the VA when they've gone for Help and you've Entrusted your Spouse to them to Care for during a Health Crisis!!!   I'll come straight out of the bag for someone mistreating my Loved Ones and make it my Mission in Life to take them down and ensure they never work again with the Disabled, the Elderly, our Veterans or Children.  I wouldn't even leave my Cats in the Care of a Mean or Incompetent Person... I'm sure as Hell not leaving my Husband in the Care of one!   So I want The Man out of there and will be working with a VA Advocate and Caseworker towards that means.  The Man wanted to kill that jerk 'Sitter' Assigned to him and that guy is actually fortunate that in spite of the TBI, my Husband was able to muster sufficient restraint not to instinctively defend himself... or it would have been very bad and I don't want to get that kind of News.

In spite of all this Drama tho' I'm trying to get to a Place where I can just Create Happy Posts again... the kind I initially Desired to Saturate my Blog with.  I like reading and Visiting Happy Posts and Blogs... and even tho' I still try to Saturate my Difficult Read Posts with Pretty Images, and the Dark or Rant Posts Serve their Purpose too... I'd much rather have Carefree Posts and Fluff to Write about and Cover!  *LOL*  I know, that might seem shallow in some respects, but I'm Keeping It Real and 100%... Fluff and Carefree Topics have helped me hang on to my Sanity and give the Illusion of Normalcy to Crazy Days, so don't discount their therapeutic Value!  *Smiles*

I've sometimes heard folks say that they don't understand why people preoccupy themselves with things that don't matter when there's so much to concentrate on that does matter in the World?  I'll tell you why... or at least my version of why I sometimes distract myself with the Fluff of Life.  Because the things that matter are Heavy... and Weighty things take up a lot of Energy and most of your Strength and Resources... so sometimes you need to conserve your finite Resources to make a difference... that's where the Fluff of Life comes in handy.  No, it doesn't really matter, that Fluff, it's not Important really in the grand scheme of things... but Beauty in and of itself is Powerful and brings something to the table that is Valuable, even Priceless.  I always try to Create Beauty in our Lives while we deal with what really matters, but we cannot concentrate on the Weighty Stuff all of the time, it wouldn't be Healthy and we'd likely cease to be Effective or Encouraged eventually... if there wasn't also some Fluff to land in or on.
So here's to landing on or in some really Great Fluff... that helps us break our Free Fall and adds that layer of Protection when the Deep, Heavy things that matter can become dicey... and be more than we can deal with all of the time without a Break...  may you Immerse yourself in some Delightful Fluff every now and again, just to see how it Feels for you... I find it to be very Comfortable and Comforting... so you see, it does matter too.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, I'm so very sorry to hear about how your hubby was treated!! That's an outrage! In spite of everything you're going through, your humor and good attitude inspire me!!
    I wish you a very 'fluffy day!! :)

  2. I agree with Susan! It is a complete outrage. And you humor is fabulous! lol.. and a side note, I'm loving the jars with the rabbits in them!!

  3. O'er, that crystal salt shaker! And are those dress patterns behind the faux flowers?! Of course, you're absolutely correct about the need for fluff! And beauty! But how are you fixed for music? Perhaps your Eastern healer could prescribe some tranquility tunes? Moi, I think better to Mozart but I have dear friends who boogie through life ... for operating that vegie-matic gizmo, maybe a Yiddish polka?

  4. Your right! Can't deal with heavy all the time! I find I can do fabric creating without much thought so doing more of that than painting these days!


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