Monday, February 10, 2014

I Fell Off The Wagon

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so Proud, you know, patting Self on the back for the past Year for staying away from all Online Retail sites like E-Bay and Etsy.  Even though they always have the Greatest Stuff ever that you can't always find when you're poncing around Town on Marathon Junquing Missions, no matter how many Honey Holes you know about locally!  *Smiles*  But it's a slippery slope... and so I hadn't even wanted to renew my Interest and set off any chain of events or anything.

No... I'd concentrated instead on Junquing locally and mostly for Inventory to flip in the Showrooms... because Lord knows Bohemian Valhalla doesn't need another thing to be dragged into this Old House really in the way of Decor.  *LOL*   Yes, I'd been Content for the past Year in just purchasing Locally and Supporting Small Businesses, Thrifts, Flea Markets and Local Artists.
BTW: The Wool Cowboy Hat I Sourced in this Image Sold in a day of being in my Showroom!

And it was going well, I hadn't even had the inkling of taking a peek at my Fav Online sites that I used to frequent so regularly that I'm certain a lot of Online Vendors and Artists knew me on a first name basis!?  *Winks*   Nope... I had not even missed them in fact... because why browse and torment yourself if you have no inclination to actually bid or buy?   But Tonight... for some strange reason that I cannot even fathom... the sites were Calling out to me to take a peek... just a peek... after all, it had been so long... and apparently they had Missed me terribly!  *Bwahahaha!* 

 Source: Etsy ~ Luv Lucy Art To Wear, Artist: Donna Lucy Ramirez

And everything would have been just Fine... because tho' I browsed both sites, nothing much was Calling to me like a Siren's Song... until... I discovered a Fabric Artist that had the most Amazing Wearable Art Creations that are just My Style and Sensibility!!!  *Gasp and be still my beating Heart!*  I J'Adored every single Creation and could see them all hanging in my Closet in my Mind's Eye... but mostly and especially this one, which was Plus Sized no less... it must be a Sign?!!!  *LOL, yeah I can Justify things that way when I want to!*

 Source: Etsy ~ Luv Lucy Art To Wear ~ Artist: Donna Lucy Ramirez

I'd had excellent Sales in my Showrooms last Month, with my diligence in 'Picking' and letting go of just about everything I was buying lately... and with the fierce Editing and Purging going on at Home... and squirreled most of the proceeds away, I had a small Stash of discretionary Mad Money available.   And a lot of my Favorite Wardrobe was wearing out because I've had it all so long, I'm still often wearing Anchor pieces I bought more than a Decade ago.  Since I haven't purchased much new Wardrobe my present pieces are getting more than Gently Used and I desperately need some additional Favorite pieces to re-fill the Closet and give the older pieces a break before they become unwearable!   So... I fell off the Wagon... after a whole Year... and HAD to have it... it was just too perfect to resist.  And Honestly, I didn't want to resist... if I don't Deserve it, who does?  *Winks*

I just Hope I haven't rekindled something and that a spark doesn't burst into a Flame or outright Wildfire?!?  *Smiles*  I don't think it probably will, since it isn't quite the same as the actual Thrill Of The Hunt, which is an Adrenalin Rush that can't be Compared.  Sure, you can find almost anything Online... and Auctions are exciting, even if you don't Win.  You can find the most obscure items, rare items, hard to find items to fill those holes in your most Cherished Collections, far more easily than searching high and low for them in your tiny corner of the World and often coming up empty handed.  And you can Discover Amazing Artists you never knew about.

Not to mention I've often found the best Prices EVER in my Online Conquests and especially at Online Auctions.  Or by up-and-coming Artists that have opened an Online Shop and who haven't been Discovered and Featured everywhere so their Creations aren't in the Stratosphere yet and can still be had by us Regular Folks.  I always Patronize New Artists I Admire the Work of... and sometimes they become Well Known and your Collection of their Work become a Wise Investment indeed.  So I'm not discounting Online sites whatsoever, they are an Awesome Source... it's just that for me... I could get carried away with finding way too much that I would be hard pressed to Resist... because the Selection is so vast and so easily Accessible!   So its like a Buffet... where you could fill your plate too full and eat too much... so best to just stay away and not Tempt yourself if you're a Foodie!  *Winks*

But... I AM Glad I made the Rare Visit and Indulged myself with a Fabulous piece of Wearable Art that I will use often and be a Wardrobe Staple worth Investing in.   I just have to resolve to stay away for perhaps another Year now or unless I Win the Lottery or something and Money becomes no object *LOL*... and remember that Peeking often leads to Buying, since it would be a Rarity not to discover something absolutely Amazing.  Or a Collectible to round out a Collection by filling that Void you had, or Perceived you had in the Collection.  *Smiles*  Because lets face it, if you Collect it, you can always Justify one more, right?!?   And if you're a Fashion Diva your Wardrobe and Accessories almost Defines you and your Style!   I can't even remember the last time I bought off-the-rack wear rather than Artist Created OOAK pieces or Thrift Store Ensembles I Upcycle myself!  *Winks*

And we're so Proud that our Grandson was Featured in yet another Local Paper and made the Front Page!!!  {See Image Below}  Here's to his Star Rising!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are deserving of a little something for you! I love your new wearable art! I have a friend that makes clothing like this and I wonder if it's hers. :) I love your sense of humor. Your strength with life's curve balls amazes me. :) Wishing you a peaceful day. xo

  2. That hat! The epitome of Deanna Durbin's chic poise! A siren song, indeed, to my winter-worn head: the babushka look is warmer but I'm avoiding mirrors for the duration.

    Well done, allocating time and funds for retail therapy. Of course, you're absolutely spot on in recognizing a desirable plus size as a sign from ye godes that it was meant for you!

  3. Oh Gosh Dawn You deserve that beautiful creation! It is so you! Congratulations again to The Prince and Grandma & Grandpa & Dad Too! I got n Etzy Fabric Wearable Art, Clothing, Bohemian and everything else I could thing of and didn't find a site comparable to what you described!

    1. The Name of the Etsy Shop and Artist is : Luv Lucy Art To Wear, Artist: Donna Lucy Ramirez Her link is:

  4. You go girl, I LOVE that dress, it's PERFECT!! Hope you are feeling better and yes, shopping always makes the blues just go away! xo Rhonda

  5. Oh my. It's absolutely beautiful - no wonder you HAD to have it! I think it's a perfectly justifiable purchase to lighten your spirits a little. :o)

    Love the grandson's black nails! I hope my grandkids (should I ever be lucky enough to have any) will choose to wear black nail polish. It will make grandma so proud.


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