Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sweet Salvage ~ For The Love Of Home ~ Part I

It was time once again to make the Pilgrimage Downtown for the SWEET SALVAGE Event, this Month's Theme was 'For The Love Of Home', with loads of Elements to Feather our Nests.  I always begin every New Year with particular Focus upon Home and Family... and Make-Overs for each of us as well as for our Home.  So I knew I'd be particularly Inspired by this Month's Theme.

But I did have an Agenda to look for one Special Jewelry Creation to bring Home with me and so that was what I was on the Hunt for this Visit.   Jewelry Creations abound from a variety of very Talented Artists, but I honed in on one particular piece the moment I arrived!  Can you guess which one?

Yes, it was exquisite, this Repurposed Victorian Ceiling Tin in a Powder Blue Hue shaped into a Heart and embellished with a Vintage piece of Victorian Bling!

I carried it around with me to compare it with other Possibilities, which were equally Lovely, but I remained steadfast that yes, this would be the Prize this Month!   I had also vowed that I would limit myself to a single Purchase... yeah, I know, a Lofty Goal indeed given what I was surrounded by!  So, I went thru the line and Purchased it... and almost Succeeded in Honoring my Vow... well, until I decided to do a once-around again to take more Images as the crowds thinned slightly and made Photo Ops possible.
And that's when I spied this!!!  A Fabulous Antique Gilded Ornate Wooden etched Mirror, tucked obscurely away so I'd completely missed it the first go-around, as apparently did everyone else *Whew*... and at such an incredible Bargain that I absolutely could not leave it behind... so back in line I went with it!  *LOL*   But I'm still proud of self for limiting myself to two 'Scores' and keeping well within Budget.

Not an easy feat where so much Eye Candy is surrounding you with a Vision of what your Home COULD look like if you had this... or this... or that... and maybe a couple of those... *Winks* 

The Comforts of Home and Edgy Styling were so Inspiring.   I Loved this Vignette in my Friend Myko's Space with the Comfy Armchairs and a Wall of Vintage Mirrors and Crystal Swag Illuminating it all!

Speaking of Crystals, there was a vast assortment of them in every shape and size you could Imagine... so that if you had a Project where you needed some extra Pizzazz and Chandie Bling... you were Set!

But there were also the Beautiful Simple Home Touches that make a House a Home.

So whether you were looking for Formal Style...

Or Informal Homespun Style, they had you covered!

Contemporary Elements...

To Organic Elements...

Rustic combined with Industrial... it Challenges you to re-think Style and what could go together.

I may be weird, but I actually look forward to standing in line, to get in and at the Check-Out, because then I get a chance to visit with Old Friends and meet New Ones for the first time.  My Friend Jenny looking as Retro Lovely as ever!

Watch out... Photo Bomb!!!  *Smiles*  Yes, we always have a Good Time and Fun at these Events.

I was very Happy to see Color making a comeback in Styling.  The Neutral and Colorless Palettes are Lovely, but I have never been able to banish Color from my World so I like to have Colorful Options presented for us Colorful Types.  *winks*

And I'm also Happy to see lots of Styling Elements and Options that Appeal to the Guys.  Because a lot of Men come to these Events.

I look forward to Attending every Month... and I Hope you'll come back for the next few Posts so you can see even more... or better yet... you've still got three more Glorious Days that the Event will run so you could come down and see it all in person!!!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Beautiful post, beautiful share, beautifully inspiring.

    Leaving full with all things inspiring here.
    A great weekend to you.



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