Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year Make-Overs

As well as Showroom Make-Overs for the New Year we decided that all four of us would go to the Salon and have a Make-Over ourselves.   Princess T isn't at an Age yet to be able to take care of her own hair and so though I prefer long hair on little Girls, hers happens to be very High Maintenance Hair.  It grows fast and so was once again down to her bottom and we spent far too many Mornings battling it so she decided she wanted shorter hair again.  So, we did one last 'Before' Photo before heading off to the Salon to get most of it whacked off.

She always looks like a Cute Mini Cousin It from the Addams Family while getting her locks cut... so I had to Preserve the Moment...

And she was Delighted with the results and it's SOOOOO much easier to take care of now... no more dreadlocks when she sweats, her hair locks up naturally so easily that she could easily go Rasta when the hair is too long!  *Le Sigh*

The Man's Make-Over went really well too, he went from Duck Dynasty to short and Marine Tight on the hair and Beard, which I think looks so much more Handsome... and is easier for him to take care of now that he has large motor skill limitations after the Accident.

I actually prefer my Old Man to have the rugged Military Style rather than Easy Rider, Captn Jack Sparrow or Duck Dynasty Style... so I was totally relieved that he was Game for whatever I wanted for his Make-Over!  *Whew, Smiles*   Now he doesn't look so much like an Outlaw Biker, a Pirate or someone whose been lost way too long in the Wilderness!  *LOL*

Okay, so two of the Make-Overs went Splendidly... and then there was the other two... *Le Sigh*  You know how you HOPE a Make-Over will be a Positive Thing and make you Feel Better?  Well, that didn't happen in my Case since I went in with MY Plan to have Light Golden Brown with Blonde Hilites... and came out with something my Stylist talked me into to "better cover the Gray".  I think I would have liked my Gray showing thru a lighter Color much better!  *Sob*  So yes, each day I'm HATING this darker Mahogany Brown Color with some Light Blonde Hilites, I think dark is too harsh for Mature Women... and as soon as I can without damaging my hair, I'm going to fix it before I want to do a Brittany Spears on it and shave my head bald!  *LOL*  Nobody else seems to Hate it, but since I do... well, you know...

And I probably did confuse my Stylist by bringing in this Mannequin Head to show him the Hi-liting Technique I Loved about the Coloring.  I wanted the TECHNIQUE in Lighter Colors... not THESE Colors... but that's kinda what I got... only DARKER!   Thank God at least he didn't Imagine I wanted this horrid Soccer Mom haircut the Manne is sporting or I would have blown a gasket!  *LOL*  So... I will probably be wearing more hats for a couple of weeks until I can get it lightened to a more acceptable standard I'm Happy with.
And the other Make-Over that I considered a Hot Mess was Prince R's.  Though he seems to LOVE it, so I suppose it's exactly the Vision he had for it.  After all, since it's his Hair I'd given him carte blanche to do whatever to it and just paid and left the Salon, since he was the last to be Made-Over and it's walking distance from the House.  So when he walks Home with a Marilyn Monroe Bleach Blonde hued Afro with Pink Hi-lites... I thought perhaps the Make-Over had gone Left?!?  *LOL*  Nope, that was exactly what he wanted Apparently... I must be getting too Old to be totally On-Trend anymore, that's all I can say about that.  *Bwahahaha!*  His Peers at School dig it, so what do I know?!?  *Winks*  And they have School Pixs Friday, so maybe this is something he'll look back on in years to come and go, "What was I thinking?"  *Smiles*

Yeah, I LOVE dragging out those old 'Trendy' Hairdo Images of our Adult Children to embarrass them, with the Eighties Mall Hair the Girls were Mad about and the Mullett, Spiked Hair and Rat Tail that The Son Sported for a Season each, when each was all the Rage!  *LOL*  I think The Son was the most Adventurous with his hair than our Daughters, though our Youngest Daughter used to change Hair Color as often as her Socks.  And certainly The Man and I have Hilarious Fits of laughter about some of the Styles and Trends of our Day too that we thought were so Fly back in da day!  *Winks*

Mostly his because he's Evolved so much more than I... I'm still an Old Bohemian Gypsy Hippie Chick stuck in the Sixties and I'm totally Okay with that.  Though my brief flirt with short hair, Perms and Corporate Banking Attire was a sight to behold lemme tell ya!  *Winks*  I Rebelled against Corporate America once I made it to the top of the Mountain Career Wise and they no longer cared how I looked because I was so good at what I did.  *Whew!*  I would have Retired MUCH earlier otherwise because I don't fit in the 'Box' and Conform very well and am much more comfortable Living outside of the Box regardless of Career Choices and Dress Codes. *LOL*

And after Quiet Reflection on that Fact I Suppose I shouldn't have been so Surprised at the G-Son's Make-Over.  After all, he's just apparently following in his Great-Nanna's, Gramma Dawn's and his Mother's Footsteps by following the beat of a different Drummer without giving a ---- about what anyone else thinks about it.  *Smiles*

And if you Feel Good about yourself then you know who you are and you like what you like.  The only time I've ever had regrets is when I allow someone to Influence me in a convincing fashion and stray from what I knew I wanted and had a Vision for... all I have to do is look into a mirror right now to be reminded of that Fact!  *Le Sigh*   Ah well, it's just Hair... and after shedding a few regretful tears I'll just have to suck it up for a couple of weeks and then go with my Original Plan with more Tenacity about not being talked out of it.

Have you Made-Over anything yet for the New Year my Friends?  Or Plans to?

I Hope you Love your results... and if not, just start over and do it again...  Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I guess 2 our of 4 is good. Although it sounds like your grandson loves his. Maybe yours will lighten up some. I hate my hair dark. So I just add some blonde hilights (myself) cause I used to be a stylist to blend the gray. It doesn't need to be done as often as all over color. I cut it myself too because I hate someone cutting my hair the way they think I should be wearing it.

    Your granddaughter is such a doll. Hope you are all having a good new year.

  2. I want to see pictures of the other 3 makeovers! Be fair!

  3. She is perfection incarnate! Of COURSE you showed her "makeover"! LOL!

    I want to see your hair! In my past life I worked at Nordstrom for Bobbi Brown and I used to tell people it takes two weeks to get used to the "new". So give it two weeks before you try to "fix" what the stylist did!

    Please let us see it? I am known to be brutally honest and I will tell you what I think. LOL! Because I am, after all, perfect! BWAAAAAHAHAHA!

    I am so very vain and I will not ALLOW anyone to take my photo. It's clinical, I think. I have not had a photo taken in a few years. NONE.

    Gracie asked Santa to "let Mommy love herself so we can have a family photo" and I died a little inside. I had no idea how it affected her. :( So, this year, my makeover consists of not being so critical of myself. Wish me luck!

    Love From Illinois!




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