Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Love Reunited

I had recently received word from my Cousins that their Dear Mom had Crossed Over from Time into Eternity. My Aunt was a Lovely Person inside and out, the Wife of my Dad's Big Brother.   It makes me realize how few of the Elders are left now... and how very much they will be missed.   I am so Happy that my Cousins Shared this Beautiful Image of their Parents, one I didn't previously have and probably one of the last taken of them Together this side of Time and Eternity, before my Dad's Brother Passed many Years ago.   It Comforts me to know that they are now Together again on the other side. 

So many fond Memories of them both from my earliest Memories of them through to Adulthood Memories of them... and I'm Grateful for how their Generation so Greatly Influenced mine. 
And I'm especially Grateful for the times when several Generations were able to get Together under one roof.  It wasn't nearly often enough to have three or more Generations in one place at one time before the window of opportunity passed and the Elders went on from Time into Eternity.  But given the Nomadic Lifestyles we all had I suppose it was nothing short of Miraculous that we could manage it every so often!   This is me with my Dad's Big Brother and my Paternal Gramma... three Generations... I only Wish Gramma had Lived long enough to see the Great-Grandchildren that we gave her and that our Children could have known her. 

We will indeed Miss You too Aunt Dee, but I know how Delighted you must now be to be Reunited with your Great Love, my Uncle Dwight.  We'll see you all again on the Other Side some day.
Love... Your Niece Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. awe such beautiful family photos and I love this blog post dedicated to those you will miss and love.. YOUR a beautiful soul my friend. HUGS

  2. A beautiful rememberance of your dearly departed Aunt. I'm sorry for your loss, prayers ascend for your family.

  3. Nice tribute to your elders! You were certaainly a pretty young lady! Your skin looks smooth as silk!

  4. This is a hard time in our grown up life to loose our precious family.I know all my family elders are gone on to the other side.
    my brother then me are the oldest in our family now in our 60's


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